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does bum And azaghal will have a route too? I just wonder :"3

Hey there! It's the first time I came here... And is for give you congratulations for the update... I finished the Darius' route now and I'm so sad I can't make myself stop crying...
I really love how the plot go in the stories and ya have a way to mess with my feelings.
I'm actually in the 1.41 update, so I don't know what happen next, so I guess I have to wait and see.
(I really want to became a Patron, but I live in Brazil, so if I start paying, It will be always a tier superior than I'm actuating paying... [I blame the govern!], so, for now, I will stay just where I am).
Keep doing this amazing job! See ya.

ps: where do I report a game crash?

Me, after the update launches: "Sweet! Now I get to go a bit further into the characters, see new content, and see which character I prefer most, seeing as there's a part of each character arc that I really enjoy!...And hopefully, I get a reason to like Darius more..."

*Spends about a half hour to go through the updates*

Me, after going through the majority of the update, only missing some of the dialog in different routes: "Dyne, you have struck me down, destroyed all previous opinions on Darius, and caused my abnormal amount of empathy to overwhelm me. Congratulations,  you have done what I thought was impossible, and now I have to go reflect on what I just went through."

*Waits three hours to attempt to sort out thoughts*

Me, still slightly conflicted: "I mean I GUESS I can tolerate Darius, but I'm not getting attached. Dyne could do something like this again in the future, so let's just stay relatively neutral towards him."

*goes to sleep, still sorting thoughts*

Me, now: "THERE'S NO WINNING! I can't hate Darius, but I can't get attached! Let me pick a side!" (It was at this point in time I decided that there is no winning against you, my emotions towards these fictional characters are at your mercy, and that you will probably do something like this again in the future. And somehow I'm fine with that.)

Which story lines can we see Richard? I haven't been able to see him at all!

A Richard lo ves en la ruta de Chester en el día 19, se ve bien pero mi ruta favorita es de Harold :3 ese maldito oso sexy!

His sprite only appears on Chester's route currently.  I have yet to go back and fill in places where he should appear.

I really enjoyed this update a lot. After Darius's accident, he's really started to grow on me and I can't wait for more of him. Also, I was very happy with Chester's path and how he's starting to become more confident sexually and more aggressive when he began grinding, it was a nice surprise. Great job with the plot on all characters so far, they are all very well developed and I enjoyed playing each path. Keep up the good work!!

Awesome stuff all around!  Thank you so much :)

Pensé que había actualización hasta la versión 1.42 xD

Haha, and the next one should be 1.43 ;3

Is each update usually only a day added on to each character ? 


a day added on two characters usually


Hehehe, glad you enjoyed it!


Yass! The Update! Thanks DyneWulf. Can't wait to get into it

how did you get the update and what device? 

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I had to redownload the whole game and its on PC for me. Just click the download icon

You're welcome!  And thank you too ;3


>.< Terminen con mi agonía y suban las actualizaciones por favorr :3

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dynewulf we are waiting and happyest for the updated!!!!!

I cant wait! What time will it be updated?

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im so hyped for the update today! My favorite part was the convention with chester! Awesome art btw!

best name eva

also this game is amazing but one request during the maria steak cooking it tells you to click W or something. But on android you can't hope u can fix that

when will this game update?


The Update is today and i's so stoked! I will be in class, yet I can't not think of it. This project has basically taken over my life and made me focus on the digital characters life. It's so funny and amazing!

Si yo también me muero por que suban ya la actualización u.u...gracias DyneWulf por tu arduo trabajo =) I love you!

i love every thing about the  game I hope you never stop making uptades and thanks for all of you hard work you have my full suport . Im só happy and sad because the wait is so long

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Im sorry to complain but Darius route on the Android is impossible because of the cooking part, not matter how hard I press it won't count it and and I don't want to disappoint Darius or Maria :(

Any way to do this?

Mmmm, Hopefully that isn't the case with the next update.  I thought I had that fixed for the most recent build I put up, but I might have messed it up.  You're supposed to be able to just tap the screen (like how you progress the dialogue).

yeah that's what I thought too:(

I want to support you so much, but i can't. Because i don't have a credit card... that means i can't also pay with PayPal because you need to have a credit card connected. I absolutely love this game. The story line is so good. It made me slowly fall in love with every single character. I'll search a way to support you. Your art is incredible!

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I think for the characters for you can just, you know, in addition to more expressions, you could also give them other poses. They look kinda static with only their facial expression that changes

I'm looking forward for more Dozer though. I also think he could use a little bit more or less drama or conflict :3

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Hey Dyne what day do you plan on stopping for coach's path?

And once the game is fully complete, like everything is done will the full thing be available for free download?

why's Dozer's route is a bit less than others?

Dozer and Darius are both on Day 14, but I started their routes a little while after the other three guys.

ohh I see, I just need to wait for another update on the story... dozer cute guy 

rili? my favorite its the coachs

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You should do an option where like you hear noises or something in Richard's room and you can walk in on him and Maria


oh well I tried ;3


and my next questions what history are finished for now?

None have ended yet ;3

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ty for see it, one another question i want to support de project wiht money but i dont know how to use this forms , i can help supporting with order places? example western union ? because this its a great proyect i want to see ended :) thanks dyne for do this for us, sorry is my inglish its bad

the history of the coach its no ended yet? i love this pj

Any reason the free version isn't updated to 1.40/1.41?  Just curious since it's now the 4th and the Patreon version is up.


This version is updated every 15 of the month and the Patreon version costs money, so its updated 2 times a month. That is why this version isnt updated as recently as the Patreon version.

Hey DyneWolf! I just wanted to say I love this game so much! The characters are adorable and the plot is similar to real life, each character facing their own troubles and exhibiting their own flaws, like Coach's depression and Chester's issue with Vernon. I am also amazed at how you able to make the player feel so attached to the character, feeling his emotions as you play. 

Also I was wondering how the updates will work? I started at 1.39 and was wondering if the game will update on its own or if I'll have to start over or what. 

Also I thought you should know that a couple friends and myself have started a fan community for the game on Google+ if you wanted to check it out! We're still starting up though so not many people are that active but we are spreading the word and getting more people to play!

i realy like this game . Im going to complete every thing in this game but I wonder  ifyou can (when its complet ) give the paid version for free?

DyneWolf has already said in somebodies comment earlier that the full version WILL be free, but it is behind a fewer updates then the Patreon Updates. The Patreon one costs money.


Np dude and if u have any questions try looking at the other comments first before asking 😂😂😂

i'll try 


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I love this game so much but...

I want stories about Spencer and Harold to be longer for the next update


If you add it in the game, I really appreciate it


yeah that would be the best!!!

Hey so I was wondering if we would be able to top or bottom for Harold and Spencer before you add in the newer characters, or if that would be coming later because I noticed that in the guide you mentioned about topping or bottoming for Spencer.

Hmm I noticed Darius and Dozer dont seem to have one of those character stat summaries at the beginning of the game.. How tall/heavy are they? 

I recall that at one point, the dialogue also mentioned that Darius is shorter than the MC (I think it was in the school toilets, probably in Coach's route) , so how tall is the MC then?

Also on another note, is it possible to Delete the Save Games somehow? I tried deleting the whole folder, but the saves still stayed later, so i guess theyre somewhere else? 

I have hundreds... Could use some organizing..

Dozer is 6'6" and Darius is 5'11".  I don't have an exact weight for them.  I'm gonna rework the beginning a bit, so I haven't given them profile cards x3  The MC doens't have a define height either.

You can delete save files by opening to load menu, holding your mouse over the save you want to delete and then by hitting the DEL key.

Ah so just Del eh, seems easy enough.

As the MC doesn't have a defined height, I'd suggest reworking the line "Even though he was shorter than you, he could be intimidating at times." on Harold's route (Day 10, when Darius corners the MC in the restroom), when you have time of course. Probably just shorten it to something like "He really can be intimidating at times". Works better. ;)

Hey I just got finished with Spencer's "path" and I saw there was a spoiler discussion, do you happen to have a link to that, that you could share please Dynewulf?

People discuss spoilers using spoilers tags [ spoiler ] Spoilers go here~ (no spaces in the spoiler tags either)  [ /spoiler ]

Hello ! i just wanted to say that i absolutly love this game for now :) i wanted to know, When will it come out ? and how much will it be ? 

I also have an idea about Darius. I figured that he loved his bike and his  car so much, he's quite the perv too so why don't you make some kind of "sexy car wash" or "sexy bike wash" thing, you know where they get all soapy and wet with the sponges while washing ahahah. It sticks to the theme of perversion and to Darius. :) Anyway, let me know if you like it or not. Thank you very much  :)


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how many days are there so far in the delux version?

And I was wondering how many days you plan on making in this game (I'm really hoping there's A LOT!) 

As for the deluxe thing, that doesn't technically exist yet x3  It'll be how I handle the full game on release.

There will be at least for each route, and there at currently 5 guys (adding more later).

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do you know how many days are in the paid version so far for Spencer, Coach, and Chester?

Deleted post

All public updates are free.  They are just 2 updates (1 month) behind my patreon updates.

Let's see...  Chester and Dozer haven't shown off yet, but it's hard to say who we'll see next.

Deleted post

Harold and Spencer have already shown off plenty. You should try changing your dialogue choices while playing. ;)

Deleted post

Harold has not showed off yet either, plz keep that in mind XD

Actually Avian sorry for the spoiler but if you choose right and show an interest in not just poetry but his poetry then on the second to last day he shows you some in his office which, depending on what you do in there, can affect the rest of the night

Ahhh... on Chester's route, you still need to edit few lines there, the time when his gonna mention Andrew's name as "andy" but still a pawsome game <3

What do you mean?  Andy is a nickname for Andrew x3  Unless you're talking about something else.

i see, well andy is a other name right? so i thought its a mistake on the game....  my apology 

When is there going to be an update to this game? Or when is it expected to be finished? 

I have one more question also: Will each dating story be extended and more stuff take place in each story? I finished one of them and am upset that it didnt have content i thought it would have... and it wasnt long enough :(

I update the Itch version on the 15th each month, and I update it on Patreon 2 times a month (and it's 2 updates ahead of the public version, which is what I put here).

The stories still have a lot left.  This is still a work in progress.

Yes! Thanks! I first took the Coach route and was upsat that it ended on a sour note. I was upset but that makes me feel a whole lot better

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so the public one will always be free just behind on updates Dynewulf?

That'd be correct.

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Hello ! i just wanted to say that i absolutly love this game for now :) i wanted to know, When will it come out ? and how much will it be ? 

I also have an idea about Darius. I figured that he loved his bike and his  car so much, he's quite the perv too so why don't you make some kind of "sexy car wash" or "sexy bike wash" thing, you know where they get all soapy and wet with the sponges while washing ahahah. It sticks to the theme of perversion and to Darius. :) Anyway, let me know if you like it or not. Thank you very much  :)


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