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Even if there was no sex in the VN I'd still adore it and follow it to the conclusion. Sex is good and all but romance dude. I've done a few VNs but none compare to the character depth and romance you write. So kudos to you, and I hope your boyfriend gets better.

Also, I know you said you'll release an ost when it's done, but till then I have a save devoted to a certain thing that someone plays so I can listen to it when I study. So it can't come soon enough. So Stoffer ALSO deserves kudos

Did you guys increase the days for Dozer and Chester?

does anyone know how to fix the text scene on android. Cause I can't progress on coaches  route

You should check the FAQ before asking, but you have to use a different keyboard app instead of the default keyboard :)

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which keyboard do you suggest  cause I tried go keyboard  and it didn't work. 

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Are there any special scenes with Richard yet? I love this guy

Not at the moment, I don't think. There are a few on Darius' route, but thats all I know :)

There are just a couple interactions with him in both Darius' route and Harold's route so far.

I remember with certain text input sections of your game for chesters route you have easter egg inputs, do you have any for Harolds route?

I am confused about the Chester Route. Why does it stop on day 27? Is it just not finished yet?

The game is not finished, and updates monthly, the updates always add one  or more days to one of the love interests.

All routes are not finished.

Update 1.72 is the update that added chesters latest day (which is day 27)

If i recall the creator rotates through them so once he gets all the rest an update he will move back to chester.

Ok thank you

Can anybody tell me how to go back with the scenes n text on a laptop?

your laptop has a touch pad right? in this case for a mac and pc laptop you simply put 2 fingers on the touch pad and pull downwards. its the same as scrolling in a browser you scroll down and the game will reverse.

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If you don't have a touch pad, any form of a mouse scroll wheel you use on your laptop should work also any form of a right click will open up the save menu (on my laptops case its clicking the trackpad with 2 fingers as it doesn't have left and right click buttons)

when playing coach's route I can't get pass the part in day 22 where you have to enter his teacher code

This is a bug, yes. If you are using Android then your best bet is to use a serperate keyboard app instead of the default one.

It is still not working i been trying to use GO keyboard

Im sorry, but thats the only known way.

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Just saw the update and I hope that your boyfriend is ok! Other than that, I played Spencers route and noticed the lack of new sprites so that is definitly a plus! Have a great day!

EDIT: Figured it out :)

hey,I just downloaded the new version for android,but the file came as .zip and after unzipping there is no apk option to install it and even tough I can see the archives like .exe in the files I can't execute them for a installation in the cellphone - not that I know at leat

Deleted post

Actually, you have delete the old file before installing the new one :)

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not really. I don't look at the documents from my cellphone as I'm afraid of deleting something that I shouldn't, so I basically only delete things through the gallery or Google the last version is still installed and playable...there's nothing wrong with the last version archives caused by me lol

I don't know what happened,maybe some error with the download...anyway,I downloaded it again and in the 3rd time it worked...tough I'm still curious to know wtf happened 

Really enjoying all the routes so far. Not had the game very long, but i have completed 2 routes already (heh..). I wanted to ask, who is your favourite character? Mine used to be Spencer, but Darius actualy took that spot. Really hoping for more from him!

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All of them is my favorite, i can't even choose one. You'll get what i mean after you finish all 5 of the routes. But if there can only be 1 favorite then it will be Coach❤️

Very fair point, but I have played the entire game before, just about a year ago, before new art was introduced, but I won't count that.

I feel soooooo bad picking favorites because they're all amazing, but I love Spencer, but I wish I could shadow clone myself while I'm with him because Darius and Coach deserve all the good in the world (I mean all of them deserve all the good in the world tbh, but those three hhh)

After 10 months I still keep up with the updates as soon as they come out. I have to say that I really like each storyline you build up for the characters and I can't wait to see the conclusion. Personally, I believe that you are writing the cutest and deepest romance visual novel (from the ones I've checked out) without excluding the erotic traits. I'm even considering becoming a patreon, but I'm still not sure since I don't have a job yet (my university studies are a bit overbearing for me). In any case, it may not be considerable support, but I really love what you're doing and I wish this project gets to be known as much as it deserves to be. 

P.S. Ches protecc, Ches attacc, but most importantly, he steal my heart <3 (I couldn't resist)

do i need to be a patreon in order to play this game i really want to play this game but when i download the PC version 1.73 i only get a bunch of weird files in my files so SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME  i want to play but i cant figure out how to even acquire this game or find it.  dynewulf please tell me something i will wait for a response.

when you download the file, if it is a .zip file, unzip it (you'll need winRAR or something like that). Then open the folder. You should then have three folders (the game files) and like five individual documents. Look for and open the document titled either "Extracurricular Activities" or "EA", it will be a .exe (executable) file. Let it load, and it should send you to the title screen. 

On android day 15 for coach grifter, it comes up with a bug when you get spotted by coach in his house, is there a way to fix this? 

this is recurring, just select ignore. It should be fine.

I've tried to ignore but it still won't let me play

If another error pops up ignore that one too.

If it crashes it sounds like a corrupt file. Try redownloading it and try again. If that doesn't work there should be a way to report it through that screen. Although I don't think dyne likes when people report bugs on public builds, because theyre like a month behind.


Pubic builds are 1-2 builds behind Patron builds, so don't report bugs here please :)

how do i play the game on PC i downloaded the files thinking that they were the game but it wasn't. Dynewulf plez help me i want to play. 

I need help! I play on android.

On 22nd day of coach route , when you had to do the code thing , i typed in the id code like the game said but the game doesn't continue , it didn't even say i 've typed it wrong , the game just not keep going .

Is this a bug ? Did i do any things wrong ? Does anybody have the same problem ? 

I think it's a bug. Should be fixed soon, and don't report bugs here please :)

I'm new here and I want to ask how do I play it on my phone? 

You can download the Android port of it from here. just click the downloads part with 'Android'!

Would I report bugs here,  or at another place? Cause I have a bug on Spencers route :/


Home page states that bugs from the public version don't have to be reported.


Alright, I might have skipped that part accidently. Sorry!


Haha, it happens.  You're definitely not the only one.

How come when Darius is changing out of the pirate costume he has no junk present or undies on????? is that a glitch or on purpose? Didn't seem right when I saw it.

Any idea why??

When I first redid that scene, I didn't have underwear at the time, soooo, he was just a ken doll.

OMG , i hope that becoming Darius boyfriend would be possible in the future !🙏🙏

Oof. Man you sound tired just by reading the full page. Remember to stay chill and take breaks. Even with so big of a fan base and a patreon, it's gonna be taxing on your mental state if you work on it a lot. 


From what I can tell on the update logs

S'great though. I've gone through multiple routes multiple times. I'm on update.... from what I can tell..... 1.70.0. I'm going to wait ten more days to get the next update though since patreon being linked to my card would raise a LOT of eyebrows.

Well thank you for your concern!  I definitely try to take my breaks, cause yeah, it can definitely be taxing at times.

Yup. The story flows beautifully and you can see how their lives effect eachother, and the art that goes with it just makes it even better. Playing each route feels like you learn more and more about how they interact. You did well, and while it's a great game you still leave room to improve. It keeps me on my toes. All this time I avoided Dozer and Chesters (Wolfstar in paradise poster oof) route though, because it seemed like they were a match made in heaven. I tried to play it for fun but Dozer is eerily similar to what I do, down to the food I eat and which tea I get. Even volunteer hours are similar in what I do. It was funny, so I decided to share. 

i need more Spencer and Darius especially Spencer in my opinion the crown jewel   

i love your game, and i want to help u to translate they to others languages, preferably brazilian portuguese

I appreciate that!  I just don't plan on doing any kind of translating until routes are completed though, since I'll be revising stuff!

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of course, when you're done, i'll be willing to contribute

love it need's more chester! he's adoreaBULL =D

Yeah the pun police called your under arrest for that terrible pun

I give this a quack

Is there a way to move save files from PC to the android version?

I'm very tempted to try the cookie resipy from chesters route 

It's one of my favorites!

There has to be a three way relationship with Darius and Spencer right? Because I can't choose between them !!! By the way love you <3!!

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So I'm just here to provide feedback and I honestly am really into the storyline. I chose the coach for the first time accidentally since I was only trying to be nice and I didn't know that was the start of an arc. I restarted and tried to find Darius and I would say that the writing on his part is really well done.

I may sound biased but I felt connected to Darius in a really strange way and it made me come back to playing the piano; the final trigger was on the part where he played Bach's Prelude on C major (I've been playing it ever since I've heard of it. It's sad and somehow bittersweet and it made me think that he was getting happier ever since he met the mc). The writing on him really made me feel something different and I honestly feel really melancholic about him. I guess I'm actually kind of obsessed in a way (but not to the point of getting angry at him and turning into some silly psycho guy like some zebra here). I can feel his sadness through his music and I can relate to him in some way. I tried Spencer's path to relieve some of the heartache I feel for Darius but I felt really guilty after trying to do that (there's  been something seriously wrong with me ever since I've encountered Darius). Thank you so much for making this and keeping it free for the public! I really want to give money to you to help you out but I'm honestly really poor like the mc lol. 

Thank you and nice job! (I made an account just to tell you this lmao ty again for this piece of art aaaAAAAAHHH ok bye)


Spencer would've been the bae if I didn't read Darius' storyline first ( now im just really loyal and im staying to the end u dang lion) and I knew beforehand that he was crushing on the mc. Aaaaahh thats all


I don't know why I had to add that post script there but okay. Guess it's proof of how much i like the novel aaaAAAAAHh


Is there a way to still get the download for the versions with the cm art



Not unless you know some with the version already that can send it to you. And there should actually be a few of them on here somewhere. What version do you use?

any source when darius playing piano at his home when custom character wake up?

It was custom created by StoffertheWolf for EA.  I have yet to post it anywhere online.

oh thankyou for the information, it is just touching so i want to hear it more

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in day 22,after you closes the critical strike and says good bye to Chester,the cricket sound stops and the there is a "BANG" before the next day starts. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT BANG? I got completely startled from it 🤣🤣🤣 it was silence then bang,I was thinking the next dialogue was going to be some sort of accident,like with ...I forgot his name 😱 the perv lion.

But seriously,anyone knows what was that startling bang? 🤔 it almost made me have a heart attack

Do you plan to implement a conversation in day 23 at night after you order the sex toys? I saw the other options and there's a talk with Chester to say good night, but when you order the things it just skips directly to the other day. I'm curious to see how awkward and cute - also laughable - that conversation can be 🤣

I was shocked by Darius too 🤣🤣 he's a character more perv than I thought. Also I was thinking he was bottom, dunno why...maybe just because he's small and the others characters are big,so if there's a bottom it would probably be my mind,at least 😅

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Darius is definitely something else ^^ And i like your ideas about him being a bottom. It would be interesting to see him in such position and Eric as a top. =)

hey dyne,I think that the soundtrack of the game has some very good music, but I didn't found anything about it in the store. Do you plan in selling the game soundtrack in the future?

I do plan on selling it, once I have a complete soundtrack!

Oh,got it. Let's wait them. Hope that there will be more awesome music's ^-^

Will there be more routes besides the five (six if you include Richard) characters?

Love the game btw!!!

there's a route of Richard??????????? 

when Richard's sprite got unveiled back in July 2017, it was also mentioned he would eventually have a route only after one of the current character routes has been finished.

wow I've missed that. Seems interesting. Thanks for the info 

The little bear at the office in day 17 at Chester route,how the fuck do I remove him? I touched all the screen to no avail. I was thinking it was a prize to be moved out of the office...maybe it's supposed to stay there? Lol

I imagine that the personage(me) was very red when Chester was naked in front of the mirrors in the lockers room hahahaha

Deleted post

During the talk before the tea,in the outdoor lounge,he said another name for the card game. All the previous times it was "Masters of Magic",but there he says "Master of Magic".

im pretty sure theres a document somewhere specifically to report typos, cant remember where it is tho


I didn't know that. Didn't even saw that. Tough I'm too lazy to look at it in the cellphone hahaha. Thanks anyway

Please stop posting these here.  I actaully have a note on the front page saying errors don't have to be reported from the public version, and all it's doing is flooding the comment section here.  I appreciate you wanting to help, but you need not worry about these kinds of things.

oh,I didn't noted that 🤣🤣 I probably read it absent minded. Sorry for that them. 

Glad it's already solved in that case. ^-^

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Will Eric ever get squished by Harold's belly at some point? Or, dare I say, sat on by him? ^_^"

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