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i cannot get past the screen where you name your save file on android 

Addressed in the FAQ.

Dyne, are there any plans to release the music from the game in a sort of OST? There's been a few pieces during Darius's story that I've fallen in love with, and they're only in his route.

I do plan on launching the OST later on.

Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I'll look forward to it!

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I was playing the game on my phone which is Android btw, and this popped out when I'm at Harold day 28 after me and Harold get in the shower. Does anyone know what happens and how to fix it?

Just click ignore

I did but it keeps appeared, I still heard the bell sound and stuff but...that error keep showing up

That just randomly occurs throughout the game, you just have to hit "Ignore" twice and the game will return to normal

I'm having trouble doing the Spencer massage scene that i cannot click on his nipple and continue the scene and I just click on his chest continuously with out continuing thh]e story

it tells you you can skip the scene before it starts and everything needs to be clicked to the left of the actual thing

Thank for your help

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I'm having trouble finding the guides, how do I get to them? Only cuz I'm having trouble getting both of Spencer's endings ;}

What? Do you mean the ton/bottom deal?

Look on Dyne blog, it's somewhere over there the guide.

Just Finished the Playthrough of Day 25! Gotta say, Props to you man! I dont know how you were able to finish that entire day plus Harolds Day too! So Nice Job and Keep up the Good work. I know im satisfied.

Hey Dyne, where can i access the notes for 1.63 or are they included in the 1.64 notes?

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He puts both update on the same note. Enter to the 1.64 update note and you can see the Harold update there.

They are with the 1.64 notes.  Or, you can open the "Game" folder, and right there, I have a file called "Changes" that lists the changes also.

Tnx boss man :d and I love the way the new art style has been coming along in the last few updates! Its looking great and has been an amazing transition :) Keep it up!

PS: when are Darius' days coming :v soz for asking do xd

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Next update we should see a Darius update, too keep track on what we will be getting, check out the patreon.

loved spencer day 25 looking forward for more

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the game wont work for me on mobile 😕

Enable 3rd party apps and extract the APK

Deleted post

I have it enabled but when i continu it says app not installed

you may not have enough internal memory to install.


Hope we see more of the roleplay game, it was great xD good job with the update


I liked "Harold day 28" and also liked the idea of the game, a lot of fun.
Can we have another month with Harold?

Who was updated

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Check the Change notes. Within the download there is a Changes.txt file. On this page it's located under "Development Log".

however it seems its not listed. Spencer and Harold were updated.


DevLog has been updated now for more information.

Can't wait for the update, i wonder who will be the next mmhh...

the update is already there, the update notes though isn't :)

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Oh you are right! You know what's new in the update? :o

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Check the Change notes. Within the download there is a Changes.txt file. On this page it's located under "Development Log".

however it seems its not listed. Spencer and Harold were updated.

Thanks for the info!

wait , where is the Update Notes? cant download yet cauuse im at work :( so am just gonna see whose route is it this time?

Development Log section of the page.


Yas New update is OUT!

Oh gods I love this game (especially Harlod) and really appreciate you guys keeping up with making a good furry vn, you guys are great!

question: can you download older versions of this this and if so how?

From what I can tell there is now way of installing the older versions. This can also just break your saves entirely as well so its better to not mess with older versions.

I have the version right before the new art was In place if your asking for that, and I have it under another name so it wouldn’t overwrite  the normal up to date version. If you wish I can probally send it to you

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thank you for the offer I appreciate it but I already found someone else to actually help with that thank you again

Thank you!

Hi, I have a question. how will I do to download the next update without loosing the data backup? I don't wanna start the story again from the beginning

If you are on android sadly idk there is a way to download the new update without starting over. However if you are on MAC/Windows good news. when you delete the old update and download the new update your saves will still be there. HOWEVER it is highly recommended to start over to avoid any bugs/ glitches to visuals or dialogue.

Oh ok, thank you. Yes, I'm playing with the pc

Glad I can help!

Does anyone know what music coach grifter was playing

Try looking in the credits section. Most the music is available on the respective artist's site/soundcloud. If you have a specific scene in mind that you can tell me I'll be happy to help!

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@Dynewolf Maybe after you finish the game and polish things up, might you consider a *cough* Harold Dlc or update? would really love more of it. The interaction, the talking, the idea of him, really great!

 Having played this the first time, your game is quite charming and always brings a smile to me everytime i open it and see *harold's* face. 

 Having myself relating to *cough* Harold, (coping with his depression with antidepressants) i felt like i was not alone in this struggle. It felt like, "Wow this guy also had a rough route" 'ya know? its... quite fascinating for me. 

 And the Main C.? pretty much embodies the personality of the player, not too much options to take which makes nervousness of taking a path a lot less stressing and backfiring. Guilt-free!  

This is the first time a visual novel has actually made me genuinely happy, and your idea of the characters, Harold and his depression, and others, and your idea of making this game is beyond compare to others, for me. 

Don't stop working on your masterpiece, a lot of people have already come to support you and love your work. 

Cherish it.

-A random guy who wholeheartedly loves your work.

I don't think that Eric (aka MC) embodies only the personality of the player (aka an ordinary guy) that much, he has his own personality starting out with quirks, fears etc. As my friend and fan of this novel said: "the MC is an individual character that you can mildly project on to but is still is their own person." And i agree with him)

As for the DLC, I'd like to see it with Spencer and Darius too:) Spencer is my favourite character, I would like to learn more about their (Spencer and Eric) future family life together. And yeah...Especially, i want to see such a dlc after the completion of the Darius route because his route is the most unique and compelling in my opinion and it's so interesting to see dynamics between him and mc:)

None of the routes are finished. More updates are still on their way.

I've considered making some extra content -after- the routes are done, so we'll see how that goes ;3

I'm happy to see that the project has had a positive impact and that you are enjoying what we are doing.  Thank you so much fo sharing!


Hey Dynewulf. Just asking, any idea when will MC bring up the idea of moving in with Coach Grifter after that conversation with Richard?

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What it's the song that Darius played to you and he say that he learned by his grandma? I love that song and i want to hear it in my phone  more times, can you help me? And, I dowloand your game 2 days ago and I finished all the routes whith all the character, I LOVE YOU GAME, AND I WANT MORE UPDATES <3  MY CONGRATULATIONS  ;D

It's a custom song done by StoffertheWolf on twitter.  Currently, it isn't available for download on its own.  IT will be in the future when I launch the OST though!

Thank you!

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Okey, Thank you so much for this awesome game!


For some strange reason, when I go to start a new route, I can only get to where I put my name in. It wont let me go further and is very depressing. I love this game and I've been playing it since last year. And this is recent with the art switches. Some help would be nice. Love your game btw

try pressing enter?

Deleted post

I update on the 16th of every month ;3

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Hello(prepare for a long comment lol tldr: Great game, please keep it up!),

I want to start by saying i have never once liked a visual novel but this is an amazing exception, I made an account here just so i could make this comment lol. So far ive played through Harry's and Dozer's stories, but im planning on playing through them all hehe. The writing has been spot on, all the conversations do feel real and organic. There is some great chemistry going on between the characters. I love how Darius is just a total shit disturber lol the scene where hes intentionally making coach jealous is one of my favorites and id love to see more like that. I was dumbfounded at how fast Harry melted my heart, I just want to give him a hug so bad!!! haha 

I do have some questions though:

Do we have any shot at getting a chance to bottom for Harold/Chester?

Is Harolds story over?

Are there any plans for Richard to be a pursuable character?

Did I miss the LnL scene on Harolds story? or is it not in yet?

But youre the writer and youve been doing a great job, so like i said feel free to ignore me lol. Anyways, great game, i really hope you continue. Im broke at the moment, but as soon as i can ill send some your way, cause you deserve it :)

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"I want to start by saying I have never liked a visual novel but this is an amazing exception, I made an account here just so I could make this comment"

^ Same for me and my previous comment

Btw, the LnL scene is limited to Patreons! (If I'm not wrong)

Ah, thanks for letting me know. All the more reason to support him i guess haha

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Harold's story isn't over at all.  It'll be pretty clear when I end a route ;3

As for sexual stuff, I can only put in one thing at a time, so we'll have to wait and see how that stuff plays out.

My FAQ answers the Richard question.

With the drama, I have plans for both of those bits of information either.  It's not so much as missed chances, but more waiting for the right time.

Glad you're enjoying everything though ;3  I have a ton more work to do still!

Haha yeah sorry, after playing a bit more im starting to think im might have just been getting ahead of myself.

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I love your work, it's awesome! Every character is deep and unique and makes me feel emotional. I've played Coach and Darius routes so far. Coach's was awesome, I felt like it was real. Darius route, tho. I fell in love with him, FOR REAL! But, in despite of that, his route disappointed me. I mean, it's catchy, struggled, deep and emotional; it's perfect but only until the climax scene, when I felt like the story was roughly interrupted and that I was put on hold. Now, I don't know if Darius' route it's still half-done or something but hey, something HAS TO happen later! I mean, will he and MC fall in love? Will he tell MC "I love you"? Anyway, I played the android version and I don't know if there's something like that in the other versions but you should put some Cooking Mama bar sort of thing during the scene in which Maria cooks! I've tried 3 or 4 times but I always lose the bet and ugh, I wanna try not to! Also, I wish you and your team to add a crossed routes system! (Flirting with someone to make someone else jealous, falling in love with him too, and then having to choose which one to... AAAAH, I WISH!)

I hope I didn't seem disrespectful or something, cuz I really respect and appreciate you and your work! Thanks for this masterpiece and keep up the good work! Greetings from Italy! ♡

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First, i want to say: I love this game so hard. I really can't wait for the Spencers route, he is my favourite character of all time <3. And second: I wanted to be your patron, but my living situation isn't good so I am sorry to you, and I am sad because patrons have 1 update Г¬Г. Anyway, your work is great, i really love playing this game, I'll try to become your patron but probably not fast as I want, good luck with the game, you are such a good person. P. S: My english might be bad sometimes because I'm from other country so I'm sorry to you :<

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i didn't figured out where to tell it but there's a mistake at schedule Day 21 of Chester with Mr. Berckley (the final dialog in the managing room when we talk him about opening/ closing time !)

there's also a mistake at schedule's L typo on the day 25 with chester after vernon came in the gym


Errors/Bugs do not have to be reported here, remember we are 2 updates behind Patrons updates.

i downloaded the game, i accessed the files, but from there i have no idea where to go? any help would be great

i read in the faq link that my software could simply not be allowing it through, how to i manage my software to accept it?

open the Extracurricular Activities folder and click the EXE file

Is this for iPhone too or just the Mac?

This is an 18+ game, no Iphone release is planned. It takes too much to get things published there. However Windows/Linux/Mac/Android do have releases available

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This may be an unpopular opinion, but I REFUSE to even delve down Chester and Dozer's paths.... That ship WILL stay intact for me. Darius and Spencer have the most compelling of the remaining 3 routes. GGgggggg NEED MORE!

Also... I have no idea who Richard is :>

EDIT: I'm a hecking idiot. Sorry Rich. You're on a boat with Maria.

your loss they each have their own interesting backstory if you choose their routes

Do u have a discord?

No, I don't.

Who's your favorite character?  Mine is Harold

OMG i just love everyone but Harold is the first I did, so cuteeee I don’t want it to end :,,,3

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Hello!! I need help, im playing the last update and in the Darius' route, when we go to the arcades in the 18th day I got an error and Idk what can I do to solve it. It says that an unexpected error has ocurred. the fail is in the line 250 in the script I think, it says something like that... Some help?

It's just an image error.  You can click ignore until it eventually passes, otherwise, it's something that'll be correct in future updates.

oh sooo I want to ask some thing..?

First, harolds rute is really ending after they have sex?

And how much time do you think it’s going to take finishing the game?

Because it’’s just the best thing I’ve seen really, I just love in and I just played harolds and finishing Spencer’s route 


Harold’s route isn’t over yet there’s already another day for him after but only Patreons have a was to it for now.

oh thxxx >w<

I’m gonna be so sad when it overs :,(

Me too.... me too :(

can i pleeeaseee know the name of the song that Harold plays when you’re having lunch with him at his office?

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Could someone help me understand what this update is about ? By this update i mean 1.62

Check the DevLog.  All the details about the update are there.

i love it was doing Chester got to the cliffhanger cant wait to see how it works out

i am glade to see more VN games being made they are one of my favs but are not known much out side of japan am now doing spancer the wolf's storyline 


Spencer's a husky, not wolf, though it's close. 

I can't really wait for the whole game to be completed


nor can i i love this type of game Visuer novles are hard to find let alone erotic ones in the us

I really have to play the Ritchard Route if it is coming out. He is so cool and funny like Darius.

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