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Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character (you!) through his endeavor of trying to romance a member of his tennis team. The choices you make can impact the way you teammates react to you, so make your choices carefully.

Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line.

If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron to help support the project! You can do that HERE!

The writing and programming are all done by myself. The background sketches are done by Mark Thorne, and will be finished up by Gavel!

We have a new Artist on board to take over the character art, and that would be CaptainGerBear.  You can check him out on Twitter, FurAffinity, or his website.  He's made the popular games Bastard Bonds and See No Evil!

CursedMarked and I have split for personal reasons and cannot pursue a professional relationship any longer.  We came to the agreement that it's best that we no longer work together.  This is not something that is up for discussion.

Please, don't ask when I'm updating the guides either.  The guides are low priority for me, and the time spent updating them is better spent towards adding new content.


I will be updating the Public Demo on the 16th of each month.  It can be at any point during the day, and I live in the Central Time Zone in the United States.   I update the Patreon version every 1st and 16th of the month now, and will update the public version accordingly.  The Public Version is 2 updates behind the Patreon version.  Please, please don't ask me if I forgot or when I'll update.  If something goes wrong, I announce it via Twitter or Public Patreon posts.


Updated the Public Demo to version 1.71. It's one of the most recent builds. Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me.  The android version -IS- the correct version, despite the file name. 

Please read the DevLog for more information!

Merchandise Links -

FurryDakimakura and TeeSprings (D12 Shirt and Bear Belly Shirt)


Please, read my FAQ before asking questions about the visual novel also.  It can be found here. (Updated 04/19/18)

The art is slowly transitioning from one artist to another, so it'll be mixed up for a little while, as I get things in order!  The sex scenes don't work properly right now either!  You have to click to the left a little for certain things to activate!

The image gallery was only showing off what you'd get if you became a $10 Patron.  It's not part of the normal version.

Nobody has permission to use art assets from my projects for anything (fan-made or otherwise).  This is all content meant for nothing other than their intended projects.

It is still a work in progress.
Created with Ren'Py.

Updated 1 hour ago
StatusIn development
Tagsbara, Dating Sim, furry, Gay, mature, men


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Hi, I do not know if you've had it in consideration to put richard on a route. Something like an easter egg in the first days of a specific character shrinking the dialogues in an order and unlock this or just put a route. I know it's difficult but in my opinion it's a good idea

Pd: Good job :3

Is these a demo ?

Pd: Besto Game

(2 edits)

bit of a problem. Got to the part where you type what to bring to Chester's house before the convention, it's not letting me send anything. On Android.

Okay....tried making a new file name, can't. It was working the other day...

Some android devices require an external keyboard app to function properly, and I don't know what causes that.

there's no download button for the game

I was in the middle of uploading new versions.



hello I have a couple of questions the other main characters will take relevance in the other routes?and there will be more sex scenes with Spencer

First off great game!! I hope theres many more days to be added to all the routes, i just don't want the game to end, and theres so many cliff hangers!! The stories are so good especially coaches and chesters routes!!

Am i the only one who wants Richard as a route? He's always such a tease, I think he would make a really good route as well!


if you didn't know, he is going to be (soon) a datable route.

SWEET!  I think it will be another good route!

dont you mean, a great route

I personally can't wait for Darius' route to be finished, getting to that cliffhanger sucked.

I just had a thought: is anyone else a little curious how Spencer would react if he ran into Tai while at college, especially if the first night at Dynamite Springs left things awkward between you and Tai?

Spencer probably already know, but if not, well, he will don't mind. He said he is a good guy, so, I don't see him being all the protect dog over main character because of him.


I don't suppose you'll be updating the guides anytime soon. I want to be able to bottom spencer, and do other actions but don't know the right way. If you don't, its fine, but worth a shot to ask.

The spencer guide tells you how to top or bottom with the confidence points. If you have less than 3 confidence spencer tops you if you have either 5 or 7 you top him.

I know. What I mean is like, is there any other confidence boosters to avoi

idk how, but after i found out that you can bottom Spencer, I was able to bottom him first try, all I can say is that with also knowing the whole "confidence" points thing, my advice would be to save every time you have choices you think are crucial when it comes to things like confidence, teasing, or stuff like that. but for me, it was kinda obvious with most of the choices. Also, just be sure to read things through and be careful, and save often, I can't even begin to tell you how many times i accidentally picked the wrong choice and had to go back like 3-4 days just to get back to where I was.

Another thing to note, don't pick the movie theater as where you and Spencer go to date, Darius shows up.

(3 edits)

I like Darius showing up, show how lonely he can be without MC presence in his own route (he was going to see the movie you just saw cuz it was the movie Darius made the stunt)

Make you think twice about choosing Spencer or Darius .

Darius is such a good guy, he just hide his lonely, he is crying for help indirectly

I mean, that's obvious, but in this case, when I found out that Darius shows up at the movie theater, I immediately thought about when we later confess to Spencer that we went to Darius to find out if Spencer had feelings for the MC, and since the dialogue was slightly different based on your choices (which I found out the hard way) I thought that it might turn out slightly worse, considering how much Spencer dislikes Darius at the time (before Day 25).

 Also, I don't know how i triggered it, but I was able to tell Spencer that I loved him BEFORE the day that he cooks for us at his place, do you know if that is just something that happens randomly, or if there is a specific set of actions/choices that allows the MC to be able to tell Spencer he loves him before the night you have sex with him? I've been trying everything from the amount of time i take reading the dialogue to the order of choices that I make

How can i bottom with spencer? cuz i just checked the FAQ's and it says that spencer can top. pls how

(2 edits) (+2)

It's about your actions with Spencer, doubt everything and not confronting him (don't tease or chastise) and not showing him confident make him be a top, and this result in the lastest CG (in the bathroom) not being displayed.

well i know what im doing today, thanks for the tips

The guides are outdated right now but it can tell you how to get what you want in the early parts


Is it me, or does it look like Grifter is always blushing when he appears looking right at us?


Can you be bottom with Chester? If yes, how?


Check the FAQ.


Well, I can't find it. but can you be bottom with Chester?


How can I bottom/top for “insert character”?

As of right now, Spencer is the only character that has both roles implemented in one scene.  Everyone else has only one role to play right now and more will be implemented later. It takes a lot of time and resources to do one scene, so flipping the scene from being a top or bottom to the other will take extra time.


Am I the only one wondering if Tai is a top or bottom?? I know he isn't gonna get a route, but he's so huge that I can't help wondering

How can i rewind my elections on Android? With two fingers or something?Or i can not rewind on Android?


rewind is pressing the (<) go back button

I just had a thought: If I remember correctly, Darius said something along the lines of his parents (along with his brother and sister) always being away for business, does that mean that they are never home, where exactly do the Maynors live, that would be something interesting down the lines of Darius' route, just seeing his parents or his grandparents house


it's probably going to be discussed after Darius admit his feelings to the main character.

aww man i really wanted to finish Harold's route i was at the last part when richard drive Harold to the school. I find Spencer and Harold hot than other characters 

(1 edit) (+2)

Dyne still working on that, you can see his update schedule for Spencer and Harold too!

Here for the full schedule!

what is housekeeping again??? also, what/who is Jonathan King??? (there was one of the dates that was blank with a weird symbol and when I hovered over it it said Jonathan King) 

rework days and coding. IDK about that

please tell me that you're gonna have Spencer tell us how he got a job at Dynamite Springs. cause I'm trying to imagine how Spencer ended up there, and I can't come up with anything

If you have the time, could you explain how the beginning was coded? When starting "New Game", after some text it allows you to decide your characters' design, name the save file, and name your character. Thanks.

Try looking it up on YouTube, alot of tutorials have been done for that kind of stuff.

Can I download this on iphone??

Nope, just Android, sorry.

Is it harder to make something like this for iPhone, or is it just preference, I never understood that type of stuff

The iOS is very closed about apps from the internet and such, you only can download from the app store, or, you need to do some weird shit.

Deleted post

This is just something I noticed on Dozer's route, but the MC's room at the shelter keeps changing between the fully colored room without the I.D.E.K.A. 2016 poster, and the black and white sketch like room with the I.D.E.K.A. 2016 poster, and it's both during the strange dreams and not during the strange dreams, is that just something overlooked, or is there a reason for it?

(5 edits)

Dyne is reprogramming all the game with new sprites and backgrounds (that appears on the first day), that will happen very often (changing  between backgrounds and sprites) until everything is polished (with the new sprites and background). 

Till then, it's going to be mixed between old and new at some point of the game.

The housekeeping updates is just for that, cleaning the code and rework the days. When finished the housekeeping (and one of the route end) whats going to probably happen is that Richard is going to replace the housekeeping schedule.

Hope this help you understand.

I understood most of what you said, I'm just thrown off by housekeeping. And actually, what I mentioned only happened in Dozer's story for me, if that's normal, then alright. also, one of the routes is finished now, did I read that right?

Uh I don't think any routes r finished yet

nope, he is still working in every one

am i the only one that think madam esperanza needs to be some sort of feline, she's so feisty and, much like the other felines in the game, we get along well with her 

Is it normal that Andrew ( Ches brother ) kinda floats in the later days in his route im worried that hell giveeme the "Omai wa mou shindeiru" and when his glasses fogs up xd

(2 edits)

You used skipping forward? Could be that, using skipping forward make the engine get a little unstable, or, it's a bug that probably Dyne is already aware.

actually, I had the same thing happen to me, and I wasn't using skipping forward at all

wait, hold on something is different. does the demo's auto update or something, or does the story change after you play a certain character's route a few times, cause if my memory is correct, Spencer doesn't notice us until his first show of the night where he takes off his shirt, now he notices us when we sit at a table by yourself if we don't approach him, which is also something I don't remember from the first playthrough. 

Nope, it's the choices, affect the affinity/mood of Spencer.

Really! huh, does the same thing happen with the other characters, cause I've done Darius' route twice and everything was the same, the only different choice I made was not believing him when he tells us that he had a lot of people over while we weren't in the hospital with him

If you do get low affinity with Darius you're not going to have the bonus CG part, and maybe even his love. Just saying haha

that's why I'm re-playing Spencer's and Darius' routes with my current demo, so I don't have low affinity, and I WANT Darius' love!!!

(1 edit)

wait, a bonus CG part, is that a sex scene, is there currently multiple sex scenes with Darius??? or is there just the one after goinng with Darius to the movies?????

I didn't notice it before, but during Spencer's route, day 3, when you go back to your room after talking to Maria about how practice went, I just noticed that there is a note on the wall. Is that just for show, because I feel like it's something you could work into Spencer's story, like it's something he talks to you about when you move in with him or something. I don't know, but I never really noticed to note on the wall until now

The note is always there.

it's a background touch, nothing too much, just that is there.

Is there really going to be a Richard route?

when one of the current routes be finished, yes.

it's gonna be interesting, cause I wonder if anyone on the team will find out if the MC is homeless, and I also wonder how Darius is gonna tease the MC

Can you be bottom with Gifter?


honey, NOOOOO!!!! you see how big he is. wonder if we are even gonna bottom Chester or Dozer, probably not

you can bottom Chester. I do every time.

well, I know what I'm doing later today

how do you bottom chester? all ive done is the shower scene and the bedroom scene at the shelter with the toys

Just a random question, but is Archibald from one of CaptainGerBear's games, he reminds me a lot of the demon that was in the library in his game "See No Evil"

I have to ask, but during Chester's route, we meet Andrew, and he always has something on his arm, near and around his wrist, is that supposed to be an anime think, or is that just something he wears, cause it always catches my attention every time his character model pops up and I just can't figure out what it is.


They talk about it during Chester's route.

I got to the part, but when we first meet it to before we went to Chester's place after escaping the frat house, it's pretty confusing as to what it is, I didn't realize it was some sort of cast until day 24, it didn't look like one. When I first saw it when we first meet Andrew, I honestly thought it was something anime related

(1 edit)

Dynewulf,  can you give us an idea on when are you going to release the full game? Or what year?


No idea yet! There's a lot I want to do.


Well, considering the amount of work you put into the game, and based off the updates being every month (for non-patrons) you think it will be fully released in 2019 at least?


Does the MC have a name (you know, not the one we give him) I went on a tvtropes link that was about the game, and it said that the MC's name was Eric

Yes, Eric is the cannon name of the MC ^^ If you don't name him in the beginning of the game, it defaults to that.


is there a comic i can read that is about this, last time someone used the term cannon, it was with manga and comics, I'm going into this game blind and I've never been so emotional with a game before (mainly Darius and Grifter's stories so far)

I wish I could follow Richard's path

It's going to be only after one of the routes be completed, If you didn't know.

Richard has a path!?!?!

it's going to have.

I know you said that none of the stories were done, but just out of curiosity, how many days do you think the stories are gonna be, cause there is a calendar along with what day it is, and I was wondering if the stories would be a month long, (though i suppose Darius' story is an exception considering you mentioned it's a pain to work on), or would it last till the semester ends?

(4 edits)

In the FAQ say they will end when Dyne feel the need to end the route, some maybe end seriously fast others a little longer, Darius is one of the routes that (I) consider that is going to be very long.

Well, I don't mind if Darius' route is long, it's kinda the most interesting one for me so far, and Spencer's route is right up there with him

(1 edit) (+1)

You ever did think about make a Official Discord Server to Extracurricular activities, Dyne?

Another quick question, during Darius' route, when MC,, Darius, and Spencer go to the arcade, when MC and Spencer lose the bet, do you think that when Spencer kisses Darius, there could be a small cut scene of the two of them making out?

(2 edits) (+2)


It would be so funny if one day in Spencer's Route Spencer/or/MC invite to go out for a walk to buy a new brush, because the other was old and broke in one of the brushing time. As they walk, they pass by a "petshop" or something that is similar to one, MC sees one little husky puppy dog pet to be sell, very similar to our husky, Spencer, fascinated by it, MC begin discussing about him, but the thing is, what I would want if that even happen is to buy the dog or not, if not, a option to pet him or pet Spencer, if you pet the dog, Spencer would be jealous and ask to pet him after that. If you have low romance with him, he would say to buy that to yourself then if you continue to pet the dog, and him move on.

The owners are humans just like MC, they have a little talk, they mention spancer and the dog being almost the same, then you buy the brush and get out (with something more?)

The buying dog is too much, but at least you can put the pet thing, and could be one of the things to waste time until X thing.

I was thinking this way because we know that have a difference between bulls from the farm to Chester, and that would show that not only apply for bulls, chickens etc.

I am thinking too if they're ferals-like with low intelligence or just like Chester but low intelligence.. (I am assuming right now they're feral, not low intelligence anthros)

MC= Main character to those who don't know 😉

Hope you like my idea Dyne!

Reposted and edited several times with language corrections and details add, my English is not that good, sorry.


Bahaha, that's a really cute idea.  Thanks for the idea, so we'll see how things go from here ;3

looking forward to it >:3


sorry to be a bother but i dont like the new designes id like to continue with the old designes if thats possible


If u have a way to to tell on how to make the old designes on unstead of the new ones id appreciate it 

(1 edit)

Thanks for your input.

(1 edit) (+1)

not possible, see FAQ (3° page) to know more.

Thank you.

(2 edits)

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT DARIUS, his background, personality, attitude, just EVERYTHING. And I love the fact that he is really trying to hide his feelings for the main character using his excuse to 'no feelings just fun" 

I hope that the next update Darius will have a sex scene (either top or bottom)  and will have more days to spend with him

I swear when the game fully releases I will TAKE DARIUS AS THE FIRST PRIORITY 

Thank you for creating such a game Dynewulf! So Excited for the next update and I am looking forward to the full release of the game!

That makes me think, is this game gonna cost money???

If it is, what about people who already paid for the demo?


If you are a patron (i forgot if its the 3 or 10 dollar one,) you get a copy of the finished game when it is completed. If you paid on here, it was simply a donation.

looks like i have to set up a patron account

how much you think the game is going to cost once it is completed?

probably less than $10 or near the value.

PERFECT, I think I'll just but the full game when it comes out and enjoy the downloads, but seeing how much I love these demos already, I might just donate some more to the creator. I really can't wait for the release, I hope it isn't too long, Darius' story has me really going, and I'd like to see the MC and Darius be together (despite all the stuff Darius says about not wanting to be in a relationship)


Thanks so much! DArius has been a lot of fun (and a bit of a pain) to work with.  He's really changed a lot since I started with him.

I just hope that the MC and Darius end up in a relationship, it would really suck if after everything the MC and Darius have been through, Darius pushes the MC away


On a side note, I'm also looking forward to Spencer's older brother's wedding, and that had me thinking about another scenario for Spencer's route: while at the wedding, Spencer and you have a few drinks, and if you romance is high, Spencer starts talking to you about one day getting married

does darius' story end at day 20?

I haven't finished anyone's route yet.

I know, i meant for the demo, cause i saw a guy's playthrough online and he was at day 21 with Darius

hes most likely a patron

What is the name of the song that darius plays after he's released from the hospital and leaves you alone to recompose yourself after the dream, I'd love to learn to play it.

Or is it an original?

actually, can you list off all the songs darius plays, I've played piano for 11+ years and I've never come across the pieces darius plays. It would mean a lot

you don't have to worry, I recognize one of the songs being Beethoven's Prelude in C major

That one song in particular is an original done just for EA  Another song he plays is from the BenSound website called Piano Moment > https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/piano-moment

Hopefully there will be sheet music for it, it's amazing, did you compose it?

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