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Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character (you!) through his endeavor of trying to romance a member of his tennis team. The choices you make can impact the way you teammates react to you, so make your choices carefully.

Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line.

If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron to help support the project! You can do that HERE!

Character Artist - CaptainGerBear - Twitter/FurAffinity/Website (He's made the popular games Bastard Bonds and See No Evil!)

Background Artist - Gavel


I will be updating the Public Demo on the 16th of each month.  It can be at any point during the day, and I live in the Central Time Zone in the United States.   I update the Patreon version every 1st and 16th of the month now, and will update the public version accordingly.  The Public Version is 2 updates behind the Patreon version.  Please, please don't ask me if I forgot or when I'll update.  If something goes wrong, I announce it via Twitter or Public Patreon posts.


Updated the Public Demo to version 1.002. It's one of the most recent builds. Bugs and errors in this version do not have to be reported to me.  The android version -IS- the correct version, despite the file name. 

Please read the DevLog for more information!



Please, read my FAQ before asking questions about the visual novel also.  It can be found here. (Updated 04/19/18)

The final project will have its own release page. This page is only for tips for those that cannot support on Patreon, as the final project will not be free.

The image gallery was only showing off what you'd get if you became a $10 Patron.  It's not part of the normal version.

Nobody has permission to use art assets from my projects for anything (fan-made or otherwise).  This is all content meant for nothing other than their intended projects.  All content is owned by Jonathon King and WolfBite Interactice LLC.

It is still a work in progress.
Created with Ren'Py.


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is it possible to play this on iOS? Sorry if this is a stupid question

After the first portion of the story starting when the character gets to school after the bus ran late the main chair's hair gets clipped weirdly due to the lack of the hat. I'm assuming it may just be with the orangish blonde hair but might be a good idea to check the others.

Can't wait for next update...hopefully was Richard and Chester's enemy, Vernon...Keep it up!!!

Hello, Is there a Discord server for the game? :0

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There is not an official one.

There used to be at least one unofficial one that I knew of, but it imploded and is pretty much dead now.

Question; Will every route end on Day 35? It seems like Darius' route just began! If it isn't going to end on Day 35 always, How would you deal with fans being dissapointed that some characters get more screen time than others?


hmmm, well, just to think of it,maybe it is related to the tennis match itself.. like a similar CG game, it was related to the university duration.. but we would never guess as the game is still evolves.. 
i just wish to have the option not to date any from the tennis team, and go to the bar and pickup dudes.

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I don’t think counting by days is quite accurate—how much content is in a day varies a lot, not only because earlier days are shorter, but also because of things like that stretch in Grifter’s route where basically nothing happens for half a week.

Yikes, I was already not looking forward to Grifter's route. It seems kinda like a token trait for him to have depression, although, I suppose I cannot speak since I don't deal with depressive mood disorder. He's great for all the chub-lovers though.


To be fair, it happens fairly early, and there is a lot of actual content in Grifter’s route after that. I’m not sure exactly how much is in each one, but it doesn’t feel like any of them are getting particularly shortchanged.


Love the game as always. I play on android and mave a smalllllll issue with the menu. When I click on the open book icon i get an exception something about "A side has the wrong number of children" is it something I've done?

Nothing you've done!  I had a goof in one of my updates that caused the log to break.

is Chester's route finished btw? 



Thank you Reggie and cant wait!

After Chester routes, there's a chance try to have sex with Chester's enemy who always come disturb.

Hey I have a problem. When I click install it saids "App not install" I retry several times but it still the same even I have good wifi and a lot of storage to save.At least some help even little bit thank you.


when you say "click" you are referring to PC version...
PC version is a zip file, you need to extract the file using (7z or winrar) and just double click the executable file there

I want to ask... What is the song that Darrius played, the one that his grandma taught him


Did I just read that you are officially gonna make a route for Richard? OωO

i read that in the game's FAQ too


Now that Harold's route is done, they said Richard's is next. I have to think it's going to be quite different from the others since both the MC and Richard live at the shelter. That plus the fact that the other characters won't know Richard (he's not on the tennis team) means the interactions will be alot different.

I'm looking forward to how DyneWulf is planning to develop this route.


Yeah I thought about that too, like... if you pick a route basically at the very beginning when you pick a partner for tennis, how are we gonna pick Richard's route?.

I'm super excited and so looking forward to Richard's route


i dont know why i have the feeling that Richard's route would be through 3some...


oh no... I hope not lol


hahahaa or:  a new option in the start that would allow MC to avoid selecting any player until MC get back tot he homeless and meet maria and richard, richard propose you help him in roses, you do a sarcastic comment (rosses are red, violet are blue, i like me undressed and i hope you too) i dont know what is wrong with me. rofl 


Spoiler ahead!!!

Just for my understanding: on day 23 of Darius' route when Spencer isn't showing up for class and MC confronts him at his home, Spencer actually wanted to tell that he's in love with the MC but then he decides to lie to spare our feelings or did I misinterpret that scene?

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havent played Darius route yet. but played Spencer's .. 
Spencer is priceless and
[spoiler] -update
i think this evolves to your selection of routes and choices.
Spencer had a crush with the MC since they were kids and
Spencer is in deep love with Darius because ... Darius was Spencer's first in everything 


But that doesn't make any sense. We know from Spencer's route that Spencer fell out of love with Darius when the incident with Isaac happened. I'm pretty sure Spencer decided to stumble on his words to say Darius so that MC wouldn't be torn between Darius or Spencer (ya know, since spencer is clearly the better lover).


i know what you are saying, well, in each route, there is a slight different scenario..
in Darius Route, Spencer would confess to the MC of his deep love to Darius and ask MC if he really loves Darius and the thing between them is real.
in Spencer's route, you will find out that Isaac was the crack of Spencer and Darius relationship. and MC would need to make them friends..
Actually, so far, i tried Spencer, Darius, Chester and the Coach it is hard to pick one but i'm into the coach tbh 


For me in Spencer route he did love MC more than Darius when he asked him as I followed best choice for his because when I said I loved him he cried in which adorable, and also in his route Darius mention at bar if Spencer did not picked him he will be all over the MC, so maybe the relationship  between Darius and Spencer are already broken even in Harold route Spencer has feeling for him and angry at  Darius for setting MC with Harold and played Dozer route he was shocked that MC was gay and did not confess to him before Dozer.       

hey i wanted to ask which route is most advanced?  so I know who to start with first?
thanks ^^

Coach Grifter or Harold is the first finished route, the others are still in development but I think Spencer's route is coming to an end if Dyne decide to finish with the same amount of days like Harold's route.

good to know :) thank you ^^ 


Hello. Just want to say that once the game is complete, I will definitely give at least $15, because this vn is great. I have only played the Spencer route till day 31 where it suddenly is updated at. I think aside from some minor problems (e.g. MC flashing his tool in the later half of the first month for a week, which is later fixed) this is the only vn that kept me hooked and wanting to read more and more. I am honestly not a fan of vn but this game blew my mind. Keep up the good work! Also, #TeamSpence with Darius coming a close second. Honestly, the dialogue is so adorable and the relationship makes sense logically based on the characters. Also personal bias towards Spence because I do ballroom dancing. I am happy I found this game.

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Hi! I want to start this comment off by saying, this game has me absolutely INFATUATED with everything. At first I downloaded the game because I was unfathomably bored and saw that some of the art was kinda hot so I downloaded it just to see that. However, I immediately became infatuated with the characters. This leads me to my question. Are all of the currently available routes finished, or just Harolds? I've finished Darius, Spencer, and Chester, and while I loved Chester and his route, Darius and Spencer have left me craving tons more. I just wanted to know whether to expect a new route, to expect others to be expanded, or to expect you to call the project finished once bug fixes, grammar/spelling errors, and completion of art is all done. 

P.S. Darius is my favorite character with Spencer in a close second, but Spencer's route is probably my favorite. I'm excited to see what Harold and Dozer have in store! Keep up the good work.

just wondering how many paths are finished in the game just Harrods or there others

It's been a while since I loaded this game up, and there have been several updates. I'm able to get to Dozer Day 26 (It was on 25 when I last played), but apparently not Day 27, even though the changelog says it's up to 27 now. Do I need to restart from the beginning to get his Day 27?


I liked Chester until he made that Jizzerita. That's such an awful and creepy idea especially when you're just trying to eat. I can understand if you have a food sex fetish but it wasn't even negotiated.  I don't like shaming people but I really wish there was an option to chastise him for that. Like, if that happened in real life I'd just dump the person.

He also blew air into the MC's ass without asking beforehand. Can't that cause embolisms? HAS THIS MAN EVER HEARD OF CONSENT? 

Chester, you could not be anymore incompetent  >:(


Huh, I’ll have to look at it again but I could have sworn there was an option to decline that stuff entirely.


Yeah I’m pretty sure there is at the risk of upsetting Chester, but to each their own I suppose

You can decline to drink it, but the whole thing was just such a turn off. The blowing in the anus thing happens no matter what.


I’m not happy about the jizzerita thing but the blowing confuses me. There’s air in your GI tract all the time (unless you for some reason don’t fart), it shouldn’t cause an embolism unless you somehow inject the air into a vein, no? Not a doctor though, so will have to research this.

Honestly, I'm basing my claim on some rumors in reddit. While it may have been the vagina and not the rectum that was mentioned, the vagina still queefs so I'm not sure. The jizzerita thing felt like some sort of twisted fetish of feeding your lover parts of you without them knowing.

Hey dyne I was wondering If we are going to get a route with Azaghal? I know you plan on doing one with Richard so I was curious if you had one planned for Azaghal


Side-characters and cameo characters (such as Bam, Azaghal, Carson, Dr. Tora,Reggie,Tai, Boulder or Grant) will never be dateable routes.

The words “will never be dateable” amuse me here :)

There might be a secret platonic friendship route with one of them. >_>

FWB intensifies*

(Bug report)
Hey, having problems with 1.002, its always crashs saying "out of memory", can't see the last day of harold! It's crashing really hard.
The 1.001 runs just fine, I actually never had this problem with any build... I spend a lot of time in 1.001 to confirm that only 1.1002 is giving me this crashs... Added something maybe "heavy" to the game? I don't really know how to fix and really sad that I can't see this end :c

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Hi DyneWulf can I suggest about adding a new plot twist or add a story to chester's route were the MC's  nightmare came true but chester came to the rescue or vernon kidnap the MC and chester while chester see the MC nearly rape by vernon (or had been rape) but chester manage to untie his rope and save the MC or all the member on the tennis club came to the rescue or chester's brother made a plan to save to rescue both of them. That would be an epic drama! 

by the way love your game and keep up the good work. :)

Could someone possibly help me?? I have the game installed but it's only a older version and it won't update! I'm not sure what to do?

The game doesn’t update itself–you need to download it and install it again.

On a desktop/laptop you can ditch the previous installation, on android I think you need to keep it around until you install the next one.

Ohhhhh alright! Thank you so much!

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*SPOILERS* (also shout out to the creator)

I bloody love this Visual Novel as every character has a rich back story and tragedies that itches you to read through. My first attempt in this game was on Harold which I was on the good ending path until the latest update WHICH gave my heart a tug (almost cried) when he broke up with me. After scrolling back to the previous night and letting my MC say "I love you, that's my papa bear" or something along those lines, it gave me the good ending which made me super duper happy that I didn't fail my first ever attempt at the Novel (pretty sure there are alternative endings that I don't know of).

Dyne did a superb job on Harold's arch and I can't wait for the others to be done as well. I hope there are more content for each characters after where MC has to say goodbye to the folks at the "Homeless" shelter and move in with your dates (showing a screenshot of MC saying good bye to the folks at the shelter and a screenshot of MC and date in front of new home or something along those lines).

Keep it up!

Also if the MC didn't exist, I think the couples would be:

Spencer + Darius

Chester + Dozer

Harold + Dianna? or maybe Harold living his own life?

Hello again, hmmmm i'm curious now 

  1. is there any bad ending for every charachter ?? cause i did play from the beginning for every character each updates
  2. Damn man finally our papa bear get better for his life and he can smile again. I  love the ending but i wanna see more what happend with them. i feel its little bit unclear story
  3. I CANT WAIT TO SEE SPENCER FAMILY AND MY BOIII DARIUS hmm i cant forget their smile
  4. wait is it possible to date with maria ?? she is the only one woman in here
  5. i think chester's enemy (sorry i forget his name). is he secretly fall in love with chester?? i hope so cause its feel like love and hate story
  6. Can you make a story about richard and maria? cause i'm curious why they can be together? and how? tell me more about their relationship too
  7. Finally THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO MAKE THIS GAME, i cant wait for the next update once again you make my day for every updates of this game :D OwO KEEP FIGHTING !! DO YOUR BEST !! I'M WAITING FOR YOU 

Well to answer some things For 1. Dyne asked on Patreon or twitter I believe and most people answered that they didn't want bad endings or at least if it is a bad ending let it make sense. I could be wrong but you can think of it as the "bad" ending is not actually bad just not the best outcome. For 4 and 6, Maria can not be romanced as the mc is gay and so is the focus of the Visual novel I think. As for Richard and Maria love story its not the focus of the novel so it may just appear from time to time in characters routes. Dyne also stated that just because a route has finished doesn't mean the character is, he may make little shorts or whatever he may plan. Like he can make a little short where you go on a double date with one of the romanced options and the other couple would be Maria and Richard, but im really unsure. So far the only route done is Harold/Coach Grifter/Papa Bear.

I see, thanks man for your replies as soon as possible. for now i just waiting for the new updates then

So, the route for Harold is over, and as I understand it, the route for Richard will soon be developed, right?

Great game, but apparently my wig fell of lol

Can sb tell me what is the ending on the the best and neutral route of Harold's day 35? I'm kinda confused.

SPOILER ALERT(i try to keep it at minimal):
1. in the Best ending Harold will get his dream job and be happy
2. in neutral he'll feel guilty at you

I'm loving the game (been playing it for the last few months) but the latest update seems to have suddenly given me Harold's worst ending, which is odd, because it was on the road to his best ending previously?


I got this too, Just play it over again dude trust me, It was worth it, Seeing Harold's true ending makes me cry and sad because his routes end and i can't see him anymore:( But the true ending makes ghim happy soo thats good


If you saved somewhere near the end of the previous day before you go to bed. Recall back to the part where MC says "I love you, that's my papa bear" and it should fix itself. Thats what I did

I too was confused at first when I was on the best ending and it turned out bad, gave my heart a hurting when I discovered the bad ending. Harold was my first attempt, I almost balled my eyes out.

yeah, I am kinda glad I saw the bad ending because it gave me all the sad feels, but I'd prefer a happy ending. Good to know about the rollback, I pretty much have a separate save for every couple of days, so I'll give it a try. Thankies!


Richard route please :pensive: 




I gotta say, Harold's route had me on the verge of tears with how many strings in my heart have been pulled. It was amazing, and I'm definitely gonna replay his route soon just to reminisce on when it became my most favorite route. Great job, keep up the great work!


So, Harold's route is going to end open-ended like that? Are we really not going to see more of his route?

Having Harold's route finished, I can't help but wanting an ending CG for each route as it add more impact to the last day. May I ask if it possible for the game to have one? If it isnt to your liking or if it is too much work you can scratch the idea, its just a silly thought of mine

I Just Wanted To Say How Amazing This Game Game Is, The Artwork And Writing Is Phenomenal. I Wanted To Support You And Your Future Works So I Became A Pateron :).  That Being Said I Have A Question, Regarding Richard I've Noticed That Richard Has Been Appearing To Try To Get In With Mc + Other Character. I Was Wondering If That's Just For Fun Or If There's Going To Be Some Poly Parts Out Of Curiosity. Otherwise I Hope Your Team Has Fun And Does Well With Their Projects ^^

Oh, and by the way, is it going to be 6 playable characters? Or maybe you´ll add more? Just curious

I heard Richard was gonna be route after one other route was finished? :o

(1 edit)

As far as I know it should be the next one because Harold's route is finished.

Maybe Im wrong maybe not. ( of course I hope not c: )

Dynewulf words on Harold´s last day made me feel sad and happy at the same time lol

keep up the good work :,^)


Actually got the Harold best ending on my first run, it was worth the wait since May. Absolutely loved it, thanks Dyne.

how did the best ending go? To avoid spoilers you can email me byersjad@gmail.com I just want to know if I got the best ending

(1 edit)

There aren't much difference between the neutral and best beside instead of Harold putting the relationship on hold, him and you stayed together with some repercussion

Sorry to ask, but the one I got is that I can see him but with other around. Is this one the best or neutral I kinda confused.

I really love Harolds route, how do I know if I got the best ending? Also once you get everyone to the 35th day are you considering adding more days? I just don’t want Harolds route to end. I want to see them actually be together and end happy...

Well, some things you need to do for the good ending is telling him you love him twice and make him jealous with Darius, then just choose anything you feel like he would like and done


I'm so Happy :') I hope we get to see more of his story like you said in the future. Not only because Harold is one of my favorite characters in any visual novel but because not gonna lie I kind of want to see the rest of that L&L game XD even after this Visual novel is 100% complete I hope to see more from you in the future.

Don't know if it is a bug but on Chester's route on day 10 (while the rain) the MC reacts to chester having not much clothing on while he's still fully clothed.


Are you going to make Richard´s route now that you finished Harold´s? :^) 

god I hope so, after Harold, Richard is actually my 2nd fav character 

lol, i love Harold too, its just perfect, it kinda makes me sad its finished but in a good way i guess :,^)

playing the new spencer update and clicking the backlog icon gives me this

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