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this is kind of, a little review thing from what ive seen of this vn over the years!

extracurricular activities is a very great vn. alot of writing styles dont feel smooth to me. but, the writing style and wording of exca makes alot of sense to me. the most disrupting thing when  reading a vn, is if i struggle to understand what they say. with other vns i dont know how many times i have googled different words because they are so out there and unused i have never seen them before. but with exca, everything is easy to understand and follow.

the pacing of the vn is also great! it is a good mix of detail. story. action. i struggle alot with getting bored mid vn and skip ahead. but with exca, i dont do that. i read every line and it keeps my attention! the cute little details about the characters that give them life.  this vn has a great pace to keep the attention of the reader without losing the attention or being too straight to the point. 

 ( this little bit has some very small spoilers. nothing much but this is a big part of the review i couldnt leave some  of this stuff out.  )

the characters that dyne has created, feel like they are alive in a way. each character has their own particular details. desires. dreams. ambitions. feelings. and inner struggles. while other vns struggle to grasp that realness to a character, dyne gives that realness to them. like harolds writing. chesters game design. dozers plants. spencers want to become a professional tennis player. dwaynes painting.richards want to provide for his daughters. and darius with his acting career and piano.  they have their own struggles and lives that draw you closer to them and  give you a personal bond to each one of them. 

 the endings are all AMAZING for the main starting cast. as of right now, we currently have richard and dwayne whos routes just  got started a little while ago. dwayne more decently.  honestly, i love dwayne alot. at first i didnt like him. but his sheer puppy love and admiration for eric quickly won me over as he grew on me. the fact eric seems more dominant in this route intrigued me,  the fact that no one really went after eric first. and it was only really eric approaching them. seeing eric being courted and shown such puppy love is amazing. dwayne is a little air headed but its honestly adorable. i can be airheaded myself so its relatable! its also interesting with eric taking initiative with dwayne sexually, seeing as eric isint really seen as a dom type.  we see some of this in spencers route and maybe harolds once in a while, but honestly we dont see much of truely dom eric! so the thought of eric showing his more dominant side is new! and dwaynes reaction to him? absolutely LOVE it! and seeing dwayne as the bdsm type( at least i think seeing what may have been in that box, ) shows that ALL sorts of characters are in this vn! you have slow burn like darius but quick to sex. a lovestricken romantic like dwayne. harold who needs love and comfort to help fight his mental and emotional demons. all of them have their own pace and mix. this visual novel has bits of everything for their characters. richard is also a great character! given his route has just started and we dont have too much to go off of, he is really caring about his daughters and seems to want to help take care of eric and do things for him and help generally.   richard is very playful and fun! hes not my favourite ( harold is tho ) but he is a great character and i look forward to seeing more of him! 

not to mention the sex scenes are so beautifully spread out through the routes. 

 there are SO many great things about this vn that i cant put all into 1 comment. 
now this little bit is just something i feel personally doesint give that closure and relief we wanted. now, that does not mean that i am owed a good reaction. of course if dyne likes the way things are set up that is perfectly fine! everyone has a right to be happy with their work or how things go. no one is entitled to have someone else change their work because they arent satisfied with something. this is just one thing im sure has already been brought to attention. i have alot of faith in dyne as a creator. 


while vernon being expelled and banned from campus WAS a punishment, it doesint sit right. given the fact that vernon has proven time and time again that he is willing to harm people further and worse with every punishment he got. the frat being disbanded got him to the courts and throwing the rock through erics window after stalking him to find his house, which was a homeless shelter.  then once he got actually expelled, who knows what he will do to them now. possibly even going after andrew and injuring him somehow as he did to eric and chester. feeling as if there is no plan beyond just what was displayed in the route. maybe if andrew mentioned a court date or something at the end, and in the epilogue we get to see vernon excorted out by cops or something in an orange jumpsuit, would be perfect. taking the weight off the reader and the victims. while this bit may have been planned to be saved for the epilogue, without context for that being a possibility it feels like chester didnt get his due as a character.  i hope that in the epilogue, vernon gets more then what he deserves. im hoping that is why things ended the way they did to give that big finish for the epilogue. 

 ( spoilers over )

other then the slightly underwhelming ending for chester, everything about this visual novel is perfect to me. some may feel others are better and thats fine! but from my personal  experience, this is the most fitting one for me. i dont struggle to understand or read it. the writing size. style. character personalitys. all fit so wonderfully.  ive been a devoted reader for years. seeing this vn grow and expand and become as popular as it is now, makes me very happy. dyne is a very nice person from what little ive spoken to them.  if you are looking for a visual novel to read, this is the one i recommend.  i basically follow it religiously lol. give this vn a shot!

I know that the route guides are patreon exclusive, but Dwayne has only 3 days of content and I have no idea how to get on his route. Like, I don't wanna know how to get the endings, I just want to know how to get on his route since he, unlike the others has an unclear path.

Is it possible for me (not a patreon supporter) to know how to get on his route? 


Just hang out with Coach on Day 2.  It'll lead to Dwayne.

how can i see the images ?

I think you can see it if you pay for the Patreon version


By playing the routes?  If you mean the image gallery, that's Patreon only for $10+ Patrons.


There's just something about the love Spencer and Eric have that made my heart swell. When I first saw him, I knew that was the first route I wanted to go through and now that I finished it, I couldn't help but tear up. I wish it could just go on forever and I can keep reading and it makes it so hard to go through the other stories without seeing him and thinking about his love with Eric while trying to romance Darius. So much love for this and thank you so much for making such a beautiful novel. I hope to see so much more!

Aww, well thank you so very much!  I'm glad you enjoyed it so much =3


I've been playing this game for a few years now, and after finishing a few routes (a few times heh) I just wanted to say how amazing this game really is, from the art to the story. Thank you for making this masterpiece, I look forward to each update and can't wait to play the full game! Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you for sticking around for so long!  I'm happy to know that you've liked it!


So, I've been thinking about the color of Dwayne's name.

He will have a color, right? He must have a color, heh

The first time I saw him, I thought about... green, cool shade of green, but then I remembered that we already have two green names. Then I thought about turquoise.

BUT! The last update got me thinking about... light yellow.

Like... banana? I guess heh

I think this color would suit him, it is light, optimistic, energetic and lively, positive and radiant.

Well, plus two points in favor of this color, it's directly Dwayne's underwear color and the fact that he likes bananas.

I suppose something of the shades of blue would probably not suit him? I'm not sure, it's all just my thoughts out loud, heh

But it would be interesting to hear someone else's opinion.


And what about the main character's name? Will he get a color, or is it better not to do it for the sake of neutrality? After all, in fact, everyone sees it in their own way, and color can interfere with this a little. On the other hand, letting him choose a color at the beginning sounds nice, but wouldn't that be too problematic in terms of reworking everything?

Hmm... maybe light blue?

But this, again, is all just thinking out loud!


Hah, he did get his color during his last update!  (I did go with a light yellow, kinda... banana cream color).

I never really considered giving the MC a color though!  I wonder if I could give the player a choice there... kind personalize it a little more for them x3  It's something for me to think about!

Well, maybe you could go with a favorite color question, like how that's a question in Harold's route?

Really? That's wonderful! We still don't know everything about Dwayne, but I think this color really suits him. And, not only because of the banana part, obviously, but it's just a nice bonus, in my opinion.

As for the name of the protagonist, well, it's still just a thought. That would be quite nice, yes, but if it's too much of a hassle while working on a novel, no one will be too upset if this option isn't there, heh... I hope.

I still think white fits anyway

All colors are in one, and everyone sees something of their own in the main character, while he himself remains, well, himself anyway.


So, to begin with, I would like to express my deep gratitude for creating such an incredible novel, which has become one of my favorites, it was with me in difficult times and in everyday life, and will forever remain in my heart, because I fell in love

I fell in love with the story, the music, the style of drawing, and most importantly, the characters, their lively characters and incredibly cute faces!

I could spend hours describing why each of them is so great and how I like them, and every time, in every route, it is a pleasure to see them.

I'm just so happy, I can't even describe it all, I'm overwhelmed with feelings!

I'm not the only one who starts clapping when the theme from the main menu plays, right? heh

So, yes, huge, just incredible size and power thanks!


O! These little pictures between each day deserve special mention. They are. Just. Damn. CUTE!


I'm having the same issue as Nanjeunkim, I'm playing the android version but it does not pass from the renpy loading screen

I had that same issue I closed it and opened it back up but it also started to heat my phone up bad 


So much to love! I've been playing through the game for a couple days now and have played through Spencer and Richard. Two very well designed characters, compelling storytelling, great art, there's a lot to love and many details to appreciate. A top-tier visual novel in this category. Thank you, DyneWulf! This is a fantastic project and I can't wait for more. 


Hi DyneWulf.

I love the game. My favorites are my lion and dog boys. That being said, I know you said there would be 7 routes, but would you ever consider doing a poly route for Darius, Spencer amd Eric? Maybe if you got the best endings for both Darius and Spencer? Idk. If not still love the game and am looking forward for more!

Hey DyneWulf can you tell how how many different ending routes does those 5 characters have? im done with coach  grifter and darius route and im not satisfied with their endings i took

Im on day 10 of spencer route and I dont see richard, where is he?

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He is with me cudlle  in the park...i m the lost brother of Azaghal 😂

do you know how many different ending spencer have?

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i don t know...i find just one...but Spencer is amazing he can suck himself 😂

with Harold 2 and with darius same 2

what's the other ending ending of darius? the one i took is after they cuddle they say they love each other

hahaahahahah he's acrobat?

i can t tell anymore...reed this fantastic VN

in spencer route, how many different endings does he have?

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Hii Can yall Help me i just download the game but open it and I wait about 2 hours the Main Menu Screen Didnt pop out and I restart the Game its still Like That btw Im using old android Phone

2 hours?maybe your phone is full the working memory,you must erase some furry porn you have ... 🤣

my phone have 16 GB Space But its still 11 GB 

erase it and try to reinstall the game...


i already did that its still not working

Hey I just wanted to say I’ve been playing for a while now and I think Chester is my favorite character, he is so lovable and just…well amazing. I just wanted to know what do you plan on doing after you finish this game? You going to make a game like this but instead of tennis maybe like rugby. Whatever it is I can’t wait

How many routes the final version of the game will have?

Seven routes~


Just got to the shower scene in Richard's route day 9 and it's now frozen on the artwork (the one before MC goes to a job interview) does anyone know how to fix this?

(1 edit)

Turn on his hotspot indicators in the options screen.  I had to update that stuff in following updates.

Is that a feature that you are adding to all routes where you, for a lack of a better term, poke around your man of choice for "fun"? Or is it staying with Richard only?

It was a test in this route to see how people responded to it.  It's been well-received so far, so I plan on using it everywhere eventually.

I feel so stupid. Thank you so much.

Russian translation possible?

nice to meet you PATRON NAME and PATRON NAME, also when I first saw it I though it was pronounced Pat-Ron for some reason

Just curious, where did you get all the piano pieces for Darius's route, would love to listen to them more

I think the only one that wasn't custom composed now is this one from Incompetech.  (And I don't remember if I still use that one anymore, haha).  The others were composed for me by various artists.

Woah that's cool! did you post the tracks anywhere or just in game? (Fantastic work btw)

Only one of them is posted atm >>



¡Hola a todos!

Acabo de finalizar las 5 rutas principales del juego, y me han encantado. Mi favorita es la de Spencer sin lugar a dudas. Mención especial también a la de Darius, me encanta el desarrollo del personaje según se avanza su historia.

¡Muchísimas felicidades DyneWulf y a todo tu equipo por este gran trabajo!

Quería aprovechar para preguntar algo. En la ruta de Spencer, día 35, en "esa" escena tan especial en el parque, mi personaje aparece con piel verde. ¿Le ocurre a alguien más? He probado varias versiones del juego y me pasa igual. Paso link de la imagen (no la pongo directamente por si alguno quiere evitarse spoilers).



Well, thank you so much, first of all!

Green MC... has happened before, and it's usually an error with my code.  I thought I had fixed that, but it looks like there's still an issue I'll need to go look at.

Is coach route already done? like after they had fun , is that all?

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Yes, his route is finished.

All routes end at day 35.

the ending is so sad, i wanna see them till the end of semester


Coach's route has 3 different endings

how to go to those different route please tell me

are all characters has 3 different endings


Dwayne is hot and Interesting. He seems totally a bottom. 

How can i play richards route?

give him help and youll know

I got my money on Conrad and maria being just friends and hes into dudes gunning for Richard. or maybe that's just a wet dream I had?

hm idk bout that but maybe ;) (i kinda wanna see that)


you have a wet dream... what if Azaghal or Tai with a big package give to you to sing their microphone?i bet you will be sing like Mariah Carey 🤣


i know this is kinda wrong to ask but...  Can we somehow have a Vernon's route in the future? Like help him from being bad to good? Idk.


No.  He is not redeemable.

mans looking for copyright infringement 

Which route does the hotspot indicator work for?


I would like to complain that "cherries" isn't an option for my favorite fruit, even though the fruit itself is my favorite.

It is.  I just broke the code on that update x3  It'll be fixed in the next update.

ok, ty!


it was an absolute joy playing going thru what you have for dwayne. he is one the most loveable characters(in my opinion.(( i like the others dont gun me down my fellow simps))
but i love the new character you added i cant wait for more. :)

Thank you!  Dwayne's been a lot of fun so far, and I'm glad to see the reception of him being so positive so far~

(2 edits)

your welcome, i also like that your put in another character then just leaving it with the 6 boys
so i dont have to worry about my favorite vn end so soon. So thank you.

i agree... :)


Glad you finished up Darius' route. It was torture waiting for his final day since I enjoyed it so much more than I initially thought I would. Didn't expect how the last day would go but I very much enjoyed it and wasn't truly surprised. It was just sooo... Darius.

Hah, I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed it!  I felt it was quite 'Darius' as well ;3

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Been a long time, since I have played the game, who is Dwayne? Also, hope to see a Officer Charlie route.

Dwayne is the final route I'm introducing.  You can start his route by hanging out with Coach on Day 2.

While Officer Charlie -is- an actual character of mine, he's just a side character and won't have a route.  I would like to show him off more htough x3

Shame, I wish there was some art of him in his stripper outfit at the club, I wanna see him nude.


will be route for Tai the panther?

(2 edits) (+1)

hm i dont think there will be one, since i dont think that's his character. like maria

From my FAQ.

On Richard's Day 9, all I could click on in the shower scene was his ass, is that intentional or are there other parts of his body I can click on? If so, nothing else seemed to do anything.

Try turning on the hotspot indicators in the options menu.  I had to fix the hotspots in the following update for something I didn't account for.  

Oh! I didn't know that was an option. I'll try that, thanks

By any chance, can you choose your position in this game?

(I'm referring to top/bottom position)


From all the routes I have played, it seems your guy is more versatile. So, you can't really choose it but I've not been disappointed either. You should give it a try regardless, especially for the writing. It's very good.

The game doesn't want to work in my Android

I can't open the download file on my android

(1 edit) (+1)

i have a question! so, on the day when mc has his first sex scene with harold in his route, is there a reason why the section after harold finishes where mc gets off was removed? i was just curious!

p.s at first i didnt like dwayne much. but his new day has me hooked on him! hes so sweet and adorable and its so adorable watching him be all flustered and totally head over heals for mc!

I use Android but it's hard to use without enter keyword

The "Enter" you're looking for is the "Return" button in game

I did many times but still not working 

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