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Dyne, I hope you have a great birthday! Loving the game so far, been devouring it all week. Excited to see how these routes finish, and hopeful that maybe they continue past the calendar!

Dyne , Chesters Route needs more music its so quite most of the time.

More music will be added to his earlier days when I rework them.


In the 1.77 development log you spelled "addition" Wrong.

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Hey my question for u is do you plan on extending the days past 30 bc ive been noticing hints to doing future things near the end on the calender such as LnL at harolds , or Double dating with chester and dozer with Spencer? Also I think it takes too long to get with Darius its near the end, and I practically gave up, and he's still not with me! Anyway thats all you dont have to answer the Darius thing I just wanted to know if u plan on an extention of days or months, because I see alot of forshadowing?



Thank you


Progression stopper on day 11 for Chester.  Typing into the box does nothing.  Typing no does not allow the story to continue on android:/

Try downloading a keyboard app in the play store. I just played that part and couldnt play it further until I downloaded one. Try GO keyboard

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Yes! I'm encountering the same issue, and I came here to comment it. It also happens to me during the LnL night in Harold's route, when you have to pick a name for your character. It suuuucks :/


Dyne, can we get that big, toothy grin/smile that Chester and Dozer have for Spencer/Darius/Grifter?

I would like this also!


Will there be a Richard Route soon??

Once he is done with one of the routes he'll start another if I remember correctly


Dyne i want to hug you for a couple of reasons

1. I love your Art & VN's they are really relatable but also gives you that twist feeling when something goes awfully right

2. You are an amazing person even though we haven't met i can just tell because your work gives off a vibe of who you are in a way. I guess the characters take a little bit of your characteristics.

3. This may sound weird but I'm just the type of person that loves giving hugs to make people have a good day ^w^  keep up you're amazing project and ill keep cheering you on in the background.

                    Stay floofy,


When I tried playing it on android, I couldn't continue on from the create save screen, It wouldn't let me enter. 


Character customization is looking great so far! Any shot we could get to choose how thin our character is tho?

Has anyone had that problem?

It's Harold route, day 28, when I chose hot shower.

I haven't tried to solve it choosing something else yet.

U gotta ignore it

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I've been playing on Android for a while and planning to play on Windows soon. my question here is, if there's new update, after downloading the new file, what do i do so i can just continue from where i left off instead of replay from day 1?

Thanks in advance 

it will update itself, just keep the previous file when downloading

so,  after downloading the new file and extract them (assuming they're in zip file), do i copy the new file over the old file, or just play from the new file? Need some info on this part

U gotta start over again once u go on windows but once u do u can just start playing on the new save when u downloaded it. No need to extract or copy onto other files

Will there be any possibilities for threesomes between the pc and the guys. Like pc, darius and richard for example. thank you. love the game, just finished all routes. 

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Any one else having a problem on day 11 of Darius route? I have an image of Darius stuck on my screen and he won't go away when I advance to the next scene.  

Is Spencer supposed to look like that, I thought the artwork was changed?


Will there be Richard romance route?


Please? I want it too...

I also find the librarian guy very interesting too!


Richard's route would be available once one of the current route ends, so whose ever route Dybewulf feels like  he can already end after tying loose ebd, he'll end them and Richard's route will begin once the other character has gotten theur updates 


Can we all just agree that Maria is an amazing person? I'm so glad she's included in every route, because without her, the game wouldn't be the same T^T


YES! I'm glad someone else thinks about her, she's so sweet and motherly, and yet sometimes naughty and playful. Makes me want a Maria route, even though i know it's not possible on a gay dating game...

this is very educational because i am learning tennis techniques that i can use at school thank u

it sya that it was updated one day ago, but who was updated

I didn't update any game files.  I only updated some text on the home page.

oh, okie


I don't even know how many times I played Harold's route... I don't really like furry but this VN was recommended so many times I just had to give a shot and fell in love right away with your story telling... it made me look past the visual aspect and just get emerged in the story  you're doing an amazing job Dyne. <3


Why are there so many comments pushing for the game to literally be scrapped and completely rewritten? editing the story so "everyone is happy" will force the rest of the stories to be changed too. if dyne dose make a Richard route, i really think that it will be hard enough for him to make that, never mind him trying to intertwine everyone else into it. lets all calm TF down and let him work out this richer idea first, THEN let him take ideas IF and only if he chooses to.remember that if your playing the demo and are unable to pay him anything, he owes yall nothing. and even if you donate what you can, coding isnt easy, nor is writing scores of text. if we really support him we really need to empathize with him, not demand he do more... js :/

Hi there!

I just wanted to say this visual novel is really amazing! I've already completed Spencer route and I'm looking forward to meet him more in the future. VN is exactly the best I've ever played. Text is a masterpiece cause of many emotions in it. I felt like thousands them at once! It was amazing experience! I really want to support You and Your amazing work but i can't because of my own problems/reasons. I hope in the future i will be able to :/ 

I'm waiting for more updates and thank you very much DyneWulf for these emotions <3


I wonder, did you decide on set amount of days for each route? Just asking, since I NEED that Richard route, for ... science... reasons... Yeah, let's leave it at that. :D

lol, is that what they call masturbation 


CAN you Make Hybrid from fortnite please?


What does that even mean?


It's the newest playable character. It's a lizard man thing. Some pics of the Hybrid


so, basically that's a fat no on everyone else's part?

wtf dude


The VN is still in development but it's already a masterpiece!! It's so well written, the story made me cry a few times as well as made me laugh. That's really unusual since VNs rarely affect me besides giving me a boner.  I've just finished playing the Harold route on the demo and I loved it so much. I wish I could support via patreon so I could follow the game's development, but they only accept credit card. That won't stop me from donating via PayPal tho. I'm looking forward to playing the final version.


Well thank you so much!  Really, any support is perfectly wonderful, so thank you!  I'm happy to know you've enjoyed everything so much :)


I was thinking that the Harold route should be cannon, and DyneWolf should makeit so on that route the MC is with Harold, Darius is with Spencer, Chester is with Dozer, and Richard is with Maria. Everyone's happy, right? That would take a bit of changing, but I think it would really cool!


No, because Dyne has already made the route for Harold. And also, think about it this way. You only interact with Harold either during his route, or during anytime involving tennis. Spencer, on the other hand, Spencer is in every route more than he should be. and during each route the hint is dropped that Spencer is gay and likes you. If we were to go off how involved the character is with the MC, to me, it is clear that Spencer is the cannon story and Harold is the default story.


Also, if you play each story the way they are, then it becomes clear that the story lines don't overlap, so that would only be a separate storyline. and let's not forget that the only male characters that are not gay are Richard and Harold, so if there is a route with Harold where Maria ends up with Richard, then, to me, it would make sense that there is a route with Richard where Maria ends up with Harold.


lol the next public comes out on the 23rd I think. If that's right, it will come out right on my birthday



My update schedule is posted on the main page...  It's been the same for quite a long time now.

wait, hold up, what do you mean by "lol" are you telling someone this or what? who asked when the updates come out for the public/patreon?

is it just me or does wet Darius with the beard look like Jesus Christ? Like fr. 

Uh so im sure you get asked this alot but is there a chance i can get this on my iphone?

Due to the hoops Apple makes you jump through to build and get it on iOS, I can't do that atm.

Shame I LOVE streaming it to my iPad. 


@dynewulf I HAVE AN IDEA!!! What if, with Richard's route not even started, what if during Richard's route you are able to bring Spencer and Darius together, since in Spencer's route you are able to squash the beef between them, then why not them have a second chance, after all, the saying is "three strikes you're out" not two


Plus, since Eric doesn't want his friends to find out he is homeless, it will be a distraction (at first,) and Eric will be able to hang out with both friends without any negativity, because (and i'm sure I am not the only one that feels this way, but) I seriously think that Spencer and Darius need to give it a second try, ESPECIALLY since they would have worked things out and are already weary into of Isaac's ways (of course, some of Darius' route would be intermingled in Richard's route, and I am not sure if that is more or less work on you since you already have that part of Darius' route programmed, or if it would be a completely different thing entirely.) Of course, they are gonna find out at some point, and then... whoa, sorry I just went in a trance there. But I really think that there should be a route where Darius and Spencer squash the beef between them and give their relationship a second chance, and I'm sure I am not the only one. And with Richard's route in the works(?), it would be the perfect chance!

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I was thinking that the Harold route should be cannon, and DyneWolf should makeit so on that route the MC is with Harold, Darius is with Spencer, Chester is with Dozer, and Richard is with Maria. Everyone's happy, right? That would take a bit of changing, but I think it would be really cool!

what i commented doesn't have anything to do with Harold's route, and you can already be with Harold. I don't understand the point of this comment, can you please explain it more so that I can understand it?


You said about getting Darius and Spence back together, and it gave me the idea of having a route in which everyone gets to be happy and in a couple.

Then that could be in Richard's route, considering that both Harold and Richard are not gay, but bi, so Maria could end up with Harold while the MC ends up with Richard

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i agree with you sounds good like on Darius when your doing his route he can kiss spencer and you but spencer is passionate towards you and darius


I strongly agree


DyneWulf I love your game so much your so good at what you do just can't wait till its updated fully 😱😱😱😱

I love the game so much.... BUTTTTTT poor Spencer I cried on Darius's Route because i thought there would be a threesome but i wanna tell Spencer what we did with Darius its just so sad that part. But love the good work it's really amazing. Glad I came across your game 

OMG, that would be awesome if there was a threesome that was possible.

I KNOW RIGHT!!! I been thinking about it like it's the perfect threesome


I'm honestly astounded at how well written this VN is. I've never read/played one that has such deep characters. It's refreshing to see the relationships develop and not have them jump straight into sex.  I can actually relate to some of the things the characters are goung through, like Harold. Personally I think that's what makes this VN so incredible, the fact that it has actaul, deep characters that aren't all sexually driven (not counting Darius). It makes you want to empathize with what they're going through.

Thanks so much!  I definitely didn't want to go down the sex right away routes with them.  I wanted to take it slowly!  Glad you enjoy how I've written it too =3

You have no clue how I excited I am for the next update. If I was finacailly stable in any form I would gladly support this project on Patreon because it's that good. It's very rare for me to enjoy a VN as much as I have with this one, the writing is so good (if a bit formal) and I honestly can't wait for the next installment.


This is how I see the team right now,

Spencer is good boi

Dozer is HUGE BOI

Chester is weeb boi

Darius is sexy boi

Harold is BEST BOI

fight me


Spencer is annoying boi

Dozer is cute boi

Chester is dork boi

Darius is hot boi

Harold is your teacher, you weirdo. Jk, Harold is sensitive boi

i hear what you are saying yet i think something is wrong with what you put for spencer he is not annoying he is amazing but im not saying that you need to change anything im just saying that you may need to rethink about what you say when you judge someone elses work that they worked so long on and love what they created so just think about what you say before you come for my favorite characters bye have a nice day.

lol sorry, I wrote this as a joke, nothing personal.

me too im sorry bro


Harold is shy boi

Dozer is HUGE BOI

Chester is weeb boi

Dariusw is sleezy boi

Spencer is BEST BOI

Richard in Handy(man) boi

fight ME

Hello Dyunwolf Love the game  btw i just wanted to see if i downloaded the game here would the game update so i can see the updates

The game does not automatically update, you will have to redownload the files each time. However, your save files will carry over, so you can pick up where you left off. Dyne provides an update log of each public release here, that explains what has been changed or added.

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Hello, DyneWulf!

I have to admit, this game is absolutely amazing in all aspects! The art style is quite nice, the Soundtrack is quite charming, the characters are relatable, expressive and actually develop their personality over the course of the game; and, most importantly, the plot is really amazing. 

It's quite, quite easy to spend around 6hrs~ in any of the characters routes (without rushing) just reading how the plot will develop; I can't really state how much I love the attention to detail this game has (given that a single choice can completely modify how a scene plays out, either immediately or later, enhancing replayability and making your choices feel significant.)

Well... I think I've run out of words to describe how I feel about this lol. It has brightened my days a lot, and; even in its incomplete state, the game is absolutely marvelous. 

I hope I could get 10$ (or more) to donate once the game gets released ;-;, Dollars on Venezuela are pretty much a luxury, and it makes me feel bad not giving a lil' bit of financial support for the game.

P.S.: Oh gods, Maria is absolutely the best gurl. Seriously! 

P.S.2.: Everybody is really, really unfairly handsome. Except Isaac, perhaps. XD

I love Darius's route, It makes me feel enthusiastic and I don't really know why I like him, It's so weird.

Hi DyneWulf it appears that I'm having an issue where EA will start downloading then after awhile it just stops and says download failed. Do you by chance have any solution to this problem?

I have similar issues sometimes. The only 'solutions' i know of so far are to delete related files and retry. If that doesn't work then try to download and launch the game on another device/platform. If that doesn't work then I'd wait until the next release to play.

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hey I really love the game but I had some questions about the game and other things to (most questions already answers by the FAQ) but I was wondering if there is any other ("platform"/like PayPal) I can use to become a patron like ideal? , sorry if I'm being difficult 😅 but really enjoy the vn and would love to see more of it 

So I was wondering, will there will ever be a chance for some more risqué type stuff with the main characters? I know it’s not for everyone but I think it would add a whole lot of spice if you implemented situations where some “freaky” stuff happens if you choose the right  options.(e.g. a three way with Darius and Spencer, or catching Richard having “alone time”) I know you have a-lot on your plate but I just wanted to get this idea out of my head and into your screen.

PS: The work you’ve done so far is fantastic I’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing. <3

PPS: I’m not really sure what makes something “freaky shit” but I think you get the idea.

hey Dyewulff! A quick question, after reading through a few of the comments,  do you think you might make an sfw version, or the ability to not show explicit stuff? The game is amazing and very well written and I know the younger (teenage most likely) audience would definitly enjoy it as well. 

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