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Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character (you!) through his endeavor of trying to romance a member of his tennis team. The choices you make can impact the way you teammates react to you, so make your choices carefully.

Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line.

If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron to help support the project! You can do that HERE!

The writing and programming are all done by myself. The background sketches are done by Mark Thorne, and will be finished up by Gavel!

We have a new Artist on board to take over the character art, and that would be CaptainGerBear.  You can check him out on Twitter, FurAffinity, or his website.  He's made the popular games Bastard Bonds and See No Evil!

CursedMarked and I have split for personal reasons and cannot pursue a professional relationship any longer.  We came to the agreement that it's best that we no longer work together.  This is not something that is up for discussion.

Please, don't ask when I'm updating the guides either.  The guides are low priority for me, and the time spent updating them is better spent towards adding new content.


I will be updating the Public Demo on the 16th of each month.  It can be at any point during the day, and I live in the Central Time Zone in the United States.   I update the Patreon version every 1st and 16th of the month now, and will update the public version accordingly.  The Public Version is 2 updates behind the Patreon version.  Please, please don't ask me if I forgot or when I'll update.  If something goes wrong, I announce it via Twitter or Public Patreon posts.


Updated the Public Demo to version 1.73. It's one of the most recent builds. Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me.  The android version -IS- the correct version, despite the file name. 

Please read the DevLog for more information!



Please, read my FAQ before asking questions about the visual novel also.  It can be found here. (Updated 04/19/18)

The art is slowly transitioning from one artist to another, so it'll be mixed up for a little while, as I get things in order!  The sex scenes don't work properly right now either!  You have to click to the left a little for certain things to activate!

The image gallery was only showing off what you'd get if you became a $10 Patron.  It's not part of the normal version.

Nobody has permission to use art assets from my projects for anything (fan-made or otherwise).  This is all content meant for nothing other than their intended projects.

It is still a work in progress.
Created with Ren'Py.

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsmacOS, Android
Made withRen'Py
Tagsbara, Dating Sim, furry, Gay, mature, men
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksPatreon, Twitter, Website, FurAffinity


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Will there be more routes besides the five (six if you include Richard) characters?

Love the game btw!!!

The little bear at the office in day 17 at Chester route,how the fuck do I remove him? I touched all the screen to no avail. I was thinking it was a prize to be moved out of the office...maybe it's supposed to stay there? Lol

I imagine that the personage(me) was very red when Chester was naked in front of the mirrors in the lockers room hahahaha

Deleted post

During the talk before the tea,in the outdoor lounge,he said another name for the card game. All the previous times it was "Masters of Magic",but there he says "Master of Magic".

im pretty sure theres a document somewhere specifically to report typos, cant remember where it is tho


I didn't know that. Didn't even saw that. Tough I'm too lazy to look at it in the cellphone hahaha. Thanks anyway

Please stop posting these here.  I actaully have a note on the front page saying errors don't have to be reported from the public version, and all it's doing is flooding the comment section here.  I appreciate you wanting to help, but you need not worry about these kinds of things.

oh,I didn't noted that 🤣🤣 I probably read it absent minded. Sorry for that them. 

Glad it's already solved in that case. ^-^

(1 edit)

Will Eric ever get squished by Harold's belly at some point? Or, dare I say, sat on by him? ^_^"

Deleted post

also don't know which day...it's after the encounter with Vern,when Chester talks about his past. 

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think there's a "," missing in a dialogue during the past narrative. "Nearly dropped out of college it hurt so bad.". I think there is a need to "," or "." after "college". 

Thanks for that nice game ^-^

Only noted now,but from the day I got to Chester home till now there's no background sound

There are lots of ".." also,instead of using 3 points. Tough I don't know if there is a rule in English that permits it. I know that in my idiom it's 3 points to recency hahaha.

does anyone know how to send a email to itch.io

Hey! woah! this game is really good! My favourite character so far is Spencer but I haven't played Dozer or Chester yet. :/

Sidenote!! Is there any way to submit music for this game? like, If you ever need more Background music for free hmu!


Just wait until you do Chester. Urg my heart hurts so much for him.

Hey Dyne! I remember seeing a doc about the update schedule but now I can't seem to find it. Am I pulling a dumb?


You can see that here >> https://docs.google.com/document/d/16-tmrzWb_eaic-AdRUQ8KhaO4HvwzaC1hC3Rb6ZW7w0/...

which  downloaded would u suggest for a I phone 

None of these are made for iPhone.  Apple makes iOS releases a pain, so I can't do those currently.

Ok thank you by the way I love your game it look really fun 


Dyne, you really love those new expressions for chester and dozer, don't you? 

On another note, I didn't realize you could win the bet with Darius

I do love those faces >.>

As for the Darius bet, I had to fix it a while back.  At one point, it was broken, but it's always been possible to either win or lose.

Any chance that the guides will be updated at some point?

I know this is unusual but Maria will have her route? I would really like to see Maria with Erick would be a very nice couple

i dont believe that would happen because Eric sees maria as more of a mother figure as he states at somepoint in spencers route

Also, I don't remember if he said so or not, but it's Richard that's gonna get a route, I'm not entirely sure if Maria is owned by Dyne

i know i've asked this alot preciously, but how in the hell do you get spencer to be top? I've played thru so many combinations but he never bites...

It’s easy dude,you gotta have to choose the options that doesn’t give you confidence and then you will be able to be the bottom,you can use the guide to help you with that :)

thanks! that helps alot!

Will you guys add being bottom for Coach Gifter in the future?



so i bought the game, do i get the patreon benefits since i paid for it? also how do i update without wiping the game each time

for some apparently reason I don’t have the images gallery and I download your game off of here, so is the a way to get that fix???

The image gallery is for $10 patrons only.


God, I'm like, SUPER anxious for this to be completed!

Where can I get a time machine?

(1 edit)

I could have sworn I saw download links here earlier, but now they're gone, did I come here in the middle of an update?
E.g. https://dynewulf.itch.io/extracurricular-activities/purchase is 404:ed

You did x3  I updated early due to the short month!

Wow, well talk about bad luck! Thanks for letting me know, seems links are up now.  I really appreciate all the work you guys are doing, despite not being a paid supporter. Was worried about what would happen for a while regarding  change of character artist, but seems you guys are on top of things as usual. Amazing work, possibly the best free VN of this type out there when it comes to this quality and size  :)

Are updates automatic?

No, the game does not update automatically; you must download the new update directly

The new art style will have the characters with faces ashsmed? because it is one of my favorite things in the game. Love Chester S2

will the next update contain the day 27 for chester? I love Chester sooooooo much

and i love this visual novel :D

Hey Dyne, I absolutely love this game. Coach Grifter is my absolute favorite and I relate being a bisexual male. Eric was a really relatable character as well. His living situation hit really close to home having been in a shelter before without a job. i'd love to draw some fanart though I'm not the best at it. Specifically fanart of coach. I mainly draw traditionally though supplies I have are limited so it won't be in color. I just wanted to get the go ahead before I even think about posting anything.

That actually sounds awesome. I may not be DyneWulf, but posting ideas and art you are proud to have drawn would be awesome! I hope he approves of this and goodluck!

If he was open I'd also love to write some fanfiction of the guys though I don't know if that would be the equivalent of roleplaying as them in his eyes as I am not Dyne.

Of course!  Traditional art is always great to see :)  I'm happy to hear that you've enjoyed it so much to want to do that!

Honestly I'm so new I didn't create a fur affinity until today actually. But the furry fandom in general has always interested me.

On Day 14 of Coach Grifter, after you leave the shelter for the date, an error pops up "Image 'DrivingWithCoach' not found" 

Just trying to alert you in case nobody else has :-)

And the same thing for when Coach takes you home after Dianna shows up "Image 'DrivingWithCoach_Night' not found"


I believe Dyne has stated that the images that don't show just haven't been implemented yet. So they most likely will be in future builds, hope this helps.

Thankyou and yes it does help :-)

This is more than the best game.... I love it!!! Can't wait to see more of Spencer's or Darius' storyline <3 

Thank you so much!  Glad to hear it~

Hey Dyne! amazing game you got here!! Was wondering if you could expand the Chester route with more sex scenes to do with his body odour since it is one of the kink options in the game. idk just a request haha

More will come, so keep an eye eye for it ;3  Thank you!

Can some give me the link to the unofficial Doscord Server for this game? I would really appreciate it!

I tried to download it on Android on my phone but once it stars to download it as an app it gets rly close to the end and ststoststopststoststops saying it didnt download help plz


i love this game. i can't wait for it to be completed

Thank you!  


oh man,first of all dude this game is awesome! I can’t wait to read more of Darius route,it’s my favorite among all of the other characters,Can’t wait for the next update

Same I absolutely loved his route and I need more of it

Thanks so much.  Glad you're enjoying it!

Darius is amazing I need more updates on his route. Is the patreon version of the game much ahead on the Darius route. I just discovered this game the other day and even if it isn't much ahead story wise I am still going to support this game and pitch my 10 dollars. By any chance are the sprites going to eventually be rigged and animated like the game (Pairanormal) for example it would make the game much more immersive.

I'm not gonna lie I can't wait for the Darius and Spencer route updates. I was surprised to top Spencer but I would to see how their relationship goes and the same for Darius. Also I would like to say I find Azaghal attractive as well. 

I'm still confused about the confidence system on Spencer's route. Do I need a certain confidence score to bottom?


I think as long as you have less than 3 confidence you end up bottoming, tho I think I might have managed it with 4

Is there a way to lower confidence scores?


once its up no, you can just start again and skip everything but the choices and just pick the ones that don't give confidence or if you're not sure pick the one that makes you seem more timmid

Is that for every route cuz I was hoping to bottom for Coach but I topped him.

As of right now coach can't top but no the confidence system is just for spencer

there will be a new update right? cuz its feb 1 already

Public demo is updated on the 16th of each month.

ah i guess i will be waiting for a few days again 😁

In Gifter route day 27 the answer for what month we're you were born is not accepting my  answer.

It's corrected with update 1.73, so the next public update will have the fix in it.

Every time I download the game it doesn't work. It keeps telling me it could not execute. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Can someone help please?

Possibly >>

Game won’t start “Cannot Execute .exe Missing”.

Some people have reported this as an issue, and it seems to be caused by antivirus software deleting the .exe file.  You just have to configure your software to allow the game through.

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