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The version of the game is not the one that should be on Android it is still 1.78 not 1.93


Chester Day 28 took me by complete surprise. I walked into the kitchen, only to have a muthafuckin bull greet me and I swear to Christ I lost it.


L-like an actual bull, not Chester, heh

Hahaha, that was part of my April Fools update, and I might just leave it there for good.  


Still probably the best Furry VN On itch. Others are good and have come close to being the better but the writer either do something to ruin it for me or just give it a really unsatisfying ending. Best of all I actually like more then one or two characters so almost every update brings me something to enjoy.  My big Kaiju is still my number one. 

Ahh, thank you so much!  Always happy to see Dozer as someone's favorite ;3

AS much I wuv my husky husband

I get a little irritated when he talks about my grades... betch, I got straight A's in IB and AP classes >:c

Power move, name pc Alpha then play Spencer confident route.

So I should call myself bitch for the shy route?


Darius's route just keeps getting better. He started off the character I liked least so I initially put off doing his route, but the more I played the other routes the more he grew on me. Now that I'm finally caught up on his route it's my favorite. At this point I feel like he's the best-written character, and they're all very well-written so that's really saying something. Watching his walls slowly eroding over time is really something special, and I can't wait to see where it all goes. <3

Maybe I should go back to playing his route. It felt like he was trying to manipulate me and I'm just not attracted to him like the others.

Well since ive played up to date with coach and chester route its really weird since in coach route. Everyone kinda hit on each other so when i take the other characters route i feel kinda wrong. But after 15 or 16 days in chesters route i started to like him more so i decided to think that coachs route is the canon one

I kind of had that feeling to because everyone ends up with someone else on his route. But the others always leave someone out. Dozer has coach and chester left out Spencer has Coach and Darius left out, and so on. Everyone except Coach has a relationshi outside out you. Coach dose have his ex but that's really not a healthy relationship. I like to imagine Coach and Richard meet up after he gos to one of your games and they end up together. Coach and Richard do both seem to be in to each other on his route. So much so it looks like we may get a 3 way with the 2 of them in the future. 


can't wait for Richards route !! so excited 😍


Am I glad I found this game! I've been through two routes and I have to say. Dozer is not what I expected him to be like but is a roller coaster of emotions. And then theres the suggestion of a threesome with Richard. Oh my! I might actually start supporting on Patroen to see if that ends up happening. The artwork and the way the characters were written and everything else! All of it is nicely done! It's great!


I really love Darius, he really feels so real¡¡¡¡ the best Route¡¡¡¡  When do you are going to start Richard's?¡¡¡¡¡¡



App Not Installed


I finished the story with Harold and I wonder do they keep been updated or not i really want to play LnL again and continue the story with him

Hi Dyne I just wanted to say this game is amazing I've followed the development for a long time and it's a real gem. You have a knack for writting really believable characters while still keeping things sexy and fun. Coach is my fave route and I hope you know all your fans are with you for this (very enjoyable) ride, can't wait to try the next update!

Hey sorry to be a pain I'm have trouble with coach's rote day 33 I can get as far as the homeless shelter get one out then goes into the white error screen I have tryed rollback and ignore it but keeps happing and if I skip it, it ends the day any help x

there's so many funny scenes specially in chester and dozer. hahaha can't stop laughing .. anddddd guys i wana ask if how to be bf with richard orr we can't though.? 

Dyne, in the name of all that is holy, PLEASE bring Darius Day 27 ASAP!!!


Just wanted to check on if I had missed something, but there wasn't an alternative for Darius 26 other than him wanting to be "best friends"? No outright boyfriend line right?

so, did you not get the sex scene at the end of the day?

I did, but it's Darius. Just eager for Darius to finally give in and be boyfriends.

I mean, there was that one text option where Darius made the comment "It's like you're my boyfriend or something," and you get to choose "yeah" or "not even."

If you choose "not even" Darius looks really sad while talking, while if you choose "yeah," he perks up a bit

There is no alternative, haha.  That's what he says on the best outcome ;3

I'm just hoping that something happens on day 27 of Darius where Eric or Darius just go for it with each other and they become closer than "best friends" since that's what he calls it.

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Will Richard ever be a dating interest?


this is weird

Ppft, ohmygod 😂


Don't judge him.

Hey Dyne, thank you for Your hard work on this title!
I was wondering what did You mean by "best" outcome after Harold's day 34 :S I mean, i got the first part of the "hint", but i am not sure about the second part (of the hint) are You able to elaborate on this in any fashion xP?
Preaty please??

I know it will be done someday(as you mentioned on FAQ), but I just want to hear when will be cursefmark's illust be displaced. After all chars' stories i guess??


they are slowly replacing them


Very slowly, haha.  I haven't done a housekeeping update in a while, but I plan on completely replacing all the assets in another route the next housekeeping I do (which will be soon).


this is the best of the best games i have been playing.. and playing this game makes me a little sad after knowing the back story of coach and chester.. i feel bad about them ... and i ..i think the character I've made is already me.. i can feel there every emotions like I'm there ... im glad that i found this game and there's so much moral lessons you could learn ... thank dynewulf!! for saving me from depression..and i wish you will continue to give ups every month im looking forward to it !! love you!

I'm really glad to hear that the project has been able to help you out and that you feel the way you do about it.  It's one of the most satisfying things about the project to me, knowing that it has helped some folks.  Thank you!

I have been playing for a while now just waiting to see what happens next. Updates can't get here any sooner I guess I'll have to wait

I have one issue so far, (only because this vn is wip) but I'm stuck on the Chester route and typing no doesn't work for me. I'm on Android


Im so I love with this game. I've played Spencer. Darius and coach and I'm really sad that the story's end. Do they have any updates? I would love to play more. Kinda sad because I want to go camping with Darius and then to Spencers brothers wedding. see them dance and have his brother say sorry about what he said about gay people; interspecies relationships. Make Spencer cry and hug his brother and have his brother hug both of us. Man I'm so sappy. I just don't want the story to end. I wish this would be ever expanding.

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Wish granted!

EA is under active development. It will be updated and expanded almost every month.

Thank you so much. This is the first game I've played of this interaction game style. Thank you for creating this amazing story.😍💙


Heh, the creator is DyneWulf, not me. I just stole one of his stickers. >_>

i love the part when the main characters calls a nintendo switch an entendo swap


Haha, glad to hear it.  A handful of folks have been amused by this.


When you first try out pole dancing, in the Spencer route, there's no file for "Eric in a Leotard" so Eric gets undressed and then gets back into his clothes and I just think that's hilarious in my opinion.

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As Todd would say:

It just Works!

One day, I'll get that updated x3




Hey guys, a quick question. I know there was a guide for the game somewhere. It's outdated, I know but super useful to get things done the correct way until the more new stuff. I remember many of the answers but not fully. If you can share the link amazing.



I really enjoyed the Darius route, and I can't wait until it gets updated. Like I really enjoyed reading it, and I think I'm in love with him. Anyways, great VN, and I love it in its entirety. Would play again, and I hope I forget about this VN and it pops up in a vague past memory and I get to experience the same kind of love I have now for this VN

Haha, well thank you for that!

I had a problem tho* to the game i mean is there at a time Being Bug? Or erorr on the game  why is always like that .. like Chester Day 7 there's a problem And the other background on the game it seem's not to be found why?

It doesn't find backgrounds that don't exist yet.  There are still BGs that need art done for them.

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So far ive been enjoying the game and all (currently on day 20 dating coach)
But theres seem to be an error where the game said driving with coach file does not found during the event.Is there anyway to fix that?

Some backgrounds don't actually exist, or the code hasn't been updated to reflect the background existing now.


This is the best game I've played so far! It's not only the visuals that are great but also the deep history and psychology that are behind every single character!!! They all have a different background that will influence your relationship with them! This game is an amazing masterpiece!

Ahhh, thank you so much for the kind words!

Where is the Walk through??

There isn't an official one.

Dyne used to post one for patrons long ago, but it only covers the first week or so and will never be updated, as mentioned in the faq.

the first week is fine with me< do you know where i can get i

What would the next update be about?

Not sure, but if we look at the update log. Then I will assume around the 16 each month.

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What should I use to download the game on android?

Chrome? Firefox? It's just a browser link.

I mean what should I use to play it.

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Nothing.  It's an APK file, which *is* an app.  You download it, then install it directly, and it works like you got it from the Play store.

I found some directions here or you can just websearch for "android install APK"

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For me, it's usually a storage issue so I have to free up space and keep retrying and hope it works. It's taken me many tries to update before.

That error is because your phone isn't compatible with the game.

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I have problems downloading the game on android.

I already had the game in my phone, but I wanted to download the newer version. When I downloaded the apk and instal the game, it said "app not installed". I tried deleting the app and then instal it again but the same error kept occurring.

Having the same problem as well

Deleted 8 days ago

Hey everybody! I am stuck... When i write in the game it doesn't want to continue. 

I had the same problem, I discovered if I push the word on top, marked as a green "no" on your keyboard, then push enter, then it worked. At least on my phone. 


Thanks! That is helped!!😊

Hey, I'm stuck on the same problem, and I've tried using my Samsung keyboard and the Google keyboard by neither are working. Any advice or such? I'm on a Galaxy S8

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What to bring to the game convention with Chester. I have tried cards, playing cards, clothing, food ++ And just getting that's obvious, and why do I need that. 

Edit: Book was a good idea, but the history it did not advance further. 


taken from the very old and possibly outdated guide:

Items to take with you - cards, money are the only two that you need to type to actually have an impact. Do NOT type underwear, as that ends up being a bit of a plus later. - Other things to type... Condoms, lube, a variety of curse words, team member names, dildo, snack, tissue, water, candy, camera, boobs, CursedMarked... Just to name a few. Silly stuff.

Thanks, but it vil not advance the story after, book, money and cards. Those give a this is smart or so message. But it still asks for more items to bring. 

I have tried to skip next choice, but no luck.

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As instructed right beforehand, you have to enter the word no when you're done to continue.

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Have tried to type no. It does not help.

Edit, it finally did help typing no. I'm on android phone, and the keyboard pops up over pictures / text box, so I had to write in the blind. 


That Entendo and Entendo Swap just made my day! Love the update and can't wait for more of it!

Haha, glad to hear that.  Thank you!

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