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Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character (you!) through his endeavor of trying to romance a member of his tennis team. The choices you make can impact the way you teammates react to you, so make your choices carefully.

Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line.

If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron to help support the project! You can do that HERE!

The writing and programming are all done by myself. The background sketches are done by Mark Thorne, and will be finished up by Gavel!

We have a new Artist on board to take over the character art, and that would be CaptainGerBear.  You can check him out on Twitter, FurAffinity, or his website.  He's made the popular games Bastard Bonds and See No Evil!

CursedMarked and I have split for personal reasons and cannot pursue a professional relationship any longer.  We came to the agreement that it's best that we no longer work together.  This is not something that is up for discussion.

Please, don't ask when I'm updating the guides either.  The guides are low priority for me, and the time spent updating them is better spent towards adding new content.


I will be updating the Public Demo on the 16th of each month.  It can be at any point during the day, and I live in the Central Time Zone in the United States.   I update the Patreon version every 1st and 16th of the month now, and will update the public version accordingly.  The Public Version is 2 updates behind the Patreon version.  Please, please don't ask me if I forgot or when I'll update.  If something goes wrong, I announce it via Twitter or Public Patreon posts.


Updated the Public Demo to version 1.82. It's one of the most recent builds. Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me.  The android version -IS- the correct version, despite the file name. 

Please read the DevLog for more information!



Please, read my FAQ before asking questions about the visual novel also.  It can be found here. (Updated 04/19/18)

The art is slowly transitioning from one artist to another, so it'll be mixed up for a little while, as I get things in order!  The sex scenes don't work properly right now either!  You have to click to the left a little for certain things to activate!

The image gallery was only showing off what you'd get if you became a $10 Patron.  It's not part of the normal version.

Nobody has permission to use art assets from my projects for anything (fan-made or otherwise).  This is all content meant for nothing other than their intended projects.  All content is owned by Jonathon King and WolfBite Interactice LLC.

It is still a work in progress.
Created with Ren'Py.

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withRen'Py
Tagsbara, Dating Sim, furry, Gay, mature, men
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksPatreon, Twitter, Website, FurAffinity


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Folks, please read my FAQ and Dev Log posts before posting about issues you're having.

I'm having some issues with coaches  third date bed scene. Once I get to the point where we take our underwear off I can't find what to do next. It will also act like his shirt and underwear are still on and read the dialog again. However a sort of fix on android is to close the app without saving and re open it this will reload the screen after his shirt and underwear are gone and the dialog won't happen again. But I'm still unable to figure out what to do after that. I must have tapped the entire screen looking for something so its either a bug or I'm just missing it.

Please read the DevLog for more information.

Will it be fixed by the next update?

Al aire libre The game is also with The Spanish version ..?

i can't pass through for the sex scene with the coach in 3r date :(

Having the same issue are you playing on android? I am and I'm wondering if I'm just missing a tiny spot or something. I can get as far as removing our underwear.

Please read the DevLog for more information.

Harold has an issue with his sex scene after the third date. Even if the shirt and underwear are removed, the game still thinks that they are there.

save and reload this worked for me on android but I'm still stuck on it I can't find any new dialog past removing our underwear 

Please read the DevLog for more information.

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A small problem with Spencer's 25th day onwards, gives compilation problems and does not show part of the update.(Android) 

could have a translation into Brazilian Portuguese

(1 edit)

Having problem on typing things from Chester's route. The one before going to the convention and the Mc is packing his things. And there's a bunch of missing sprites for Spencer's route.Im using android btw.


i wanted more suspense is killing me i want to know what happens more more pls 

He's got updates for specific characters every month on the 16th. 

Sign up to his patreon to get the most recent version and some other stuff that I don't remember right now ( It's 2 versions higher than the public one, Ex: Public = 1.82 / Patreon= 1.84 and so forth ).


Could you export it as Linux Version, too, maybe?

Because running it with WINE can cause some problems, I found.

does chester have any other route giudes for 16 or further

does chester have a nude scene?

yes he does :) all datable characters do.

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Hey so iv been playing for while and iv come across a bug in Daruis game play having to do with the outfit changes. The towel is not disappearing and just stays on   


Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me. " -- Dynewulf

does anyone know how much ram is needed for this?

More than 2gb I believe....

May I know why you need this info?

im thinking about getting an android and if possible i'd like to play this game on there

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Well, in that case, just get one that has Android 4.6 or something newer and you're good to go ( Mine's 6.0 and has 1gb of RAM, works just fine with some minor hiccups, mostly from loading art it hasn't before ).

Thanks! Im hoping to get the J7 since a friend recommends it. it came out last year so its relatively new

Hmm, nice. You'll be good to go then.

Have fun!


hi im reeplauing the game again till new updates and i just found a bug in the day 27 the sex scene with harold, its just stuck i cant get any further, like im click everywhere and just the same conversation keep happening.

if someone can look it also would be great. 


"Updated the Public Demo to version 1.80. It's one of the most recent builds. Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me. " -- Dynewulf

it's happening to me too

Do you have to re-download the game to get a new update?


You do if you download it from the website, but not if you download from the desktop app.

What desktop app?

(1 edit)

itch.io has a desktop application (download from itch.io/app). It recognizes the games you've downloaded from the application and has the ability to one-click update a game if there is a new version available. Unfortunately it won't recognize it if you didn't download from the app, even if you move it to the appropriate folder, so you would have to redownload once from the app. But then updating is easy from then on. (And Ren'Py is quite intelligent with saves, so you'd actually keep all of them even through any re-downloads.)

do you know if the coach route will be uncensored

It's already uncensored x3


ugh I'm so excited to see where spencer's story goes!!!

Good to hear!


Just out of curiousity, do the stories end at Day 31? I only ask because Coach Grifter's appears to continue further than that (upon looking at the calander on the top left), and I may or may not be mistaken.

No, Day 35 is my plan.

Ahhh, got it.


I have played each route aside from Dozer's, and I am quite impressed with the writing of each route. However, there are pangs from going down certain routes and having to do actions and see how others are reacting. Ignoring Coach so early on after going through 31 days of his route hurts, but I recently finished Spencer's route and went as far in Darius' as I could and it just...well, hurts seeing Spencer like that knowing how things went the other way.

This is not a bad quality mind; it keeps the routes connected and establishes continuity between the different paths you can go, even if that first Saturday seems to ignore other routes' events (like Coach's book signing and the celebration event at the cafe...though considering how those events turn out much better with the player's/Eric's support, that's probably for the best). It especially sheds light on the characters and what their lives are like outside of the snippets we see otherwise.

Really can't get enough of this game, even with certain routes having some broken assets and errors that need to be skipped. Keep up the great work everyone, can't wait to read more~

Thanks so much!  I know it can be tough seeing how it hurts Spencer, but he's a strong boy and will make it through it!  (It hurts me writing these things too, haha).

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While loading <'Image' u'bg/che/cs_parking_night.png'>: 

IOError: Couldn't find file 'bg/che/cs_parking_night.png'. "

I.m doing the Chester route and it's great so far. but this prob is always a bother to me. i think there's a prob here. always after their work, this always pop-up. and i already missed some parts/lines before moving to the next day. Hoping you could fix this issue. Big Thanks!

(1 edit)

Hi, im om a date with Harold, and he asked what mounth i was born. When i type in what mounth (March) nothing happends, and the same thing if i try other mounths... Is there anything i can do? And I also cant skip to the next option. 

And im on android btw



important question- When the game is updated,do i have to download the entire game again and my saves will carry over, or will they be deleted, or do i download the new version, take my "saves" file from the old, and put it in the new version? just curious uwu 


The saves should carry automatically if you delete your previous copy and download a new version.  They're not actually stored in the app folder itself.

Thanks I was wondering the same thing 

hm i have a problem downloading it on android, when ever it's in the middle of downloading, it will soon say app not installed, am I doing something wrong?



I HOPE  you are enjoying a good holiday and not all the time thinking about finishing this. You are human and you deserve a break after smiling us with each route
-Love Justafan

nvm I fixed it

are you on pc? if so then how did you get on because i cant get on so if you can can you help me


Can someone help me...I have a problem with opening the game

Hi sorry for bothering you but can someone tell me why can't I get the sex conversation with Harold on day 29 please?  

Did you skip all the route?

yes why ? 

If you skip the route there are some options that you can't get

oh thanks 


Sorry if what i ask has been ask before. i have read a bit of the other Questions but they all seemed to have revolved around Richard. so here goes.
- Are they more routes planned for side characters other then Richard once everything else is done and finished?
- if so, are Azghal ,Bam and  Grant on the list? 
 i like there style, especially Grant.
not asking for it to be made, simple want to know if it is a possibility.

Also i wanted to say  Great work with Spencers Story, i must admit i put him off for really Long cause he Always seemed like a boring mister perfect Kind of character in the other routes, but once i tryed his route...wow it was really interesting and full of surprises..i love it.

 would like to know this aswell. as much as im looking forward for Richards route. i am hoping you have planns for Azghal, im not sure if that is the correct speeling. (the auto machanic hot guy mhmmm...please ignore the drooling)

(1 edit)

I don't k ow if i have this correct or not but, I don't think that dyne will not be making routes for azaghal, bam, Wade, Rodriquez and the other cameos, those characters are not owned by him

ah i see. thats a shame ,would have loved a Little side story with Grant , but i guess that makes sense. thanks for letting me know.

(1 edit)

I think the developer said something a while back about Richard and other side characters being able to have possible romance options (or maybe just sex scenes) in the future once the game is finished. Not completly sure what was said word by word since I think they talked about it in December?

Will Darius have a different behavior when he has full mane?


Few questions 

What city is CrestHaven city based off of?

Does Darius sing as good as he plays piano?

Will we ever get to see the main characters parents?

Will there be a Wade, and Rodriguez route?

And will there be an updated character customization in the new style? Because I still like the aspect of seeing the character I am playing as. 

I don't k ow if i have this correct or not but, I don't think that dyne will be making routes for azaghal, bam, Wade, Rodriquez and the other cameos, those characters are not owned by him

Are you going to create a playlist of OST that are in the game? Cause I really like the background muzic...

do the saves from the PC verion work on the android verion. I'd like to transfer my save so I can play more.... privately. if you can how whould I go about doing it.

(1 edit)

Hey there, fan of this game but I have a bug on day 27 for Harold, I can't enter text when he ask me question about my birthday. I play on android on a note 9. Maybe you could replace the enter text by a multiple choice ?

The only solution I have seen to his problem so far is to download another keyboard app and use that instead of the default one.


I tried downloading swift keyboard and not working neither. Maybe then add a button to validate the text entered other than the enter of the keyboard.

(1 edit)

Same happens to me on Chester's route. If you find a solution, could you please tell me? Thx <3

(1 edit) (-3)

Btw in a future update when you are in the sex shop with Darius can you make a choice to buy a collar to Spencer if  you want pls? 

Why i am getting dislikes it's just an idea?!?!

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