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they could put an option to download the previous versions

me gustaría que hicieran un playlist de las canciones que usan en el juego

It would be good if they made a playlist of the songs they use in the game

there is in the credits, all of the songs should be there

Everytime I try to play it the game says "Could not execute"

Check the FAQ.  Answer should be there.

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Quando sera a proxima atualizasão, quero marcar no calendario para n perder.

se alguem puder me dizer tbm, qual sera o proximo siclo

Actualizar la demostración pública el día 16 de cada mes.


no hay problema

Good work as always! Is Darius's route fixed?


thank you good sir!

1.Darius tiene ya escena?

Se podria decir que si ^^

I can't believe that I have to wait until tomorrow to get the update since we don't have internet at our house

soo ummm is there a richard rout?

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right now there is only coach, Chester, Spencer, dozer, and Darius, but if you read above, he plans to make more 

Maybe even richard

P.S. Spencer is my favorite

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Oh boy, I can't wait for the Dozer update! You are doing such an amazing job with this game Dyne, keep up the good work <3


Is there a way we can download the game with the original art? And if not than does anybody have the original game before the new art? I just like the old art better and it has way more expressions and clothing variants.  Plus the transition from the art styles is weird and clunky and everything shifts right.  I'd just like to play the game how it originally was.



oh ok... and sorry I didn’t mean to seem like I don’t like the game or appreciate what you have done for it! I just like the original more than the new.


Nah dude fuck you for having an opinion that goes against what the majority believe! How dare you be verbal that you like something more than another thing! No one likes your kind! Also yea I have a copy of the original art before Dyne switched artists. 

Whether they like the old art or not, it just won't be in the visual novel anymore.  Since it clearly isn't obvious, anything beyond a certain point in each route wouldn't even have the old art, regardless of what anyone else wants.  I don't have a problem with people wanting the old art, but it's unreasonable to expect it to be there since I'm no longer working with CursedMarked, meaning no new art is being produced by him. 

There's no need to apologize.  There's a handful of people that like the old art, but I've elaborated on this issue many times (it's even in my FAQ).  The visual novel is incomplete with CM's work.  With different sets of code and there being no new art produced by CM, you'd have an incomplete VN.

I know that with the current art with CM you wouldn’t have a complete VN but I’m ok with that, it’s just nice to see the old art in what it was this far. I don’t necessarily want you to work with CM any more, you’re done with that and I respect your decision. Even if it’s incomplete I would just like to play it through again... sorry

i can't wait for the next update on this  game of yours i'm excited to see what happens to everyone character story

can anyone help? i don't know how to fix the screen :<

The screen is supposed to be like that I believe. Dyne is transitioning artist and I don't think the new library has been added yet.

Oh, tks . but not it happend to the library but spencer scence too ,soo I'm quite concern 

Most of the screens that has yet to be updated will appear like that due to the new screen ratio.

OK tks for the info

No problem

What's the piano piece playing at Coach's route on day 16?

It should be stated in the Credits section. scroll to the very bottom, all music pieces and audio effects should listed.

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Cant pinpoint exactly from there, that part, thought it was ''Mesmerazing'' but it isnt the same

My best guess would be "You saved me" by Raphael Thorne. Given the context of the situation on that day, however It is not available on his soundcloud.

Sad bear noises

I couldn't find the original song either but I really wanted to learn it on the piano, so I went ahead and transcribed it. (In game it loops back to the beginning instead of playing those last 4 measures)

At the time didn't have any idea what the name is so I went with this as a reference to Grifter :B
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On day 27 of Coaches route with redish brown hair and 2nd skin tone you can see the pubic hairs through your clothing.

edit:after leaving the car the hairs are gone.

will you ever make it a possibility for the game to be downloadable on iPhone?

im not sure if iphone supports app downloads from anything except from the app store, so i dont think it is a possibility.

He mentioned it before but as of right now he doesn't see an ios release being a thing, cause of the maturity rating of the game.

To update our game version do we have to click the hyperlink from the most recent update and redownload it from there?

Yes, However your saves will be there still. So each update you need to delete the old update and download the newest one.

Hey Dynewulf. I've been playing this game for the past few weeks after seeing it on youtube. I have to say, i actually love this game and it's a great game, esp with  Coach and Spencer's route. Just asking, would there be somewhat overlapping stories, for example in Spencer's route, MC and Spencer helped Coach Harold with his depression? Or maybe have Spencer/Coach worries on sick MC like in Dozer's route when MC was sick? Just a suggestion. 

[Possible Spoilers]

Coach's depression goes into relapse because of the MC's presence and attention towards coach. The MC gets sick after being caught in the rain in Dozer's route. However, that's a great idea and I think it's seen that the Chester/Dozer relationship happens outside their respective routes. So it is seen some stories are crossing.

Would love to see some of the stories crossing over, so perhaps one who hasnt played the game would have some idea on the other character's route

Hey dyne, quick question, is there a way that we could possibly delete our old saves?


oi, você pode bater apagar enquanto o mouse está em cima da velha salvar

thank you

I was playing the Mac version and I was when I was gonna starts where I let off with Spencer’s route but it wa scaring weird giving me a buncha Errors and not letting do the choices do I have to start Spencer’s route from the beginning in order for day 25 to work?

Whenever you update, its better to start a new game. Changes can make player sprites reset, player names changing to "player_name". This mainly happens when he reworks days. If you saved on a day with CM's art on it. More or likely this happened.

is there any update for Harold in the future 

If you wanna know who gets updated next you can check out the Patreon. We get the Even updates, our next update is 1.60 which is a Dozer update. Each character however do get an update in a cycle.

is there a chance we`ll get a threesome in spenser`s route ... just asking C:

tbh I see it happening in darious's route with spencer and darious

where is the image gallery?

to get the image gallery, you have to be a 10 dollar patreon

aw boo but that makes seance thank you for telling me.

I finished Harold's 26th but I do not have 27th, I do not know why, can anyone help me?

You probably have an incomplete download.  Delete what you have and download it again.

I downloaded 1.59, that's fine. Thanks for the help, I love the game, continue to work it with the same spirit :)

Hey Dyne, have you ever thought of making a Discord Server?


Seems to be a problem with your PC, or this is something you did. The graphic is poking out the window.

the clothes menu is not showing up on my computer

Because it's not part of the public build.  It was only done as an example.

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I have one problem to tell you, the new menu you made when you play the game and it’s on the top right, move it to the top left because it blocks the day (ex: day 33) 


Because I haven't completely gone back to rework every day.

I see

I can Kinda Relate to the Spencer Line. I had some feeling for my friend but never knew if he was gay or not.

So on the forum/ update log it states that there is a gallery??  My version doesn't have that, it's up to date and everything. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall?

if you are the 10$ on patreon then you do the update that says with gallery

1.54 was the only public update with a gallery. Dyne wanted to share it to show us how things will be working out in the future with everything.  You have to be a $10 Patreon to receive the new updates with a Gallery.

hello. i wanted to ask if its normal that the game keeps crashing at day 4? it always says that scripts are missing when darius comes at day 4 and idk what to do

dyne said something about checking dev log

if you have the Newest Version, It shouldn't be happening. It was due to a script error involving Darius.

Just grab the new versio

oh thank you. i didnt notice that i had 1.58


I downloaded the game for my phone but I lost my saves after I uninstalled to get the gallery one. Is that normal?

Yea had that happen to me a lot. To be honest it's better to start a new game after an update. Some saves from past updates may not work.

hmm ok thanks

Darius is one confusing cat. I don't know what to make of him. I honestly wonder what would happen if he had feelings for me.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔😄😄


to be honest I wonder if he may down the line

I kinda hope s

Question: I am a $10 patron but I don't have access to the download with gallery. See image in reply.


The image you shared is the folder for the $3 patrons.  You're in the wrong post x3  

Send me a message on Patreon, and I'll direct you to the correct link, if you can't find it.  The post title is 1.60 with Gallery.


I found it thanks for that


So, is anyone else seeing Darius without the pirate costume? 

HE doesn't have one yet, so he appears without it x3


strange, because I remember him having one before... 🤔

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With CM's art, yes, but not with GerBear's yet.

But yeah Nice job on Fixing Darius. At least that's what I assume since I'm just redownloading it.


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dyne, the guides will be updated?

Right now the guides will not be updated since some of the routes aren't finalized and could change in the future. Best way of doing things is save save save.

really like the game so far great work 

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