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Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character (you!) through his endeavor of trying to romance a member of his tennis team. The choices you make can impact the way you teammates react to you, so make your choices carefully.

Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line. You can see more about the current characters down below.

If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron to help support the project! You can do that HERE!

The writing and programming are all done by myself, and the character art is done by CursedMarked. The background sketches are done by Mark Thorne, and will be finished up by either CursedMarked or another artist down the line.


I will be updating the Public Demo on the 16th of each month.   I update the Patreon version every 1st and 16th of the month now, and will update the public version accordingly. 


Updated the Public Demo to version 1.43. It's one of the most recent builds. Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me.  The android version -IS- the correct version, despite the file name.


Chester's route MUST be restarted for update 1.43, otherwise it will crash.

Please, read my FAQ before asking questions about the visual novel also.  It can be found here.

It is still a work in progress.
Created with Ren'Py.

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Tagsbara, Dating Sim, furry, gay, mature, Visual Novel


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I finally got around to playing this game after two months of it being installed on my phone. I was expecting this game to be a happy-go-lucky dating sim similar to Willy Bear Beach. My expectations were blown away! I was not expecting this game be as lengthy and bring up some mental health issues. The sex parts are great but I've been craving more with it comes to relationships in video games and Extracurricular Activities is certainly scratching that itch. I also admire that sex is not the finish line. Admittedly, I've only played through the Coach's path but I've been so enthralled the past 2 days playing through it and I still can't wait to play through more of the other character's storyline. 

Aside from minor grammar errors, the only issue I really encountered was when playing the Android version, I had a lot of issues clicking out of the Coach's computer screen since I couldn't hit the X in the corner to exit; in fact, most of the text boxes were difficult to hit on that screen. I had to export my save file to PC, boot up that version, get past that screen and export the file back to my phone. (I should add that it was the 1.41 version so that might have been fixed by now.) Other than that, I do have to praise the fact that you've released an mobile version of this game and have utilize the touch features for that once sex scene...it was a nice touch (no pun intended.) Something about playing dating sims/visual novels on a mobile device is more appealing than on a PC.

I'm looking to seeing future up dates! I also picked up a Bear Belly shirt. <3


Hey Dyne, I have restarted the Route for Chester with the new update and am at the shower scene. I have soaped him up but everytime I click his dick it says "I better wash other parts before I do that" and everything else says  "that's done better get the rest of him" or "Should avoid that for now, I'll get back to that later"

I have washed every inch of this sexy bull, his balls/taint, chest, arms and belly. I have tried to wash his legs, face, hair and horns and even tried to see if I can turn him around... but nothing seems to do the trick....I am lost as for what to do...

Oh, have you tried washing his rank pits?


Ok I just want to say that I love this game. I have played on all the routes so far and I love each of the characters. I especially love coach but who doesn't. I can't wait till it is finished. Sorry for saying only what I like and not praising you for this cause I really should. This game truly is amazing. Thank you so much for making and working on this. :) Also I hope I can order a coach plushie. They so cute!

For people wondering why there isn't an update, please see this post >> https://www.patreon.com/posts/clarification-14257574  << .

all good bro! Ill try to steal my parents card so i can donate and for coach stufft papa bear <3 but if they find out im done for xD but u know what they say? No risk no gain LoL... I really hope u have more of coach in november update cuz i must know what happens in that bed :C its driving me crazy >.<

We still have 22 days before coach toy campaign is over :( i feel like we are not going to make it... Unless someone donate over 6k :( damn... Btw when is update? Its 16 i need more of coach :C

There's no update this month >>  https://www.patreon.com/posts/clarification-14257574  <<

whaaat damn... Feelsbadman... Ill quess ill need to wait for more papa bear then i thought

guess we arent getting the update today .c

There isn't an update this month >> https://www.patreon.com/posts/clarification-14257574 <<

oh... didnt know that.. thanks for the info! i will be waiting.. and good luck with the hallowen project!

i love this game so much! thanks for making such a wonderfull work of art!

THanks so much!  Glad you've enjoyed it :)

cmon i need more of choach :( and its 16 :/ i hope u added more or else ill cry


still waiting :( i have feel they forgotten about us

waiting for update :D its 16. Hope for more coach ^^ he is such sweet papa bear hehe

dynewolf its gonna kill me jajaj


https://kasakstanrush-posts.tumblr.com/ hey people what do you think about this, and you to dyne i am tryimg to do too a visual novel i am the artis,programator, al writer what do you think about it and the pos are in spañish pd: waitin for morning update

i sadly don't speak spanish but the roster of characters are really attractive

hey men , i am gonna work in the two languages an the game its going to be in spanish and inglish dont stay sad for that

hey!  realmente me encanto los personajes! te deseo suerte y espero sea un exito este projecto se ve prometedor :3 (i would love to see this project in english and spanish tho)

gracias quisiera dejar ya esto aqui  y comenzar una pag propia porque es una falta de respeto con dyne creare una pagina y te la dejare pa que este epndiente de cosas nuevas vale?

Cualquier novela gráfica es bienvenida, empecé a sumergirme en ellas hace poco tiempo y tengo deseos de explorar más, je. Mucha suerte...

(Edited 2 times)

oh my god >.< I loved it!!! I downloaded demo version 1.43 for android and i loved it so much! But u left me hanging :( to story just got even better and damn thats it? Meeeeh i wanna cry :(((( tell me good sir, if i pay some currency for game will i download link for full version or both are finnished on same chapater?  Also i loveee coach i played only his route so far and loved it and cant wait for more. Thank you making this master piece! Also how do i change route? Never mind xd doing dozer now lol... Kinda boring comparing to coach but its cool :D just add more of coach plz :) lol xD

If you pay you get the link for the game that's two updates ahead of the public version, I have the paid version and it's definitely worth it.

wow sweet. Wait so u have right now 1.46 or higher version while us have this 1.43? Do u know when we will get update for free version? Im 17 so i really cant buy it since i dont own a card and my parents might found what i bought if i stole it xD im not ready for them to see what i like LOL

no, I have the 1.45 version right now and the free version gets updated on the 15th or 16th of each month, and lol  XD

oh lol xD :) tell me is there more story of coach in new update? We still have 1.43 and its 16 i hope they update it xD lol :) btw how do i update game? Will lose my progress if i just replace new apk over last one? Lol :)

hey Dyne will you be posting an update on the 1st of November?

i hope so :( i want more of coach lol :)

Same, I want more Spence too

:D he is sweet guy but i loved coach and dozer stories most so far ^^ coach has such sweet yet sad story which led me crying few times :( poor guy :/ i know its story but that shit happens in real life too sadly...

I played coach 2 times and second time i could see him naked well you know... While i was in his house after we had romantic dinner xD i cant belive i missed it first time. Glad i played it again LOL

yeah that's what I enjoy about this game, there are a bunch of different outcomes for the decisions you make.

nice :D xD lol :)

Hey Dyne, I bought the $3 a month patron membership and didn't receive a download link for it, I emailed the itch support about it but they aren't sending the download link saying that I did not purchase anything, but the transaction went through.


Patreon and Itch are two separate entities.  If you pledge VIA Patreon, go to my main page on Patreon, go to the POSTS tab and you'll find the posts that lead to links there. 


Alright I found it, thanks Dyne 

This game is amazing! I love Coach's story. Thank you so much for your efforts in making this game. I can't wait to see more!!!

Awesome! I had tons of fun playing it. If you know what I mean.. He he.. 

I thank you for making this game free and for android too. I'm sure that coding and writing all the story must be hard, because I know about game developing too. Anyways, your work is amazing and  I hope you keep updating it soon. ^_^  

(I want more of thus naughty Darius on his route. XDDDD)

Hi, thank you very much for the game. I love Harold and I want to see more of him, I want to know his back hehe and to know more about him...

Hey DyneWulf, I'm actually thinking about starting my own game like this, but I need advice on how to even start it and how to code because I really like these types of games and want to get creative like you did in this

So, I really suggest starting off with a good plot/story to go along with, since...  you can't even start without that!  Next, you'll want to decide how you're going to handle art.  A visual novel can't really exist without visuals either.  Once you get those two things handled, then I'd look into programming through Ren'Py (it's free and easy to use).

this visual novel is sooo awesome, juicy, gripping, heartwarming, and all kinds of yes! Best character is that stud Spencer, my personal favorite ♡♡♡ ;) I can't wait for the next update so I can continue the Spencer route, and hopefully, when the entire thing is done, Spencer and the player will get married and live happily ever after. Who wouldn't want to marry that hunky stud? I look forward to future updates with intense eagerness!!! :D

Thank you, thank you :D  Spencer is such a good boy, it's hard to resist him~  So glad that you're enjoying him.

A good boy with a hidden naughty side ;) Spencer and the player make a better love story than Twilight. I'm so buying the Spencer dakimakura >///w///<

please tell me that the lion (I forgot his name) is ok after that stunt  and can you tell me the day you first created the game because I'm making something for it

I think Darius is okay..  I don't remember what day his last one was in the public update, but I think he's okay :)

As for the day when I first created it?  Man, I think it was September in 2015 when I started on Patreon, meaning I started working on it August 2015 or so!

This is the best Visual Novel I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Thank you so much! I love your work with all my heart, thank you!

Ahhh, thank you so much :)  So happy to hear that you're really enjoying what I'm doing!

I think, I win the heart of chester? Cause he said I <3 you, when were inside the bathroom . I guess I'll find out on the next update.... can't wait, this the best novel game I ever play.. dyne your game is so pawsome!

Thanks thanks ;3  Sounds like Chester is really into you then, if he said that!

yeah, I love him so much best bull boy friend <3 

When i touch Chester body the game crash, did i have to replay this route again? This is sad :(

(Edited 1 time)

Yeah. You have to restart Chester's route from the beginning with the update first.

It is unfortunate, but it cannot be avoided v__v

Another thing. I really appreciate the fan service you pulled off with the coach at the current end of his route. Cute, sexy and humorous. 

HEhe, well thank you!  I felt like I needed to put something there, and it went together nicely, I think x3

hey dyne,great work with the game i am really enjoying it

so i was wondering is there a guide for spencer route?(the max affection points)


Thanks!  There are guides.  You can find them here >>  https://www.patreon.com/posts/guide-updates-11871696

Thanks for the help!:) i really appreciate it, now i can finally make spencer say that he loves me*-*

I hope on one day, Richard could be a playable character...if possible. 

Richard will get his route later on :D

hey I have a question, so if I bought the $3 a month patron thing, and it begins October 1st, would I be able to download the updated patron version even if you aren't updating it for that month or would I have to wait until you updated it?

You would get access to that, yes :)   Pretty much, if you pledged any time during this month, you'd still have access to that last update, and if your pledged cleared for October, you'd also have access to the IDEKA project I am working on with CursedMarked.

Can't wait for this project to reach completion! Will definitely be buying this one!

Do you mean the Patreon version or this one?  DyneWulf has already said this will be the free version, even after completion. It only costs money to participate in the Patreon version because there you get to be a few versions ahead of this one.

I was not aware it was going to be free. I'd still pay for it though, very good game so far.

If you want, then go buy the one on Patreon. I heard if you do, then you can design your own character to fill in one of the empty characters in the gameplay

The clarify, I plan on having 2 versions of the final product :)  One will be free, which is basically going to be like the version I offer here on itch.io (you'll get the full story and all the basic stuff), and I plan on having a deluxe version as well, that will have a small fee to it, but it will include some extra content, like the image gallery, music gallery and maybe some special scenes (I don't have all of those details planned atm).

:( Chester's shower scene is a bummer... Even with the guide next to me it will still take me an hour to reach day 20 again... :(

(Edited 2 times)

lol honestly I thought the shower scene was the best scene in the game so far because Chester is the only character to have done something to you (the blowjob) 

I don't disagree. Chester's scene is the best so far. When I said "its a bummer", I meant it due to the game lag. The game's content remains top.

oh my bad lol

(Edited 4 times) (+1)

still no fun part on dozer but.... I saw his D and its a good scene tho <3 it

Is it normal that for Chester on day 20 when you're in the shower and given the option to click on his body, clicking anywhere but the crotch gives an error message, anyway love the update !

You -must- restart his route from the start, otherwise, this will happen.

Hey Dynewulf, how do you keep your saved game data while playing the game in the new update? Do you have to start over?

From time to time, you have to start over (Like on Chester's update, you -have- to), but typically, your save files carry over without a fuss.  IF you try to delete the older versions though, make sure you find your save folder and copy it first.

Yeah I checked to see if it would carry over first and it didn's so I tried the folder method and it transferred, but it wouldn't let me progress through to the new update.


1.43 update on 9/15/17 for Chester's Day 20 you MUST start from Day 1 or it his past save files will crash continuing it

here's a guide up to Day 15 for best choices getting there https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zPVxV-L5bEZxhsYVUE-FkAC9Ex7t-MX_h1b4S6BCJqY/...


Ahh, I knew there was something I forgot!  Thanks for pointing that out x3

oh no problem Sir Dyne you're very welcome

but sadly nobody reads the comments beforehand it seems oh well haha

YES! The update is tomorrow, I'm so excited. 


Aye, I finally registered as a patron, thanks for making such a great game Dyne, hopefully it continues for a long time!!

Aaaahhh, thank you so much for the support :)

Hey Dyne, I was just wondering if Azaghal Will ever get his on path? But still GREAT job on the game its amazing keep up the great work :3


some characters you see in the game don't legally belong to Dyne, their fursonas of other people legally placed in the game via Patreon tier rewards, so Dyne can't make them have their own romance routes. this goes for Azaghal, Tai, Massimo, and Bam respectively.

believe me i totally wish Azaghal has his own route oh yes haha but won't ever happen

Hey Dyne, I seem to be stuck on the part where I'm on the coach's computer. I can't seem to get off of it to proceed any further to the sexy scene with him.


click on the tiny X on the top right corner on his computer 

Thanks bud! 

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