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Is anyone presented with multiple backgrounds just not existing? I love the story and playthroughs but stuff like certain stores, Darius's hotel room, and other stuff is just not there... It's not really a problem for me per se, but seeing a black screen can get mildly irritating at times.

They are backgrounds that don't exist yet.  Hopefully will have most of those filled in by the end of the year~


Ah. Good to know! Thanks so much for the reply. All in all I'm loving the VN! Spencer's best boi (in my factual opinion)

Can you teach me how to beat darius in a bet? Which maria cook a steak perfectly? Or it that includes on the story that the players bet loses?

It is possibly to win the bet. When Maria is cooking it she says it needs 3 minutes on each side and a pinch of salt. When cooking wait till the button to press comes up for a 4th time and immediately press it (so it doesn't cook for a 4th minute), press the button the first time she adds salt and that should do it. 

The only spot that seems to throw people off is the Steak flipping. She mentions waiting for 3 minutes to flip. Let the prompt pass  times before flipping to get the perfect steak for Darius to help win the bet. Fully notice what Mario mention about to cook best steak ever.

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How many times? And who's mario

Probably the name of his mc

Was the Harold route changed? I am going through it again, doing everything the exact same as I did it before, but when we get to the games at the amusement park it gets different and I can't get myself to be the one to use the tickets to reward Harold. I am sure I am ding everything as I did the first time, where I got the best ending, so I don't get why it's changed at this point for me.

This is what i do to win the teddy bear.     In day 4 choose "stamina"                         In day 7 choose "I'll start digging for the posts".                                                       In day 12 during no the side routes choose Track yo increade stamina.           This helps you yo be better atthe ganes un the amusement park

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That honestly did seem to be the only thing different. I was trying to see if there were 3 different scenes for Tai, and by extension Chester and Maximo, as I noticed it was different the second time around. I didn't expect these "side" things to impact the actual route, so I didn't count it as a difference. Thank you for the suggestion.

You're welcome. And sorry for my writing, I'm not used to writing on my phone

Oh this a thing? I've literally always gotten the teddy bear, so I thought it was a given thing, but I guess not lmao


I'm sorry but what the hecc is this lmao. I've been laughing as quietly as possible for the past 10 min.

I don't know if this happens on my computer or is an error in the game, but every time there is a character on the left of the screen these black rectangles appear

why can't men be this way in real life I would be so happy if a man that acted just like Spencer came into my life. I have the biggest crush on him the others are awesome to I'm just stuck on Spencer 

Spencer is favorite, I just think it's because of the childhood friendship love but he's just also so perfect :)

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Ouhhhh i just notice richard route has been implemented

Is there a route where we can bottom for darius?


Yes...Darius tops you after the weekend getaway

Oh ,haha ok thanks

Most of the routes seem relatively versatile, but I think it would have been nice to have the choice of whether to top/bottom first time with Darius as with Spencer. Think him bottoming first was not really in line with his character. But oh well.

Actually it really needed to be that way since it was the only way the MC could be certain about how Darius really felt about him (since Darius keeps saying he NEVER bottoms). If Darius topped first, it would seem as if it was just his final attempt to have sex with the MC.

And technically Darius was on top, sort of.  :)

I considered that, but at the same time, a complete 180 of his always top personality doesn't seem overly sincere or true to himself. He also admits that he has never actually gone all the way with any of his "flings", so the fact that he does with MC should be proof enough. But I do see the validity of your argument, just wish we had a little more agency in the way things unfold.


all i want in life is the full richard route😩

Anyone know how to get that one rain scene with dozer I got it once and I don't know what to do I know the patron has the guide but I just want that one scene

The scene that they masturbate together?

Help, I've played this before but I had to change phones and now I can't pass from the part where you input your name, since there is not a "done" or "input" button. Pls does someone has any advice?

The "Return" button is the button to press.

But I can't advance that wway, I tried and I only get back to the previous text


Nevermind, it decided to work now, i'm an idiot. But anyway, thanks for creating such an awesome game, i've been following it for a while now, and i'm still in love with this so much! So exited on seeing how it's been growing! 

Best wishes

i just finished Spencer's route, I'm crying ok.

honestly fell in love with Harold. he is just too adorable.

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Two Dozers for the price of one, but one of them is out of order

I see this as a win but I'm worried he'll get a head ache with his head off his neck

hay alguna diferencia aparte de las versiones entre la versión pública y la de patreon? por ejemplo en la publica no hay NSFW?

tengo entendido que la versión de patreon solo esta dos actualizaciones adelante de la versión publica


Harold and Richard are top tier!!! 

I uninstalled it from my Android because the update wouldn't install and now when I try to reinstall it pops up with no app to install text. What do I do?


Richard is my new FAV and all yall bitches can't tell me shit!! Dynewulf you have created another character that is beyond hot and cute AF when he blushes and gets flustered when he's "fishin" to see if the MC is interested!!


Darius be like: "Literally, no."

Is this on pc or android


Hello I'm hoping someone can help me (I'm on android), it won't let me install the new update it just keeps saying "app not installed". If you can help me that would be appreciated 

Might not help in your case, but on my phone that usually means the old version of the app has to be uninstalled first.

awww does that mean my saves will be gone, I mean I don't mind going the routes again but like I wanna have a chance to do the others too.

I don't know where the saves live, but if you're motivated and have a way to view internal device storage I can't imagine it'd be hard to copy the save folder before uninstalling.


Nevermind, all I had to do was power off my phone and turn it back on. Thank you for the help though I appreciate it :)


I'm glad this story had a happy ending.


Just finished playing days 3 and 4 of Richard's route and I have to say I'm impressed beyond all comprehension, especially with what I just saw!!!! When Richard kissed the main character, that told me Richard is more than willing to open his heart to him; that and become more amorous with the main character!!!!! Excellent work so far, I'm eager to see what happens next for Richard's route!!!!!!!!

Nice but why would you spoil tho 

I wouldn't exactly call it spoiling it.  But rather give those who will play said route something to look forward to. 

hey can you tell me which routes are done i would really appreciate it :)


ik so far Harold's and Spencer's routes are finished and Darius's is almost done too I think.


Chester's is complete, too.



I wish we could have a discord. it would be so cool to talk to you all 

But anyway keep up the amazing work Dyne. maybe in the future I'll buy some merch (particularly Chester's "you're looking at D12" TT

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I love Richard so far and I´m so excited for his route!!!  You´re doing a great job Dyne <3 <3 <3 ps: I love all the other routes too 

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Little bugs i found in Richard's route: "wans't", "too lunch", "aobut Friday"

I really enjoy playing this game and usually can't wait for the 16th to role around because I know I'll have something to look forward too. Just an amazing game all around. I especially like the fact that in a lot of the explicate scenes the player has the choice to keep going or whether to stop, I love how much consent seems to play a really important role in the way the characters interact with the player, depending on the routes. All in all I just love playing this game

Is the spencer route unfinished? or is my laptop just crappy? it it just supposed to end with him laying down?

When is he lying down or exactly what day is it?

i didnt count

he has red underwear n after massage

thanks for trying to help a rando on the internet <3


Oh no!!! I can't believe Dozer's route is almost over!!!!!!!!! Say it ain't so!!!!!!!!!

Deleted 11 days ago

From what I remember you have to install a app to make it so the game work on android. But its been a while I mostly use my pc. Make certain you have in your settings to allow the program to run. The default setting will think the app is dangerous even though its not. Make certain its allowed to run. 

Hope this helps maybe someone will explain it better then me.

.... OH MY GOD... I NEED  MORE PLS I NEED MORE !?..... im sorry i can't believe this a new route and i can't believe richard has is own story to tell and there is one character i know and his name is oscar ok you're making it more surprising and you making my heart feel like i'm going to have another seizure attack ....i really don't know what to do right now i have all my memories of its game now there's a new character in it and a new i hope you going to create more of this because it's already making my heart feel like i want to die for another heartwarming,drama,suspense and romance this wonderful visual novel making im loving yet all the time* bow and cry hard* 

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How do i hide the text box  Edit: OMG press h


Hey are we still getting a update. Its every 16th right? Or is it just running a little late? I'm eager to see more of Richard's route. And the last of Darius's route


He got little situation with his life for now, let's just wait it out.

Oh I didn't realize he had something going on. I thought he might just be having trouble finishing the update or something else

I love this game so much. I am slightly disappointed by Grifter's and Chester's routes not having a loading screen portrait. Also there are a bug on the android version in Darius's route. When you select no mane the CGs can still have it but what makes it obvious that it is a bug is during the hand job on the bed CG half way through it switches from mane to no mane.


Is the next day of someone story coming today

I got this at the start of Day 28 of Chester's route. The day continues after this screen though

Playing Linux version

That's on purpose... click ignore.

Yeah, apparently it was an April fool's joke.


warning potential spoilers!

I'm curious as to whether or not you plan to go back and add to existing routes or create dlc for this game. There's so much more that you could have done with each route and I feel like there's alot of plot lines that didn't really go anywhere. I know you've stated before that day 35 was to be the end of character routes but it really feels like there's alot of wasted plot, for example in dozer's route when spencer was getting a little too frisky with you on the couch nothing really came of it and i was half expecting a conflict or a game over bad ending where dozer and spencer fight or you have to end it with spencer. same thing with harold's route where richard hits on the two of you and even grabs harold's ass if you let him. I fully expected coach's route to involve some sort of threeway with richard but i was disappointed to see you were only teasing that possibility. it really seemed like there was more planned for these situations but they were abandoned before they could become more.  I would honestly love to see these type of things get a little more fleshed out. 

by the way i would totally pay an arm and a leg for DLC that adds a three way with coach and richard or with spencer and darius at the club.

I forgot to consider that these scenes may be part of patreon exclusives or something. If that's the case I'm sorry for being dumb but if they don't exist at all like I thought , then my opinion stands and these are missed opportunities 

I think he may add epilouges at some point but idk.

Hell yeah it really seemed like Harold was open to a threesome with Richard. I was really hoping a threesome would happen. I understand he wants to move on to other projects. But hopefully he works on some dlc on the side. This game has so many people that could be explored further. 

I hope he makes a sequel of this game eventually. Different main characters of course. But you see the old characters in thier new lives mostly referenced every once in a while.

I'm glad to have finished Spencer's, Darius's, and Harold's routes (working on Chester and Dozer) because they were perfect, except Darius's like why you gotta make my heart sink like that >:(, nah jk:). (Still tho like why) dynewulf and others, you guys have made an excellent game, can't wait for when those routes extend, if they are.


the end of Spencer's rought was way way to sudden. really disappointed that it ended that way so quickly. i feel like he was just pushed aside so you had more time to work on Richard's rought and that really hurts... you could've done so much more... and dont even get me started on the absolutely RIDICULOUS  "Bara Godmother" so much for not adding more females into this adventure... extremely disappointing. i really hope its worth the wait for Richard's rought to stabilize....


I didn't add *more* females, since it's an embodiment of Maria.  You're really gonna hate when I add sprites for some other female characters.  Cause you know, women exist.

As for Spencer's ending...  I'm curious about why you feel that way about it.  It was built up to that point, and 35 days is what I've stated to be the ending point for routes, so I don't know where you get this idea of me pushing Spencer aside for Richard.  Spencer's ending was even the longest of the completed routes so far.  Perhaps you didn't get his best ending.  Who knows?


the spencers best ending was so amazing it made me cry so much


nice how it seems you made an entire account just to bitch about someones work. please be respectful about someones work and dont treat it like garbage because you dont like 1 or 2 things about it. 

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Technically Dyne isn’t to blame for that one—he was obligated to include Fairy/Bara Godmother Maria somewhere because of a patron reward request from four years ago.

That said she is still completely awesome.

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Is there talks of another extracurricular activities vn? I really enjoyed the vn and hope they produce another or an add on specifically to Chester or Harold's routes.


I probably won't do a sequel to ExcA (I still have plenty more content planned!).  A big part is that I want to do something more fantasy-based, cause that's my favorite genre!

That sounds awesome! I cant wait!


If the D&D game in Grifter's route is any indication, my partner is going to have to put up with a lot of my hyena laugh in the future.

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I hope you do a sequel eventually, I mean don't get me wrong I totally get you want to work on other projects. But I hope we see either dlc for Extracurricular Activities or a sequel with different main characters. Extracurricular Activities is one of the best story driven bara I've played in a while.

The only ones that are even close to as good I would say is Echo, Nekojishi, maybe Wolfstar. Its harder to measure Wolfstar its good and I like the direction its going but there isn't enough story out yet.

Make Chester's game. I'm curious about it. 

Chester's game is based around another idea I had, haha

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