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Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character (you!) through his endeavor of trying to romance a member of his tennis team. The choices you make can impact the way you teammates react to you, so make your choices carefully.

Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line.

If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron to help support the project! You can do that HERE!

The writing and programming are all done by myself. The background sketches are done by Mark Thorne, and will be finished up by Gavel!

We have a new Artist on board to take over the character art, and that would be CaptainGerBear.  You can check him out on Twitter, FurAffinity, or his website.  He's made the popular games Bastard Bonds and See No Evil!

CursedMarked and I have split for personal reasons and cannot pursue a professional relationship any longer.  We came to the agreement that it's best that we no longer work together.  This is not something that is up for discussion.

Please, don't ask when I'm updating the guides either.  The guides are low priority for me, and the time spent updating them is better spent towards adding new content.


I will be updating the Public Demo on the 16th of each month.  It can be at any point during the day, and I live in the Central Time Zone in the United States.   I update the Patreon version every 1st and 16th of the month now, and will update the public version accordingly.  The Public Version is 2 updates behind the Patreon version.  Please, please don't ask me if I forgot or when I'll update.  If something goes wrong, I announce it via Twitter or Public Patreon posts.


Updated the Public Demo to version 1.58. It's one of the most recent builds. Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me.  The android version -IS- the correct version, despite the file name.  Please read the DevLog for more information!


Please, read my FAQ before asking questions about the visual novel also.  It can be found here. (Updated 04/19/18)

The art is slowly transitioning from one artist to another, so it'll be mixed up for a little while, as I get things in order!  The sex scenes don't work properly right now either!  You have to click to the left a little for certain things to activate!

Nobody has permission to use art assets from my projects for anything (fan-made or otherwise).  This is all content meant for nothing other than their intended projects.

It is still a work in progress.
Created with Ren'Py.

Published May 03, 2016
StatusIn development
Tagsbara, Dating Sim, furry, gay, mature


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Is there a way we can see the main original art work?

hey Dyne quick question! I download the lasted patch and when I try to extract the files I keep getting a "the archive is corrupt" error help? 

Hey I don't wanna be a twat but does anybody know why there's no gallery button in the menu screen for me and is it happening to anybody else?

You have to be a $10+ patreon supporter (https://www.patreon.com/dk999) The public only had access to the gallery for update 1.54

Aaaaaaaah got it thanks, I was afraid there was a problem with my save files , sorry to be a bother

happy to help

I followed the guide for dozer and instead of the first interactive scene on day 17 thunder came too close and they ran off, did I mess something up or was it taken out?

It was not taken out as seen on the change-notes.  Try playing through differently.

Yeah i messed up on a step

i dont know if this is  glitch or not but...

Yea it seems to be a glitch XD.


I think its a glitch or Chester is just feeling so bold that he went to the practice in his underwear. XD

I think its a glitch or Chester is just feeling so bold that he went to the practice in his underwear. XD

I think i know what happened tho! when using renpy (the engine this is on), if you wanna display a character you use the following line

show ______

usually you would classify outfit and expression with this as well.

however due to the art change dyne has added new poses expressions and outfits.

so I believe before the change his show line was

"show chester"

instead of

"show chester (Outfit and expression)"

hopefully this will be fixed lol


Totally a mistake x3  You'll see it fixed at some point.

I already have the update 1.58, if I delete the file of uptade 1.56, I will lose the saves?

My experiences I never lost my saves when deleting old updates. But its recommended to start a new game when updating. For when you jump to an old save you can loose your name and MC settings.

Welp my heart just exploded.

I just played through the new coach day, would you look at that I was born on November 16. I started to lose my shit when this dialogue came up.

It only lets me play until I reach approx. 8500 lines (out of 50000+). Am I stupid and it just isn't finished?

Your download might be incomplete.  Coach's newest update alone was around 2000 lines.

Oh. I'll try reinstalling

hey dyne the game keeps crashing and i dont know why (im on pc btw)

windows says it stopped working every time i launch the game and then it closes.

If it's windows closing down the program, and not an error from the game, it's most likely something on your end.  Try to update your drivers, delete the game and redownload it to see if any of that helps.

ok thnx

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I know, I don't have to write this but I have errors for my Android device and I don't know why, because the last version of this game was not having errors but this time I can't play through the game. Please I hope you can help me DyneWulf.

I can't help if I don't know what the errors are.  There were a few errors that popped up during those updates that were obnoxious and fixed in the following updates.

(Edited 1 time)

 I hope it helps you the problem of this error.

Mmm, yeah.   Any instances of Darius appearing on screen caused that during this update.  You can ignore your way past them, but it was something I had overlooked and will be fixed on the next update.

It's also by the Choach on day 4

As I said -any- instance of Darius appearing.  It doesn't matter which route it's in.  I had messed up some of his code.

Boy! I've been waiting! Tommorow is my birthday and I can't update 1.58 to show up! So this is an early gift for me! And keep up the good work as always! 

When you do an update do you only really do one day for one character at a time? I am just curious.

Dyne used to have 1 day added on to two people (2 new days in total) but not since the art changed because he now spends his time switching the art for the days. So to actually answer your question, YES! Only one day per update for one character.

Yeah, that's all I do right now.  And really, despite the art, I've noticed that the amount of writing I've been doing is the same I'd do with the two routes combines, so...  It's worked out pretty good for me lately.

ok thanks for the response, keep up the good work, I put myself as a patreon supporter for you

(Edited 1 time) (+1)(-1)

Hia,  Big fan here. i am on my fourth playthrough right now (Coach,Darius,Chester and now Dozer) and really love it to pieces but since there is such dramatic changes lately i Kind of want to give my two Cents to it.
okay since we have  this new art style now to stay. can we maybe at least tweak the Pictures a Little pleaaase?  In the new art some of the characters really lost some of there lovly Bear-belly (pun intended.) They all have Kind of slimed down . Especially Chester Looks rather flat now in compareson to his chest.
Also  i don't think Spencers Wink-grin Standard face works really well from this angle, from first glances it always Kind of Looks like both of his eyes are closed.
Darius i think works really good with the new art (thought i also like his old art just as much.)
finally. when everything else more important in the game is done it would be nice to get an Option to turn of the MC. it would help the Immersion.


I agree with everything your are saying! Tho I also think Coach looks a lot younger in this new art style as well.

(Edited 1 time)

You guys have done a great job on it so far. I signed up on your patreon site and I am looking forward to your updates.

when will there be a update for Android

This game is low-key my addiction right now. I've found myself really into EVERY storyline. Coach is beautiful, Chester is beautiful (thicc! too), Darius is a butt, but he's still beautiful, Spencer is daddy (and honestly my favorite), and Dozer's  a sweetie! Although not complete, the game is overall amazing, the writing is absolutely lovely and the stories are all beautifully done! I can't wait for more story and art! I love it so much, I ended up becoming a patron and ordering the bear belly shirt because it's so freaking cute! I just love it! Sorry for rambling on, I just really love this project!!!

(Edited 1 time)

hello DyneWulf, i want to start off by saying extracurricular activities is one of my absolute favorite games in all of time, I'm aware you wish to not speak about what had happened between you and C.M  and I don't want this to come off as rude but I feel as if the art is a step back from what you may have been hoping to achieve, the art really Isn't that captivating or attractive. Again I'm not saying that the entire game is now trash, I still appreciate your writing abilities, I'm just giving my honest opinion. (please don't hate me :-:) also I am curious about something, do you know if C.M will be featured in any other games such as this one?

Sadly no, they both made the professional decision to no longer work together.  It's a hard change we are gonna have to respect. I seen many request abut the art, (Turning the onscreen MC on/off, Changing art styles, etc.). It's better to not pressure Dyne or give him more work than what is already on his plate. Best for us t just support his decisions and cope with them.


oh I think you misunderstood. I didn't ask if they were going to be collaborating together, just curious if he had any information on C.M's future plans,  I only asked because I wasn't certain  if they just stopped being friends,  or if they both consecutivley thought the project wasn't going well, I apologize to Dynewulf however because o realize I am being rather nosy,  I was just caught off guard when I went to download the game and the art was different,  I wasn't exactly thinking about my actions and so much was going through my brain 

OH, my bad! C.M so far hasn't announced any plans I'm aware of? I would keep a track on twitter, he seems to be quite active on there regarding art and projects. His twitter is (@CursedMarked)

(Edited 1 time)

In the windows version everything is off when you go to click on objects. Can you please fix this? It's hard to predict where the we should click.

Click slightly to the left.  He is planning to fix them soon.


So! A friend sent me a link to this page and told me to play.
So I did, I liked the writting and stuff, but those bulges on the old art... Thank god you changed the artist!
I know that you guys are working your asses off to the project and stuff and I know that still a demo, but I hope you guys could work on the music a little better!
If you need some help with OST, I could help!

Am I the only one notice the "touching minigame" have diffirent background like the bedroom,bathroom and the park(why in public)?. I wonder where would Darius, Grifter and Richard would be?

(Edited 1 time)

Harolds is on the couch, forgot what triggered the event however. 

[EDIT: You have to let darius make Harold jealous!]

If you get access to his PC you're on the right track!

will the new characters will have their own route?

The only character I know of that will get their own side route would be Richard. However Dyne said he has plans for more.


I can't wait for the next update for Chester and Harold's Route.And I cried when Harold brokes down in the closet.You did a great job giving each character a personality and problems that they deal in their own respective routes.So good job and keep it up!!

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dyne you will create more characters?  by the way your game is cool


Yup!  There will be more, once I finish up some of what I'm working on already.

And can u also make a sex scene for Darius pls. Darius is one my favourite routes. I would much appreciate it.

is there a way you can get nudes from Darius? Asking for a friend :')

Nothing like that yet~

(Edited 1 time)

Dynewulf, is there another link to download the latest version? I saw a comment saying that the 1.58 version is out but this says it it the 1.56 version. Also ended up doing a $3 pledge for you. If I can afford it later I will do more because I like this visual novel so much. 

1.59 is out on PAtreon, if you're a Patron now :)

1.58 will be out for the public and posted here on the 16th.

(Edited 1 time)

Is it possible that you might find a way to get this content downlowndable for chrome book? All I can find with the series is vids on youtube, and as youtube is overrun by puritans, alot of the vids have edited parts or have been deleted. If it isn't possible, I understand.

ChromeBook uses its own OS, it seems, and I don't have any options to build for it.  

Alright, Thanks anyways! Most downloadable games usually are not able to be downloaded on chromebook, so I expected as much.

Hello there Dynewulf, ever since I played this game I’ve always wanted you to add my character into the game, I could send you an image of what he looks like, he can be a bear or bunny :3

I'll be sure to make an announcement when I offer cameo slots for people to purchase!

thank you

hey DyneWulf been playing this game on and off since I found the game last month. I absolutely love it, I love the Darius and Spencer. there my fav and I'm glad u went down the patron rote too looking forward to see we're things go asppaerly when I feel there could a three way type relationship with Spencer and Darius my guy keep up the great work. 

i cant play day 27 on the coach line, why?????


Because it's not in the most recent public update.

Came across your visual novel by chance a few days ago, found the demo, and absolutely fell in love with it! Practically played it for like 4 days straight(after work). Almost done with the entire thing too! I finally became a patron and I can't wait to play through the game/VN once it's finished. I'll happily continue to pledge until then!

Haha, well thank you!  Glad that you could put so much time in it and enjoy it.

There seems to be a glitch in the 1.56 route where you're giving Spencer a massage. Everything you click has you instead rubbing his thighs so you can't continue.


Ah I had that same problem but with Dozer instead it’s like that for all the sex scenes Dyne said that  he forgot to include this in his notes but all the sex scenes are messed up because of the resize and that lots of things have to be clicked to the left of their spots so I’m the next update he might have to include a feature where you skip those scenes until they get fixed.

hey saw the coach grifter 3d mousepad on https://www.furrydakimakura.com was hoping to see a spencer mousepad If at all possible. Thank you.


Can whe all agree, that whe need a scene where the MC makes food for Darius, and he ask hem what does he want and he says:

MC: what you wana eat?

Darius:  whats on the menu?

MC: Pizza, pasta or..... [ you get inches apart from darius ] Me~~

Can whe pls make it happen XD maybe after they do it once and Darius is trying to hold back hes urges to not have the MC get mad if he ask for it to much [if thats what hes goin for].

I'm making a few mods for practice using the Renpy engine.  I might make that a scene so THANK YOU fr the inspiration!

Happy i can help =P, the guy bellow you said more or less the same think i did, see what fits better in the grammer script you come on with.  All i wana see is the pervy loin "prowling" on our MC wink,wink.

(Edited 1 time)

The mod I'm making is in practice of the renpy engine and features a ddlc esc story. Me and a friend wanted to know, if there was a self aware character, It would be Maria. Currently I'm adding a few Easter eggs and last minute changes to the story. Dyne thought it was a good idea with the story so I'm expanding it alot. Hope to see some of you enjoy it as much I enjoyed putting it together!

I would appreciate it however for you all to support Dyne's project over mine. Mine is simply a fan mod built for a friend.


Finished the fangame. to access that scene. Use "Sketch" as your name ;)

Something similar like that could be done for chester, its a japanese thing and seeing how he's a mootaku it should work.

"Okaeri! Gohan ni suru? Ofuru ni suru? Soretomo... wa . ta . shi?"

(Welcome home! Would you like dinner? a bath? or...me?)

Either english or jap would work. Not sure if it would be funny or cringy tho, I'd still love to see MC do something weeby for Chester. Maybe it could be the start a sex scene or something.

(Edited 1 time)

o wow thats like allmost 100% what i said... hu.. well i cant Beat the PRO'S of Perv's. 

PS: In the middle of my reply, rule 34 pop in my mind XD like make it rule 35: if you think about it Japan perv it better =P.

How do you get the coach special scene in the day 20? i replayed his route and i couldn't get it :(

I just got it. You have to give in to Darius when he tries to get Coach Gritter to be jealous. I gave in both times to be sure but saw a different comment saying that you only had to when he pins you to the restroom wall.


So I did look at the FAQ just to make sure if this question was in there, but it wasn't. I was wondering if you have a planned price for the game when it is fully finished. Also is there any way it would be possible to get it bought before it is fully finished that will make the finished version accessible with prepurchasing it?

By the way the game is REALLY good. I have been on it a lot the last few days. It is with a very interesting plotline to the character storylines. It really caught my attention.

1.Darius tiene escena ya??

Aun no

No. Con suerte, llegará

What are the names of the  songs that Darius plays at the piano ? 

One of them is Gymnopedie No 3 from incompetch.com >> https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/music.html
Another is Piano Moment >> https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/piano-moment
And the last one was custom composed by StoffertheWolf, just for Darius.

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