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Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character (you!) through his endeavor of trying to romance a member of his tennis team. The choices you make can impact the way you teammates react to you, so make your choices carefully.

Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line.

If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron to help support the project! You can do that HERE!

The writing and programming are all done by myself. The background sketches are done by Mark Thorne, and will be finished up by Gavel!

We have a new Artist on board to take over the character art, and that would be CaptainGerBear.  You can check him out on Twitter, FurAffinity, or his website.  He's made the popular games Bastard Bonds and See No Evil!

CursedMarked and I have split for personal reasons and cannot pursue a professional relationship any longer.  We came to the agreement that it's best that we no longer work together.  This is not something that is up for discussion.

Please, don't ask when I'm updating the guides either.  The guides are low priority for me, and the time spent updating them is better spent towards adding new content.


I will be updating the Public Demo on the 16th of each month.  It can be at any point during the day, and I live in the Central Time Zone in the United States.   I update the Patreon version every 1st and 16th of the month now, and will update the public version accordingly.  The Public Version is 2 updates behind the Patreon version.  Please, please don't ask me if I forgot or when I'll update.  If something goes wrong, I announce it via Twitter or Public Patreon posts.


Updated the Public Demo to version 1.84. It's one of the most recent builds. Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me.  The android version -IS- the correct version, despite the file name. 

Please read the DevLog for more information!



Please, read my FAQ before asking questions about the visual novel also.  It can be found here. (Updated 04/19/18)

The art is slowly transitioning from one artist to another, so it'll be mixed up for a little while, as I get things in order!  The sex scenes don't work properly right now either!  You have to click to the left a little for certain things to activate!

The final project will have its own release page. This page is only for tips for those that cannot support on Patreon, as the final project will not be free.

The image gallery was only showing off what you'd get if you became a $10 Patron.  It's not part of the normal version.

Nobody has permission to use art assets from my projects for anything (fan-made or otherwise).  This is all content meant for nothing other than their intended projects.  All content is owned by Jonathon King and WolfBite Interactice LLC.

It is still a work in progress.
Created with Ren'Py.

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Furry, Gay, LGBT, mature, men, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few hours
LinksPatreon, Twitter, Website, FurAffinity


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When is the public update going to be released? It's been a while since the last time it was updated, I can't help but worry about it...


It's the 16th of every month, except last month, which was announced.

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How do you top Chester? I've tried to do different choices but I can't seem to figure it out. What choices should be made differently? I thought it was a possibility now if I'm not mistaken

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Chester is the best. He cannot be topped.



Answer things confidently, you're trying to be nice too much.

I love this game, it's really Awsome¡¡¡ and Captain GerBear Art was the best option for it. Did Richard or Azaghal going to have their own routes?

Richard yes, Azaghal no.

Great¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Talking about Richard... it's he rellay bi, or only a perv?¡¡¡¡¡

i dont mean it  like that i just dont like his route as a person 

I don't either! I actually spend half my time wanting to deck him.

But he is very popular with others and I hear he develops attractive features eventually.

There's a lot more to Darius than meets the eye, but he's scared of getting too close to someone and having an actual relationship. He tried before and it ended badly for him (and the other guy) over a misunderstanding. Most of his attitude is overcompensation for lack of real intimacy, and it takes a lot of patience to break through his barriers (he has a route about the same length as everyone else, but has yet to have an actual sex scene).

Yeah, Darius, it's the most different of all routes, and the most complex behavior... I think that he learn from his parents that hi dosent deserved to be loved and that he is IS the black sheep. So, he try to be what his parents think of him a: a big  dissapoiment but deap inside he want and need to be loved but he dosen't know how to reach it.

I really love this game played it every time love everyone well except one I don't know why but I just can't get into Darius route maybe that just me XD

First of all you have to choose him as a training partner in tennis practice on day 1, then on day 2 you have to choose "go to the gym" to talk to Chester and Dozzer, accept the invitation to stay at the gym to train For a while, you'll have to go to the loockers and that's where you'll meet Darius and you're ready to start the great story behind one of my favorite characters, I hope you enjoy it.

sorry for the bad English

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I really appreciate all the work you put into this magnificent project, from the first time I played it I felt it was a unique experience to another type of game, I started with Harold's story (by accident) and then tried the history of Spencer (one of my favorites without a doubt and I must admit that I get angry at not being able to advance more xD) but the one that undoubtedly takes all my respect is the story of Darius, from the beginning I knew it would be a story without equal and friend let me tell you that it was (I also got angry at not being able to continue after the 26th day) every detail of that story is so well accomplished that every twist of the plot surprised me and I admit that every time Darius plays the piano I keep listening to the song 3 times (I know that in the credits you put the source of the songs but the last song that Darius plays I can not find anywhere, if it was not bother you could tell me the title of the song and artist) once again I congratulate you for so great project and although at the moment I can not support you in patreon since I find myself literally as the main character (unemployed) I am sure that when I find one you will be the only artist who will support without hesitation. Thanks again for such a great experience and sorry for bad English, I'm from Mexico and I don't have much knowledge of the language yet.

This game is pretty awesome!can't waiting to play the full game so i will always be supported. go go go!!!


I dunno if you’ll actually ever see this, but can I just say that this game is beautiful? Not just the art or music or anything, cause, those are too. But these characters are so well written that I almost feel like I’m not just playing a dating sim/nsfw game. I’m so interested in characters like Chester, Coach, Darius and even the Main Character, that I was completely immersed the entire time and genuinely feel kinda empty that I’m done with their routes (so far). 😅😅

Long rant short here, please keep the game and characters this well written. It’s amazing and deserves so much love. 


So I was playing through Chester's route recently and ran into a weird bug. The day after MC was jumped by Vernon, he told Richard about what happened, but then on day 29 they have the conversation again like it never happened?

I figure there's supposed to be some other conversation with Richard here if they had it earlier in the route? I haven't seen anyone mention this (though I might just be late on the uptake since I haven't kept up with the updates for a while) so I figured I'd bring it up.

I guess not talking to Richard about it earlier was the default choice.

If this is a bug report (haven't read because of spoilers), please read the FAQ, as DyneWulf has stated time and time again to NOT post bug reports on this page as he already has them fixed on the Patreon version (which is 2 version ahead of the ones posted here).

If this is, in fact, not a bug report. Disregard this message.


hi, i love this game! harold's story is very cute and hot! so beautiful. I hope there will be more romances with new coach's and other people like Richard or the police officer bear in a future update. 

have waited for the continuation with impatience, good luck. Have a nice day!

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Hi, for now (and maybe definitely), there will only be Richard added. (see FAQ)
For my part, I think that the story of the character should be reviewed, see rectified on some thing, but hey, the game is under development, so there's still a little hope.


Why you guys don't to complete one story by one story to accelerate the game? Others games already did this


That doesn't make the game complete faster, it just makes certain routes complete faster.  If it's a route for a character you like then that's good for you; if it's one for a character you dislike then it's worse.  Doing them all in parallel is more fair to the fans of each character.

(1 edit) (-5)

I am specifying which character? If you have the patience to wait several months for a slow process, wait a few months for one character and then wait for another.
In theory does it do anything faster depending on the person or people, have you studied multiple-exam school subjects using this process or are you just doing 'extracurricular activities'?
But I forgot, it's a patreon project.

@ Edit: If this make routes more faster, the game will be complete faster

(2 edits) (+2)

I have no idea what you mean.

If it takes six months in total to finish one route, and there are five routes, the game will take thirty months to finish regardless of what order you do the work in.

That's highly simplified, of course. There's common work like Maria, and you might get a small concentration boost from doing one at a time for as long as you can before having to take a break, and there are external artists to coordinate schedules with, all of which might put constraints on the schedule.  But it's not obvious that running each route to completion will result in the entire project finishing faster.  If you think this is true, I would appreciate an explanation.

So pretend Dyne does work one entire route at a time, and the only route I like is Chester, and Chester is last. I would be much happier and stay more interested if I get a day every couple months like I do now, than I would be getting *nothing* for years, during which time I'd probably forget the project entirely.

And yes, it's a patreon project. No one has incentive to pay unless a character they like is being worked on.


Completing one story at a time will not speed up the process at which the final game is completed.  I'd still work at the same rate as I do now.


How do I acces gallery on Android?


The gallery is only available on the patreon release (10$+)


When will the new update come out? It was supposed to come out a week ago



Seriously people, read the post.

Thank you for reminding the blind people them


Any updates yet?




Can anyone tell me how many sex scenes are there with each character ?

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This post is made under the assumption that the art used in the first week of the game is being replaced with the art used in the second week of the game. "Week referring to the in-game calendar. If that's not the case than OOF"

I finally made an account on this website JUST so i could comment on the artwork. Starting the second week in Version 1.86, Dozer's character art changes to what I assume is the updated art. I don't know if my opinion would change anything but I still would at least like to voice it here. 

The change from a slight angle to a straight ahead look takes away a lot of the definition in the character. Almost as if it takes away from their personality. I think it was much more comfortable watching the characters face each other when speaking rather than straight forward. especially considering the character customization element. (The game menu suggests more is to be added to this feature and It'd be a shame to see it leave and be replaced with the screen only showing those you speak to.) 

A large part of the characters is their cartoonist style, you almost can't tell at all that the characters have protruding snouts or mouths from these straight on angles. They really come off a bit more flat

Not to mention Dozer's updated art takes away the silent stoic smile, and replaces it with a somber, sadder look, and goes from neutral/content looking eyes to again, a somber, sadder look overall.

The same can be said for Marie, or Maria, forgive me I can't remember her name correctly. The Feline woman who acts as mother of the "homeless shelter". Her first week art work had a lot of feel to it, she was slouched, clearly in a relaxed, but focused state. I think so far she holds the best example of silhouette for character design that I've seen SO FAR, especially considering most of the cast have nearly identical builds.

(Brief, and most likely shaky explanation) Often times you can identify a character by their silhouette alone, more often times with recognizable characters. Great examples include literally any big shot name brand game character like Peach, Mario, Donkey Kong, and so on. I refer to these purely as example to explain my train of thought, I'm more than certain anyone reading this gets the idea.

 These recognizable outlines feel a bit lost when the characters face straight forwards. Marie/Maria Looses the slouch and semi confident posture and smile for a more curvaceous and plain look. Quite literally just standing there. It feels like she has less character, opting more for a diagram feel. I don't know all too much about character design after silhouettes though so I'll stop there.  

 If that's the direction the game is going then hey, I can handle it. But I thought I'd just share that. 

Regardless of those complaints I have, I can see how much effort was put into these illustrations and I recognize and appreciate the work the artists have put in. For me though, my personal preference is the art used for the first week. In an effort to avoid repetition, Ill just briefly state that I'm genuinely enjoying the pacing of this game. It's not all gun ho, speeding into a sexual adventure, rather it takes the time to build character. I can already tell this would leave a lasting impression.

(And if the second week is actually the old artwork, and the first is the new, then I apologize for the incredible misunderstanding on my part. Take this more so as a compliment on the change rather than a complaint in that case. and a massive F on my part)

Fear not.  The art at the beginning (and what you see in the title screen) is the new art, and its wave of replacement has just not reached certain parts of the story yet.  If you keep playing Dozer it will flip back to the art it had at the beginning.

Here's a big OOF and an F, as requested.


All that wall of text for nothing. Oooof

Now I can crawl into a coffin and die OwO

(2 edits)

It's true that it was long xd. The thing is that at the image level, do not forget that the game is imcomplete. So more than wait for the "official" exit.

The artist's name is captaingerbear! For the latest versions cursedmarked was the old artist before something happened idk I just hope there all still friends!

DyneWulf said it was for personal reasons, so I highly doubt that.


i really like some routes, but i hope we get to date someday either rhino/abigal(tiger), the dog from strip club or that panter...

Deleted post

So you like richard/azagal and bam? There should be a chance for Richard but maybe there could a special event during darius' route where you guys all bang if you did become f buddies (and friends cause he rocks) however bam would be difficult since your really close to Spencer and suddenly dating his co-worker might affect him. Or it lead to a bad ending.

Richard will be receiving a route...Azagal, bam or the professor won't cos they're not Dyne's characters, moreso cameos from friends and supporters of the project

oh wait the really buff teacher who you see at the strip club once and at school of you went there? We don't see enough of him so I think he'll be being used as a plot device.

(6 edits) (-3)

(Warning Spoil !!)

My conclusion after completing the current content:

It's a good game, but the storyline does not please me at all.
What good is it, to put Datable characters, if they intended for someone else?

That he's been together, already while the two spend their time in this bickering, to reconcile, and Spencer who doubts your relationship and thinks of Darius ... in your private moment especially, lol, really ?!

The main character seems to be a clown ... Yourboyfriend wants to go out with his ex-boyfriend who is dragging in front of you..but you do everything to put them together ...

The romance Spencer and Darius, I am against personally, it is my opinion, I find that it makes the action to do to one or the other useless, given their link. What good is it to go out with one or the other .. except you are of the "free" kind ...
Thanks again for doing it.

Sorry for my bad english ;)

(1 edit) (+2)

I kinda agree. I feel really bad going out with the characters knowing that there's another perfect match for them, and if you date someone, someone else is getting shafted really badly. I wish there was some really good guy outside the team who the characters getting shafted could date if you're on a route with someone.

Alternatively, if the MC could help the other characters outside their route with their problems that'd be okay too. Knowing that [redacted] is going through [redacted] breaks my heart when I'm on another route.

(4 edits) (-3)

I totally agree. More than hoped that DyneWulf take into account the opinions of all on this subject. But ,I do not think it will change anything, too bad I liked this game.

Bon sa suffit les hater avec vos -1, vous pouvez pas accepter l’opinion des autre ,merde ?!


I never thought of it as we're taking there match away..... And the only time you don't take anyone's match is dating Harold however if you date literally anyone else BOOM harolds still a single depressed pringle WHO I WANNA HUG ALL THE TIME


False, in the last update there's a easter egg that proves that Harold is dating someone in a certain route

Not gonna say where is it (find it yourself) just that it was added in the last update


Really?? Welp I gotta redo that, he was the one I was most sad about. Thank god. Does that only happen in one specific route? 

(3 edits)

When you get back to doing EA, for Darius's Route will you be doing a point and click for his first sex scene? Like you have done for all of the other characters, each of their routes had for there first sex scene was a point and click mini-game, which in my mind ....for Darius....it will be quite enjoyable to have the option to tease him back, mess with him, his piercings, tail and...stuff like that >//w//> soooo....yea, i totally want to tease him back soooooo hard

If you hadn't guessed i'm rooting for Team Darius~ Tho i did try all of the routes and i enjoy them all for what they are but Darius charmed his way into my heart... ( u w u) ty

Also one more Question...When will we be seeing more of that Librarian Archibald or the Professor Tai will their character's be abit more distinguished, by that i mean will they have more presence in the game instead of being a 1 time used side character. Unlike Issac and Dianna I do wish to see more of those other two as well as Richard but we know he's getting his own Route so i digress hope to hear a reply soon at your earliest convenience ^_^ ty

(5 edits) (+2)(-2)

Yes Darius is the best x)
I like Spencer, hmm..After his routes, I like him less ...

(1 edit) (-1)

i agree XD tho having Darius and Spencer be friends again brings a smile to my face. I hope we get to see Darius's Dad lets see what Papa Darius looks like 


yes :)

I think there are 3 side route scenes with Tai and I think you can unlock then in thr coach routr

Archibald not so much. only 1


I hope that in Darius' sex scene, he'll bottom to prove that he truly cares for the MC, not hanging with him to be another conquest.

(1 edit)

Okay so im on android and i dont know if this is just part of the sprite update process or not, but im seeing eric with a towel from day 2 around his waist and its constantly used through day 3 in darius's route UPDATE- It appears it only happens after you choose not to shower with darius

Oh. I've had wardrobe malfunctions with all the characters and paths I've chosen.

I think it also happens when you click through stuff too quickly (i.e. auto scrolling to get through to the new stuff). Because I've had it happen in other routes.

yea i tend to fly through those. i read too quick lol


A good idea for the chester story should be having the deciding what to take scene should have the multiple choice option. I know it would. Be a lit of recording. But it would make it more effective.

Whats the name of that song that we hear when we have sex with Spencer?

Late reply, but you can use BeatFinder on Android to find tunes that you don't know.


Also, the main character's back story to how he ended up homeless mirrors my life rn. Thankfully my parents haven't kicked me out. But my job shut down a few months ago and no one is hiring. And playing this game, and going down the spencer story already makes me appreciate my friends who are like maria. Not gonna lie, I cried a bit when I loved out in the story.

(1 edit)

I would have liked to have a friend like Maria, alas, where I live, there is still progress to be made, and my friends, although open minded we still ... some gap.
I'm a bit of a mix between several characters (Chester, a little Spencer, Coach, and at the time I was also a little Darius)
I also hope that all will be well adjusted, especially the Chester's route, despite Dozer, which annoys me a little much, we quickly attaches to this great Bull.

Awww... U poor thing....


Hey. Just letting you know the Chester story is still stuck on the "is there anything I need, type "no" to continue the story" part. I tired no, cards, and money. And downloading a keyboard app didnt work either. Take your time, I'm in no rush to finish. Just think that it would be nice to not have to deal with that. But please don't stress and get to it when you have the time. Love the different story's so far. Darius is by far my favorite, he is a lot like how I used to be. Well, he has money and I don't. If I did I'd be a patreon and fill those gaps in the Chester story. (P.s. I use an android device. The galaxy S8 if that helps any.)


I hope it isn't a bother, but I'm curious about the inconsistencies in sprites throughout the routes; mostly I'm just wondering if there's an expected time frame for the CM sprites to be fully replaced with Ger's or not? It's not really an issue, but the immersion tends to be broken when you go 15 days into a route and there's a sudden (intense) style shift for a couple more days before it swaps back.

i can not download this files can anyone help me i  am using window please help  me get a link

(1 edit) (-1)

I'm getting dozens of Exceptions on Harold's Day 28 in the shower, Android ver. A lot of backgrounds up to this point were missing, too.


"Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me."  -- DyneWulf



You eat over at a friend's house and then offer to do the dishes for them. Your friend tells you you don't have to do the dishes, but you do so anyway to thank them for the meal. It is not the same as if they were to day "don't do the dishes."

I don't see the problem here, other than you being a jerk.

Deleted post

well dude...Dyne has asked people many, many times to stop posting about bugs they find since he is already aware. Don't call people jerks for reiterating that when you didn't pay attention.

(1 edit) (+2)

Dyne actually has a document for reporting bugs, which is linked in the FAQ.  If you report in comments then odds are good you're repeating someone else's already-reported issue.


This game is awesome, my first try was with Coach (i didnt know what i was doing xD) but at the first view of the game i was soo in love with spencer and now that im playing with him its such a great character <3 <3 its soo adorable and sexy but now i want to meet the story of darius xD i love this game

(Sorry for my bad english n.n)

att: A Huge fan from Tijuana B.C. Mexico 

Deleted post

I stared this game 3 days ago and i just love spencer he is so cute and adorable

Darius's accident made me freeze so hard, but seeing him get closer to mc is so cute. It kind of reminds me of that Lonely Hearts Club song. 

" Love will never be forever, Feelings are just like the weather January to december,
Do you want to be a member ~?"

darius is an adorable jerk 

(1 edit) (-3)

...richard :3


I think he's hot... I'd suck him dry.... mmmmm


I wouldn't mind a route with him :3333

(1 edit) (-1)

That's right ... It is planned.. x)

Do patrons get Pictures from sex scenes and kissing scenes?


(2 edits) (+1)

I've been thinking alot, and wondering(No, Believing), that there is probably an alternate reality where humans and creatures live together like this... I am one to believe in reincarnation and alternate realities..

 I believe that somewhere in some reality humans and animals are like they are in this game.....

But I can only dream of that for now...

Maybe when I died and reincarnate... I'll be born in a world like that..(Yes I sound crazy, but can't I atleast dream that it's true? I bet everyone here who plays this would love to live in a world where humans and animals lived side by side, walked on 2 legs, and spoke the same language...) I myself would love nothing more than that to come true....

What if there are aliens that look like animals, and they live on planets far away, and one day humans make an alliance with them and live with them?

Actually I've wondered about the backstory/lore of this game too.... 🤔


I need a bit of help with Darius' route. I heard that there is secret option during sex shop scene which makes Darius flustered and embarassed but I can't quite figure out what should I choose to get it. I mean I tried all combinations during that scene but this option still isn't there. Is this option trully there and what should I choose to get it?

(1 edit) (+1)

All I can say is save before the 1st choice ,  get a sheet of paper and a pen Write down each option u have and keep trying over and over.  Combine each option over and over till u get it.

Thanks! So I should only redo choices at the shop and not prior to it, right?

I really don't know tbh

I forgot to ask one more thing. Is this secret option pops up at the sex shop or not? 'Cause I only try options there and then reload my save. Should I play the whole day?

Not sure

Did you find it? I just realized that there is that scene but I can't find it neither

Could you share?

Sorry for the long answer. Before the sexshop scene Darius will talk about shower after sex and ask you whether he is the person you'd like to shower with. You need to answer "no". It's not really a bad choice 'cause Darius will joke about how you did it and liked it. And then you need to do the sexshop sequence. I don't really remember what to choose but you should just try everything and there will be third choice in the last sexshop decision

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