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I just discovered the game, and It's AMAZING! I just played Darius' route as far as I could go (He's also my first choice btw), and I love him! I noticed that his writing is actually rather nuanced in that he is very much this non-committal man, but, well, you know. (I'm biased, he reminds me of my favorite D&D character, who is also a lion-man btw) There are so many points I found that he's probably more into the main character than he lets on, or maybe even realizes. Anyway, point being, love the game, the writing's amazing, and I hope to play the fully developed product. Excellent job!

Im having trouble entering after entering text. Like in the begining when i put in the name and hit enter. It doesnt work. Could you please put in a button or something for the andriod version.

there are 2 naming parts at the beginning, one to name the file and then the second one is to put in your name

i need help i can not get the new day for Dozer

He doesn't have a new day yet

I was wondering if someone could help me with this problem. In Extracurricular Activities where you type in your answer, it won't let me to enter anything. I read the faq file and it said that keyboard apps can cause the problem. But I don't have any keyboard apps on my phone except for the default Samsung Galaxy S8 keyboard. Does anyone know of other apps that can cause the problem? 

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The FAQ says the -solution- is a keyboard app.  That's the only answer I've seen for that problem.  SOmeone else has offered an idea on how to fix it, so it'll be implemented in a future update, hopefully.


thank you 

So i really love the project but I have to be honest I do miss the way the characters looked at the screen. It felt more personal than having them look at my avatar. Thats the one thing i love about some Visual Novels. I felt more included than simply picking options for someone else

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Personally, i really like having him with others, i love his sprite. But there will be character customization and option of hide him in the future! This was said a hundred times already by Dyne. For now, i advise you to enjoy Eric's (MC's) sprite, give it a chance.  

Think I'll be able to make a fursona? that'd be fun

Yes, maybe. Check this out for further information.


Love the work, keep it up! I know there are dominant and sub choices in Spencers route will those eventually affect his done scene? 

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(Possible Spoilers??) Alright. Don't know if its weird or not, but during Coach's route, when you work in the store, I enjoyed looking at the Student ID and processing items for the coach. Do you think it will ever become an actual minigame in the future? (Where its like a papers please style minigame for different people?)

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Deleting this comment, since I've stated I don't need people reporting errors from the public builds (and it takes up a lot of space).  Erros like this are generally corrected in the next update, as the public builds are two behind already.  

I need some help. when I try to download the PC file for 1.66, it will download to a certain percent and then open, then say that my computer the .zip file, but I have been able to open and play all the other updates.


Not sure what would be causing that.  It would be on my end, since I don't host the actual download.

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Can someone help me? I installed version 1.66 but when I started the game, appear black things, the screen is almost black in the conversations and the characters appear upside down

Oof, sounds like a corrupted install. try deleting your game and reinstalling it.

I already installed again, it continues with the same problem.

which os are you installing on?

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1.66, the image of the game only gets good with in window, in full screen the image have  problems

os means the operating system not true version of the game. Are you installing the Mac version, windows version or Android version.

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This game is actually extremly good ! :) Keep up the good work !
Hopefully there will be more characters and maybe even a really chubby one :D
I was never interested in those just read and click games but this is aweseome :)


THanks so much!  I've considered more beyond Richard, but we'll see how that goes.

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If I say the old versions of characters are better then the new one....

I only want my cute Sprencer, Chester and Darius back....;-;

I like the new one of them, but for example the old version of Spencer... is awesome, i would like to see it again.. 

Which one is the old an which is the new one? The new ones the screen shot on the main page?

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS .just to let everyone know, I ran into some problems during the match day with chester on day 26. happened whenever I hit the D key and when chester is hit by the ball from rodriguez.

Arrgh, yeah.  That'll be fixed in the next update.  D key refreshes the game, and it wasn't brought to my attention until recently.


i want more .. i need to play more pls 

Quick question are the legacy gallery and music gallery only patreon rewards or will they also be available once the full game has been released and is available for purchase? I'd like to show more support and be a patreon, but currently don't have the funds for it.  All the best and I hope the game keeps doing well, it really is amazing.


Are there going to be any updates to the guides? I would like to know what choices to make to keep my chances at Spencer being the top. 

I hv a question and will u do a threesome scene that would be really great. I hope u make that. Awesome Game keep it up!!

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Is Harold's lewd scene on Day 20 gone? It's because new update? Or it's a patreon version?

Or did I choose wrong choices? Damn

wrong choices... Darius could help you with this tho ;)

Is there any guide for Harold's route? I saw Spencer's route guide and wonder if there's Harold's one..

yes, however it is extremely outdated

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i cannot get past the screen where you name your save file on android 

Addressed in the FAQ.

Dyne, are there any plans to release the music from the game in a sort of OST? There's been a few pieces during Darius's story that I've fallen in love with, and they're only in his route.

I do plan on launching the OST later on.

Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I'll look forward to it!

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I was playing the game on my phone which is Android btw, and this popped out when I'm at Harold day 28 after me and Harold get in the shower. Does anyone know what happens and how to fix it?

Just click ignore

I did but it keeps appeared, I still heard the bell sound and stuff but...that error keep showing up

That just randomly occurs throughout the game, you just have to hit "Ignore" twice and the game will return to normal

I'm having trouble doing the Spencer massage scene that i cannot click on his nipple and continue the scene and I just click on his chest continuously with out continuing thh]e story

it tells you you can skip the scene before it starts and everything needs to be clicked to the left of the actual thing

Thank for your help

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I'm having trouble finding the guides, how do I get to them? Only cuz I'm having trouble getting both of Spencer's endings ;}

What? Do you mean the ton/bottom deal?

Look on Dyne blog, it's somewhere over there the guide.

Just Finished the Playthrough of Day 25! Gotta say, Props to you man! I dont know how you were able to finish that entire day plus Harolds Day too! So Nice Job and Keep up the Good work. I know im satisfied.

Hey Dyne, where can i access the notes for 1.63 or are they included in the 1.64 notes?

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He puts both update on the same note. Enter to the 1.64 update note and you can see the Harold update there.

They are with the 1.64 notes.  Or, you can open the "Game" folder, and right there, I have a file called "Changes" that lists the changes also.

Tnx boss man :d and I love the way the new art style has been coming along in the last few updates! Its looking great and has been an amazing transition :) Keep it up!

PS: when are Darius' days coming :v soz for asking do xd

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Next update we should see a Darius update, too keep track on what we will be getting, check out the patreon.

loved spencer day 25 looking forward for more

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the game wont work for me on mobile 😕

Enable 3rd party apps and extract the APK

Deleted post

I have it enabled but when i continu it says app not installed

you may not have enough internal memory to install.


Hope we see more of the roleplay game, it was great xD good job with the update


I liked "Harold day 28" and also liked the idea of the game, a lot of fun.
Can we have another month with Harold?

Who was updated

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Check the Change notes. Within the download there is a Changes.txt file. On this page it's located under "Development Log".

however it seems its not listed. Spencer and Harold were updated.


DevLog has been updated now for more information.

Can't wait for the update, i wonder who will be the next mmhh...

the update is already there, the update notes though isn't :)

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Oh you are right! You know what's new in the update? :o

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Check the Change notes. Within the download there is a Changes.txt file. On this page it's located under "Development Log".

however it seems its not listed. Spencer and Harold were updated.

Thanks for the info!

wait , where is the Update Notes? cant download yet cauuse im at work :( so am just gonna see whose route is it this time?

Development Log section of the page.


Yas New update is OUT!

Oh gods I love this game (especially Harlod) and really appreciate you guys keeping up with making a good furry vn, you guys are great!

question: can you download older versions of this this and if so how?

From what I can tell there is now way of installing the older versions. This can also just break your saves entirely as well so its better to not mess with older versions.

I have the version right before the new art was In place if your asking for that, and I have it under another name so it wouldn’t overwrite  the normal up to date version. If you wish I can probally send it to you

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thank you for the offer I appreciate it but I already found someone else to actually help with that thank you again

Thank you!

Hi, I have a question. how will I do to download the next update without loosing the data backup? I don't wanna start the story again from the beginning

If you are on android sadly idk there is a way to download the new update without starting over. However if you are on MAC/Windows good news. when you delete the old update and download the new update your saves will still be there. HOWEVER it is highly recommended to start over to avoid any bugs/ glitches to visuals or dialogue.

Oh ok, thank you. Yes, I'm playing with the pc

Glad I can help!

Does anyone know what music coach grifter was playing

Try looking in the credits section. Most the music is available on the respective artist's site/soundcloud. If you have a specific scene in mind that you can tell me I'll be happy to help!

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