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Chester is my dream boyfriend!! He's such a tease! >///<

Glad to hear that, cause he's my favorite! x3

the game not open


If the game isn't opening, and it's not giving you any kind of error, I'm not sure what the issue could be. If you're using MAC, some people have to use a program called WINE to open and run it.

loving it so far!!! Hope it's free when it's complete! >///<

Thank you!

I plan to have 2 versions, one free one and a deluxe one!

:) :)

what will be the main differences between the free and delux?

Deleted 330 days ago

Ah, thank you! Glad you're enjoying it :D

I can t play the 1.32 version In windowns what I can do to fix it?

I don't know what kind of problem you're having, so I'm not sure. Is it just not opening? Is it opening and giving you an error? If it's giving you an error, what's the error? If it's just not opening in general, make sure all of your computer drivers are up to date.

Hello, i'm highly interested on playing this in android, i have a gpd xd which is an android console, but i wanna know something, once i buy the game, i will need to buy it again when an update comes out?

Well, it's free to download here, so you technically don't have to buy it ;) Donations are appreciated though!

As it stands, any time I put out a new update for it, you do have to download the new file completely though.

I play the windows version but not work like the version before the 1.32

will there be nsfw content for every character? coach grifter has me so thirsty, i love that old bear

There definitely will be, at least for the main cast ;)

the game dont open in this version what I can do to fix it?

I don't know which version you're trying. If it's MAC, some users have to use Wine to run it. Otherwise, I'm not sure why you'd be having an issue.

Deleted 2 years ago

The file only says that. It's just how Renpy builds the files (1.29 was the first build).

Thanks for the suggestions too. It'll be something to look at for the final build!

Another question, how often is the game updated and do I have to re-download the game all over again to get the latest update or it does it automatically?


I update the Patreon version 2 times a month (middle and end), and I update the public version 1 time a month (middle). As Renpy doesn't seem to have an auto-update feature, you do have to redownload it each time I update.

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need this game in French... It's possibly on Day ?

Because i love this game *.*

I have a handful of French fans, but at this moment, I haven't put much thought into a translation.

It won't let me extract the folder because it keeps saying that the archive in an unknown format or damaged. How do I fix?

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Try checking out that link, and see if that helps. I've never seen that before. (be sure to copy the whole link)

The solution worked and it's running now. Thank you so much for your help!

Not gonna lie, I actually made an account to comment on this, but you've actually kinda hit one out of the park with this game. Will the final game be name your price?

Thanks you! :D

The basic version will be free (full story and whatnot), and I'll have a deluxe version with some extra content to it for a small fee (prolly $5).

Oh no, I ask because I want to give you a little extra when I can. This is worth a lot more to me than $5, and I can't help with the Patreon so I want to show a little support if I can. Do you have an expected release date?

Ah! Well, I don't have even a guess for the release just yet. Aside from the art stuff, I work alone, so it takes me a bit of time to get through some of it v__v I'm glad you're enjoying the project though!

Hardly an issue, however long it takes, you've my support.

Hey Dynewulf, how do I throw more money at you after buying e-a? :3

Well, if you'd like to, you can become a patron here >> or just donate directly to my paypal here >>

Thank you ;3

You're welcome~ I'm going to donate from time to time if I can because the novel is fantastic so far.

What have you added in the visual novel for the January Update

You can see what I've added here >> :D

Sorry for bothering but, Do I have to play de game again if I want to see the update?

I don't understand what you're asking.

I'm sorry (inglish is not my first lenguage :p), what i'm trying to ask is: Do I have to download the game again if I want to play the update 1.28? (I have the 1.26)

Ah, yes. It doesn't do any kind of auto updates, so you do have to download the new version for the update.

Ok, Thank you very much.

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This is the best game I've played in a long time! I love Spencer soooo much! His personality is perfect if you ask me: he's caring, nice, social, funny, supportive, romantic, and hella sexy when he wants to be! Not to mention he's my favorite species, his body-type is my favorite, his facial expressions work for so many different situations and moods, and he's so sweet! AND HIS FUR LOOKS SO FLUFFY!!!!! Honestly, I wish this game would never end, although I know it will have to eventually. Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait for the next update!!!! Kudos to you and CursedMarked on this masterpiece! :D

Thanks so much! Certainly always glad to hear things like this, and I'm so happy to see that you're enjoying it! It will have to come to an end eventually, but it's going to take me some time to get there, so enjoy the ride while it lasts!

By the way, are you still doing the "ask the cast" thing? I saw it a few days ago somewhere and I had some questions for Spencer, but I was worried I came upon this game too late 'cause that comments thread was from awhile ago so I didn't know if it was still open for questions. Also, if you are still doing it, where should I put my question? Because it involves things in the plot that might be a spoiler for people who haven't played the game yet (so idk if that's an issue), and I also don't remember where it was I saw the thread tbh.

Yup! Always doing Ask the Cast now :D You can send it VIA tumblr, and depending on the nature of it, I'll just post it or answer it privately.

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I'm Brazilian and I don't know very English there is a little hard to understand that you can translate for us Brazilians you do more for those who like art.

It´s very good game but i have one question will it be uncensored?

Yeah, it will be.

i wanted to suport you but i dont have any money. sorry about that :(

Thank you regardless :D I do appreciate that.

Deleted 6 years ago

There will be. Just haven't gotten to that yet.

Deleted 6 years ago

That's a tough question! I have no definite ending planned at the moment, and I'm not sure how many days I want each route to have.

Deleted 6 years ago

hey, I love the game so far, I just wish that I didn't have to start a new save file whenever a new build comes out. also, if you don't mind, what is new in this update?

You shouldn't have to start a new save for a while. I put in some extra work to help prevent that.

As for update 1.26, it was a Coach Grifter update, I do believe. It was what I put out while working on a Halloween project.

strange, cause im using a save file from the 1.24 update, and it keeps crashing during coach's route when we go to the hardware store. as soon as I leave his back yard, he says 1 line, then the game crashes back to the start

i love the game! just wondering where the gallery is?

The gallery is actually just a perk for my Patrons right now! I think I had it in an earlier public build, but it was just to give an idea of what it was for.

Great Dating Sim! I LOVE it! When is the next update?

Next public update is on the 15th this month! I'll be updating it to version 1.26.

Dude, this is made of epic! I'll become your patron as soon as I humanly can (more like as soon as I possibly can).Keep it up!

I crash on the 11th day for coach when i wait for a text from him at the end of the day. Any fix?

If it's Windows forcing it closed, no, I don't have a fix. It doesn't give me an error report, so I don't know what's causing that one. So far, with the newest Patreon build (1.26), that error seems to be gone though.

just finished the couches Ark and i have to say the game so far is really good, i hope you complete it , Love what you're doing ^_^

Thanks a lot :D

I'm playing this on windows 10? i think xD and on Thursday (day 11) as soon as im about to look for movie times the game crashes :/ just randomly comes up saying a problem caused the program to stop working correctly (im too deep now to not know what happens with coach grifter ;=;) so um....yeah x3 i love this game though :3: it's really fun <3

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I tried to launch it on my MAC but it does not work. Nothing appeared when I clicked on the .app file. But when I tried to launch it on Windows system I got an error message. ;)

Error Message:

File "C:\Users\PC\Desktop\ExtracurricularActivities-1.24-all\renpy\", line 606, in transfn

raise Exception("Couldn't find file '%s'." % name)

Exception: Couldn't find file '._archive.rpi'.

Hmmm, for MAC, I was told on Mac OS x, someone else couldn't get it to run, but used something called Wine to run it as an .exe and got it to work. At least, if you're on OSx...

As for the windows error... That's a new one for me. I'll go ahead and assume you remembered to extract the zip file before trying to play it, right?

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I did extract the zip file... But anyway, I used Wine to run the exe file and problem solved. :P Thx!

I can't seem to access your Patreon page Dyne.

Hmm, could you link me to your Patreon profile page?

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Found your patreon page. wasn't easy to find. I'm planning on creating a future Patreon page for a project I'm working on with friends.

Ahh, okay. Good luck with that! :D

about that error reading your looking into I got the file anyway I can send it through to you?

You can email it to me!

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Hey! I got a error message when continuing on to day 13 of Coach's Route.


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

File "game/Day13_Coach.rpy", line 768, in script

File "game/Day13_Coach.rpy", line 768, in <module>

NameError: name 'date_1_coach' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Is this part not finished or do i need to start over? Sorry if i come off rude, just wondering is all!

There's a couple things that one could have been. If you had an older version and continued a save file, that would cause it (and you'd need to start over). If that's the case, check out the guide I made for coach, and that'll help get through it easier ;3 Otherwise, it was an in the older build that I didn't fix until the following update.

Ok! Thank you very much for your response.

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hey, I keep running into a few issues. during the scene with coach in the shower, sometimes when using the faucet, and checking his clothes hanging up, it will cause the game to have an error. this also happens when you check things in chester's room. this started happening after I went back to a previous save after I went through the scene because I wanted to check things again

Ahh, yeah, when starting an old save and progressing forward, it does cause issues due to variables that weren't in the game when that save was made. The only way around those types of errors is by using a fresh restart.

ahh okay

Deleted 2 years ago

Cards and Money are the only 2 results that actually GET something out of it. Everything else was just for the fun it while I was testing something new x3

Deleted 2 years ago

I downloaded the files but can't seem to run them on my phone or laptop. Does the demo support Android OS?

Currently, I don't have it set up for android. As for running it on your laptop, is it giving you some kind of error?

So far, one thing that's really just jarring to me is the 2d sprites and 3d backgrounds. I'd also really recommend working on that text box and please. This does have some potential, but it's really jarring for the sprites and the background to be two different ways. Also, the lack of music is killing me. Even if it's just "test" tracks, I'd find something you could borrow to portray a mood. Or sfx you could use:

* Cafe sounds - People talking or a light wind
* Library - Clock ticking

It seems good but it has a lot of room to grow.


Backgrounds are part of the future endeavor, but CM is quite the busy artist, so they are going to take time to get there. I seem to get pretty mixed reviews about that. Overall, I do want them to mesh better with the characters though, so I'd prefer them to be drawn instead of 3D renders. Ya know, I've not really thought about the text box in a while. It's something I threw together when I prepping the project, and I've barely thought about it since. It really does need an update too x3

Same with the sound, it's a work in progress. I've experimented with it in recent updates, and the overall verdict I'm coming to is just to add ambiance noises to most scenes, like what you've suggested here.

Thanks! There's still tons of work to be done here ;D

I'm really looking forward to it! Yeah, I was being very overcritical of the game while playing it, but I remember since you're the only one really doing the work outside the art, there's an accomplished amount of progress! I mean I think the one 3D background that was a placeholder so far that impressed me was the cafe one.

The UI as an whole could be cool if revamped a little. I recommend going with a more casual san serif font myself. You definitely got me caught into Spencer's story at the moment though and was surprised when I heard music honestly. I can't wait to see more additions and improvements.


Don't worry about it! Too many people aren't critical enough, I think. I really appreciate the honest feedback (even if I get defensive about it!). A lot of the stuff I whip together in 3D doesn't take much time at all, and I like it more than the grey backgrounds! It's getting there though x3

I'd love to do more with the UI too. I've changed the fonts so many times now, it's driving me mad. I had to decide on one that is shared between MAC and PC users for the time being, since I was having a lot of people with MACs who didn't have the font I used on PC.

If THAT surprised you, you should have seen my BFs reaction to the car door noise I has used when I first started up. There was no music, and just that lone sound that randomly spiked in.


I love this dog :3

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