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Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character (you!) through his endeavor of trying to romance a member of his tennis team. The choices you make can impact the way you teammates react to you, so make your choices carefully.

Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line. You can see more about the current characters down below.

If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron to help support the project! You can do that HERE!

The writing and programming are all done by myself, and the character art is done by CursedMarked. The background sketches are done by Mark Thorne, and will be finished up by either CursedMarked or another artist down the line.


Updated the Public Demo to version 1.32. It's one of the most recent builds. Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me. I have now added the android version as well!

It is still a work in progress.
Created with Ren'Py.

More information

Published357 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsDating Sim, furry, Visual Novel


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Version 1.32 MAC 276 MB
Version 1.32 PC 291 MB
Version 1.32 Android 307 MB


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Hello DyneWulf,

first of all i really like your game, espeacial the chracters,drwaings and storys. But i also have couple of questions to you. When do you upload new content to the game and how many finished character "paths" are currently finished? But my most important question is when is the story line for coach finished(really liked this one.)?

Greetings and love Kartres ;)

P.S sry for the many questions

Hey there! At the moment, none of the routes are complete (there is still a lot to do!). I typically update 2 times a month for my Patreons (once in the middle of the month and once at the end), and I typically update the public version 1 time a month (middle). This month is an exception to these things though, due to moving to a new home. Next month, things should be normal again :D

Coach's route still has around 10+ days left in it, depending on where I take his story, so there's still plenty more to come with him.

Thank you :D

Hello DyneWulf, I really love your work towards this game and it's very well written. I will be joining your patreon soon as I would love to be kept updated on this wonderful game you've made.

Really loving Coach's and Doser's story line. I haven't played the other character's story lines yet. Will very soon, can't wait.

Keep up the good work man, you're amazing.

Also love CursedMarked's artwork on this. His art style is one of my favorites for drawing these characters on this game and his FA account.

Awesome to hear! Thank you so much for even just considering it :D So happy to hear that you are enjoying it, so thank you!

Heeeey, i'm really enjoying the game so far (awesome work dude <3), but ive got a small problem: i'm playing since the 1.27 and i've just download the 1.32, and at day 14 with grifter, a few line after the movie, ive got the error message 'date_2_coach' is not defined. Anyone got that problem too :/ ?

It really depends on how long it's been since you started his route fresh. Normally, an error like that means a new variable was added in, and it won't initiate until you restart the route as a new game.

Alright, so happy I discovered this. Really enjoyed playing, and I cannot wait until there is more <3

you should totally join the Patreon, the developer DyneWulf is a wonderful person who is always listening to his fanbase moving the game forward too, I can't tell you how much of a joy i experience when there's a new update for 2 characters each time +__+

the Patreon is only $3 a month, super cheap :3

When I am working again I likely will. Right now being unemployed plus supporting other creators on Patreon makes my finances rather stretched to say the least...but I do want to support this game/creator when I am able :)

i fully understand how that is being unemployed as well, i had to unsub to some patreon creators too

still glad to here you'll eventually become one, so worth it! well to are future endeavors my friend, god speed :3

Thanks so much! Glad you are enjoying this :3

Alright, so happy I discovered this. Really enjoyed playing, and I cannot wait until there is more <3

Awesome to hear! :D

Whoops, seems I had double posted. Thanks for thanking me twice however ;)

update Android 1.33

Fantastic work so far. I just downloaded and played through Grifter's route (what's there so far) last night. I'm playing on Android since my desktop is fried and I noticed that the Android download link is labeled v 1.32 but it's actually v 1.28.

I'd really like to play through day 20 of Coach's route. I was wondering if 1.32 is ready on Android (and the older version is there by accident) or am I still waiting for that update. Take your time. I'm not rushing I'm just curious.

Thank you! The android version, despite its name, is still the most recent public build. The Day 20 Coach update will prolly roll around... middle of next month for the public I hope (I was just approved for leasing a home in another state, so this month is hectic for me and updates!).

Thank you. I appreciate you responding in such a friendly and timely matter.

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when will the public demo be Android being updated.

It's the most recent public update, despite what the file might say ;3

Hello! I am SO excited for this game to be complete...I played the demo months ago, but wanted to experience it in full from beginning to finish, so I have been waiting... I like to play my Visual Novels from start to finish, one route at a time.

I realize you are taking your time with this project, so there's absolutely no rush, but how long do you think it'll take to be fully complete?

Thank you so much! Keep up the excellent work!

Also, I hope there's a way I get to have some fun with sexy Panther Professor...

I understand what you mean there! So happy that you did enjoy what you played though :D

I really don't have any way to estimate a completion time for it. 1 route is nearing completion, but there are still 4 others to do (and I'd even like to add a couple more guys!), but... we'll have to see how things go!

Oh please add more guys!!! Take your time with this project - it would be better as a grand experience. (especially if that Panther Professor becomes a dating option....... <3 )

Take your time. Thanks for the reply. :)

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I love it so far! Are there any routes for the characters completely finished yet? I know that Coach's route stops at Day 19 with a message and Spencer's route does as well.

Thank you :D None of the routes are finished yet. Some are getting closer, buuut, they aren't quite there :)

Okay, I stayed on the 19th with the coach> ////// <I want to know what is going to happen. Will it be an update of the game? And very good job :D

Thanks thanks! I'll be updating the public demo again soon!

how long it takes to send you the links of the game when you pay in BTC'

I don't understand what you mean.

Sorry i allready download the game i was trying to Donate BTC but it failed somehow

Chester is my dream boyfriend!! He's such a tease! >///<

Glad to hear that, cause he's my favorite! x3

the game not open

If the game isn't opening, and it's not giving you any kind of error, I'm not sure what the issue could be. If you're using MAC, some people have to use a program called WINE to open and run it.

loving it so far!!! Hope it's free when it's complete! >///<

Thank you!

I plan to have 2 versions, one free one and a deluxe one!

:) :)

This is really good so far, I can't wait to see more! I need to see what happens next >///<

Ah, thank you! Glad you're enjoying it :D

I can t play the 1.32 version In windowns what I can do to fix it?

I don't know what kind of problem you're having, so I'm not sure. Is it just not opening? Is it opening and giving you an error? If it's giving you an error, what's the error? If it's just not opening in general, make sure all of your computer drivers are up to date.

Hello, i'm highly interested on playing this in android, i have a gpd xd which is an android console, but i wanna know something, once i buy the game, i will need to buy it again when an update comes out?

Well, it's free to download here, so you technically don't have to buy it ;) Donations are appreciated though!

As it stands, any time I put out a new update for it, you do have to download the new file completely though.

I play the windows version but not work like the version before the 1.32

Alright, i just finished dozer route and i must say it was much better than i thought. I actually only tried the route because i finished everyone else but i'm glad i did!

A joy to play on android, even with the super tiny buttons!

will there be nsfw content for every character? coach grifter has me so thirsty, i love that old bear

There definitely will be, at least for the main cast ;)

the game dont open in this version what I can do to fix it?

I don't know which version you're trying. If it's MAC, some users have to use Wine to run it. Otherwise, I'm not sure why you'd be having an issue.

(Edited 1 time)

Um Version 1.32 Android is actually version 1.29, or so the apk file name says

Btw, just played a few hours on android version on my new phone (much bigger than my last one) and the buttons are very hard to press. In case many play on phone, i think it'd be a good idea to make a new interface for phones. In the very least make buttons bigger. I had a few times where i kept clicking next (dialogue) instead of clicking the save button. Starting game from menu is hard too, not easy clicking things on edge of screen when they're tiny.

I liked all routes except darius and didn't play dozer yet. Hope darius doesn't end up being an asshole he's currently portrayed as.

The file only says that. It's just how Renpy builds the files (1.29 was the first build).

Thanks for the suggestions too. It'll be something to look at for the final build!

Another question, how often is the game updated and do I have to re-download the game all over again to get the latest update or it does it automatically?


I update the Patreon version 2 times a month (middle and end), and I update the public version 1 time a month (middle). As Renpy doesn't seem to have an auto-update feature, you do have to redownload it each time I update.

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need this game in French... It's possibly on Day ?

Because i love this game *.*

I have a handful of French fans, but at this moment, I haven't put much thought into a translation.

It won't let me extract the folder because it keeps saying that the archive in an unknown format or damaged. How do I fix?

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Try checking out that link, and see if that helps. I've never seen that before. (be sure to copy the whole link)

The solution worked and it's running now. Thank you so much for your help!

Not gonna lie, I actually made an account to comment on this, but you've actually kinda hit one out of the park with this game. Will the final game be name your price?

Thanks you! :D

The basic version will be free (full story and whatnot), and I'll have a deluxe version with some extra content to it for a small fee (prolly $5).

Oh no, I ask because I want to give you a little extra when I can. This is worth a lot more to me than $5, and I can't help with the Patreon so I want to show a little support if I can. Do you have an expected release date?

Ah! Well, I don't have even a guess for the release just yet. Aside from the art stuff, I work alone, so it takes me a bit of time to get through some of it v__v I'm glad you're enjoying the project though!

Hardly an issue, however long it takes, you've my support.

Hey Dynewulf, how do I throw more money at you after buying e-a? :3

Well, if you'd like to, you can become a patron here >> https://www.patreon.com/dk999 or just donate directly to my paypal here >> https://www.paypal.me/dynewulf

Thank you ;3

You're welcome~ I'm going to donate from time to time if I can because the novel is fantastic so far.

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