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I really like your game, hope you will release more interesting content in the future, sorry my English is a bit bad so I can't show you how I like it.Các bác sĩ cho biết: =3

Hey! Thanks for the update, I just wanted to report a bug—on Dozer's day 14, the route randomly switches to Chester's day 15 and then ends with the 'that's all for now' message at the end of the day, thus effectively locking the rest of Dozer's route. 

Im encountering a problem. Spoiler alert but on day 24 of chester's route when vernon tries to rape mc and mc goes to chester's house, when he is explaining what happened to him his and chester's expressions dont change at all, I know they have angry or sad expressions because I've seen them before but they just remain smiling even though mc is telling a story of how he was sexually assaulted, if it wasn't such an important moment I wouldn't care but it was really immersion breaking and I wasn't as sympathetic as I could have been if their expressions actually changed to show anger when chester is yelling or sadness when mc is telling the story.


Is there any complete guide of harold's route?

What you missing?


There is one the Patron web site for this project for each route. But you may need to be a paying member to get access to them.

Yeah, there are guides available to $5+/month patrons.

it would be great if it was in Spanish or Portuguese, I have to be translating to play

So in 18,9,2020 I become 18 i have been a good boy for whole my life i think and now 22,9,2020 as an adult i want to do 1 last bad boy thing to say goodbye to my teenage so here you go.

Welp i found this when searching for your EA background music dyne so please don't be mad at me lol.

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Anyone else having trouble with the new update on Chester's route day 26? Since the new update and having to replay the route, on day 26 when you are playing tennis and have to press the letters on the keyboard, no matter what I do the game crashes and automatically returns to the title screen :( (Playing on pc as well)

I got the same crashes when hitting the keys during tennis, but it seemed to be more that I hit the key a fraction of a second too late. When I back tracked through the screens and was ready this time I didn't seem to have a problem. Also, I just clicked the Ignore option on the error screen and things proceeded normally.

Yeah see I don't even get the error screen. The game literally crashes and goes straight back to the title screen. I know which letters to press but it doesn't help no matter how fast i press it and NOT pressing letters also crashes and goes straight back to title screen.

Welp there is other problems in that same situation but in android version, if you press that letter button it will skip one sentence and you need to use back button or use the history button to read that skiped sentence. It's not a big deal for now since there is not much that letter button in this vn anyway.

Man wish it had a 3some route but that is just me being selfish XD 

Thank you for the amazing game, the couch story is really heart touching <3

not really sure but the closest one to that is Richard, but he doesnt have a route yet.

i noticed the 'couch' typo too.


whenever i open a save file now it just says there was an error and ive tried clicking ignore but it just sends me to the beggining of the game with even more errors and glitched. what do i do


Start over from the beginning. (Really. Save files are broken between this version and most previous ones.)

It's been said that more routes are possible/likely in the future, but also that side characters like bam and azagahl won't be getting routes, yes? If that's the case, how will those new routes work? If they're new characters, won't it be weird that they're not in other routes? Or will they be polyamorous routes with multiple of the already datable characters, for example dating both Spencer and Darius (which happens to be my dream route)?


There will be only one additional route, Richard, and as far as I’ve heard it will be just another branch point on Day 3 like the others are.

"Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line." doesn't "more" imply more than one additional route? If it were just one surely it would be "another"?


While you are correct about the implications of that phrasing, subsequent comments from the author seem to indicate that Richard will be the only one. (Probably because as you point out, Richard is basically the only character available without writing in an entirely new one, which would be a giant pile of work.)

Darn, guess that means I'll just have to hope for poly routes~

Yes!!! Finally!!!!!! Can't wait to see what's going on~~~

is there any way to downgrade the game back to the old art style i just got curious to see it,since i play this when the new artstyle is already released,sorry for the question

I'm afraid not...

Oh well its ok...:(


Sorry. But these new art is kinda cool. The old are seems a bit odd~~

How do you get Harold's day 20 sex scene?

You must have enough love from Coach to triggered it.


God, this update reminded me about the whole 'Chester straight up watches heterosexual anime porn' thing. You seriously have a kink for gay guys/women, don't you?

(The anime, that whole r*pe thing of Chester's, naked Maria hike, Spencer's job...)


Er? While it is a pairing that occurs a handful of times, I’m not sure there’s enough emphasis on that aspect of it to infer some ulterior motive of the author. Except for Chester’s getting tied up they’re all pretty incidental to the plot, and can all be explained by other motives. (e.g. Darius is a brat, Spencer likes money.) I mean it’s certainly possible Dyne is doing this deliberately as like a gay conversion theme or something? But if so it’s a very subtle form of it IMO.


Eh, I wouldn't put it past him. This dude is a mess. 


Im trying to decide whether or not I should wait till chester's route is finished before playing..... But I really wanna see my moo :(

I think it's already finished his route.

Chester's route isn't done. In the latest update a few days ago, the devlog says "we are down to the last few days of Chester's route"

chester is my favorite me and him would get along fine as we both are into the same things hell i even desing rpg games on the p


Aww... Route restarts again... wait I can get more time with best boy Darius!.... 

Great work Dyne on your updates BTW.


I will restart the routes as many times as it takes, I will be here till the end. I love this novel and these characters so much. TY


Yay update

Have you considered... not finishing the game? Simply continuing to add characters and/or arcs continually? I think many people would very much like that; I certainly would.

Lol, I wouldn't mind spending more time with Harold.


me too...

i still crying :")

It would be awesome to get a endless story, but think about the effort it would take to do something like that.


Also I suspect Dyne wishes to eventually tell some other story. New characters means new opportunities to torment the readers!

It would be awesome to get a new game from Dyne. Thanks for your reply!

i really want more ;-;
i cant stop crying with the end of Harou.. dude this hurt so much !

i miss haroooud ;3;

Me too~~~~~

The most romantic part was final part move in with touching moment...

Deleted 12 days ago
Deleted 12 days ago

the last update made all my saves unusable...but that all good because i have an excuse to start all over again LOL.


thats the spirit ^_^

Me too dude thats the spirit ^w^

Can someone help me please i kinda have a problem in the game. for some reason i can't continue any of the route, when i try to continue spancer or any other route. This pop up

The DevLog has the answer.

DyneWulf i did restart the route and i replay everyone route from the beginning but when i close the game and open it to continue the route i was playing it showed the same problem.

i'm not an expert, but does that appear all the time or only when you are loading a saved game? 
try the following:

got to: %appdata%\RenPy\ExtracurricularActivities

back up all those saved files, (you might find it easier to zip them up and delete the saved and the persistent file)
also do the same in the game folder in the saved files, then

start a new game, if it worked, that means, the updated version of this game and/or the renpy version doesnt allow the old saved files..
for me i had that because i used the brackets in the name --> [ ] 

hope it helps 

Deleted 13 days ago

He cannot be removed.


Also if you play long enough you’ll start to look like him, so choose your customization wisely.

Hi, for some reason im stuck on chester route?? The "search porn" part. I can't leave at all. It just keep asking me to write more. I'm using the Android version

Yeah renpy is kinda suck at android keyboard things, well if im remember correctly i passed that kind of problem with press space button then delete it than write the porn part or press delete first then write the porn word i kinda forgot which is work just try both, then write word like bondage or any thing, or another advice that i never try is try to change into different keyboard, that's not from Google, that's advice is what people get when this thing happened.

ok, im playing a patreon version that my friend share with me and the keyboard is in game, not from my Android... You see my problem? It doesn't have a skip button or a exit word. It just keep getting back to search porn thing

in the end was just a bug. I think that was my save that was from previous version. I did a run from scratch and i passed this day without being stuck forever.

Thx for trying to help me!!!!!!

Oh right that problem If im not wrong dynewulf says that he and his friends, change the program code or something that make it more easy for him to write things, but unfortunately because of that we can't use the save files before the update anymore, so yeah i just delete my data and play it from the start when i know this. Since the save file before the update is pretymuch useless.

Can i do anything with archibald? He be daddy tho , and will you complete harold's route? It said the story didn't end 

Archibald is a guest character from the game See no evil, from the artist of the game, not the creator of EA

Hey guys I really need help installing the game, I don't know how to install the game I downloaded the game only to be greeted with this. Can anyone please help me? I really wanna play this game, I downloaded the game on android, please help

You downloaded the PC version. You need to get the Android version.

No, i didn't I downloaded the android version, I'll trh the pc one then

The image you gave us says pc, meaning you downloaded the pc version by mistake.

The file you have literally has “pc” in the name and ends in .zip. You want one that says “android” and ends in .apk.


Hi! This game seems to be super well drawn, well written, and the pacing of story beats is great, however I was playing Darius’ route, and on one of the day’s his antagonist’s sprite was revealed. He was very feminine which I thought was fun - however odd with the way he was designed it almost looked as if it was designed to mock more feminine gay men, which would be fine however he’s pretty much the only feminine gay man in the game. Anyways, I continued on but then the antagonist did a big bad thing to keep the plot moving forward, but when in the hospital suddenly Darius began saying homophobic slur after homophobic slur. I would understand if he was obviously angry, someone tried to kill him - however the fact that he just so happened to start using homophobic slurs after the sprite seemingly was used to mock feminine gay men - it removed all interest in the route for me after that point. And the characters never mentioned how using homophobic slurs and language was wrong - or any slurs at all, no matter the situation? Meh, who knows I could’ve perceived the writing incorrectly - however not even the protagonist who has supposedly experienced homophobia before was phased by it. It just rubbed me the wrong way, and made me uncomfortable and want to stop playing. Thoughts? The game other than that bit is great tho! 

(1 edit) (+1)

he’s pretty much the only feminine gay man in the game.

There’s at least one more on Spencer’s!

…well, depending on interpretation.

Madame/Monsieur Esperanza? I think they explicitly say they don't identify as a man OR a woman

(1 edit)

I recall them claiming to be anything and everything at whim, so they would qualify for most categories on that account.

As I said, depending on interpretation.


super SUPER agreed, like, Darius doesn't use that kind of language any other time, so I'm willing to give him benefit of the doubt, it was a very heated moment, but it would be nice to, after the fact, be able to sit down and talk with him about it, because he says some things that are super not ok!!!

It's something I can understand but for me, I'm not hurt seeing Darius using such a language. I'm myself homo and when someone makes me a huge crap, I'm not afraid to use such words, no matter the stud's sexuality because I don't think it would be wise to let only homophobes use them. For me, the best is to deprive them of those "bullets" aimed at us. Showing them than we're not afraid to use them if needed is the best way for me to disarm them. If they can't hurt us  anymore with these words, they'll eventually stop.


While yes claiming words originally used for discriminatory intent is a good thing, those words and phrases can be harmful to someone who isn’t okay with them at all - or someone who has had a negative experience with such words suddenly reading them used in an aggressive way may be triggering. But my issue was there wasn’t a trigger warning (that I remember), there was no discussion on the issue with using slurs in the first place no matter the context, and the fact it was after seemingly mocking the persona or stereotype of the more feminine gay man with the way he was drawn and then suddenly using homophobic slurs and it gave me internalized homophobia vibes, and I didn’t like it. But idk 🤷‍♀️  I’m just concerned about that bit of the route as I just couldn’t see Darius as a likable character after that scene.

(1 edit)

have we reached a point where that could happen? the majority, vast majority of humans are discriminatory to gay people and a big amount still kill them.

Did you remove some of the parts out? I can't get to some of the old dialogue that was in the story. (Or I'm just having bad luck)


Hello there just asking. Is Day 33 Spencer Route the last day? I mean it was one hell of a good story specially the wedding day. It was full of surprises! I just wanna know if Spencer's route will still continue, I mean it just ended without them going back home. Nonetheless, it's a great game.


Howard's route was 35 days, so here's hoping for more Spencer!


Yeah I also hope there will be more.

This game is awesome. This is by far the nest one I played so far. (Hey, I know this os a weird question but do you have a version 1.52 of the game? I wanna do a quick comparison between both of them. )


Oh my god. I remember playing this when it was first introduced on Cap Gerbear's FA account and finding it again after so many updates is amazing <3. I've only played through Dozer's story so far and the pacing between life and romance bits is perfect! Character development is also really involved and I'm so smitten with my big, cuddly kaiju that I'm reluctant on doing any other route. If I had to add anything though, and this is pretty minor, I'd love to see more foreplay and teasing going on :X the cabin bits almost felt too short for 4 days of loading up and I would've expected something super explosive and passionate :D

I absolutely had to make an account just so I could tell you guys that you're doing amazing work and I really look forward to seeing the rest of his(and my) story <3<3<3

(1 edit) (+3)

i totally agree on the relationship vs romance progress is indeed perfect. and to be honest, although Spencer's route is heart touching and the last update just blew my mind, but i liked Dozer too, the paradox of his character is amazing. one would never know how naughty and devious he is until day 15 i guess from his route


Hahah the best kind of amazing! Equal parts cuddly to heart pumping (among other types of pumping) deviancy <3 can't wait to see how the week after would be like :)

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Truer words have never been said


Is it possible to not have Darius jerk you off on day 19? I really wanted to play super hard to get, and not let him touch me at all until he admitted he has feelings for me, but the game really doesn't seem to want to let me stand my ground.

though, now that im attempting the opposite, it doesn't seem like you can lean hard in the other direction either, which is also kind of disappointing

When is the next update of this game? I cant really wait

They all say maybe Spencer route will be updated

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I hope the next update will be finish all the story routes coz im not a rich one who could send money every update ya know (on offense)...

But im happy to help since its a good visual novel story...


Im more on Darius route though...


Me too


Wonderful ideal guy...

(2 edits) (+1)

Public updates are the 16th of every month unless otherwise notified. (See the FAQ, question 7.)

If you want to see them faster, you could also become a patron.

I'm also meet the same problem that on Dozer route, he ask me whether want to jog or walk. When I say jog cause it'll triggered good choose and it'll end up error...

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Thank you DyneWulf

this game and the way it is going, comparing to other games i have played, is amazing, thank you for your amazing work looking forward for this story to expand

It's a so amazing game. It's an Adastra level on a complete different kind of game. Alas, I noted a huge bug crashing the mac latest version with dozer's route. It crashes at the end of the 29th day and send us right to the title page. Please fix this fast, I'm lacking of big green lizards...

That's probably because that's as far as his route goes at the moment x3  I forgot to add my usual author's notes with his last update.

Hello just asking, when will be the next updates to routes? Especially to Spencer Route?

The september's update will be with with Spencer's route.

Thanks for the info.


Wow...Spencer. Cool...I hope Richard too.Lol

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*Grabs DyneWulf's paws, a determined and unflinching teary eyed resolute look* You have to bring him back! That sprite actually made me believe a little more in Darius! He looked, like, sooo cool. Like a wounded and recovering hero who'd just done save the day after a hard fought battle!

(2 edits) (-1)

Man I'm so bummed!As I replayed Darius' route because of the new update, his old wild and sexy sprite from when the Main Character first sees him with the overnight mane after a day at the hospital is totally gone! Gooooooone! NOOOOOOOO! My heart weeps.... 😫😢😭


Which CG part? I can help you that cause I replay several times to get all CG.


I was thinking about Spencer's route and his brother's upcoming wedding and I just thought of something. 

What are the odds that Spencer's family invited the MC parents as well? They are old family friends and this could lead to massive family drama at the wedding if Spencer and the MC came out to both of their families at the same time.

whaa... that is actually ... a new level of plot, 

Yo the creator of the visual novel should take some notes 


I debated over writing this message since  the author might already have planned this and now I spoiled the surprise.

I hope that's not the case.

That will be a good plot for Spencer's route. Just think about all of the drama and I hope both the family will accept them IF this is added though.

It could always be made that if you make the right choices and both families accept Spencer's and the MC's relationship, one of them could "pop the question" to the other and end Spencer's route with them being engaged.

Since Spencer and the MC have know each other since childhood there would be little need for a long relationship before doing this since they know each other so well already.

I hope the story of them doesn't end in them just being engaged I would like to see more of them. Like they could have another continuation like prepairring for there wedding and a fast forward scene like at least a year later where the MC and Spencer's life is shown that would be a great ending but if they plan on ending the route early on it would still be great.

(1 edit) (+2)

But then they’re distracted when it turns out that MC’s father is secretly having an affair with both Spencer’s mother and father simultaneously but neither knew about the other and then that giant fight is only interrupted when the FBI shows up to arrest Spencer’s brother and his new wife for running a nationwide heroin ring.

The guests have no clue what’s going on but stay for the free food after.

Reggie, I had no idea you were such a TV Soap Opera / Latino Tele Novella fan.

caws in Spanish

Spencer's biggest fear is to see his family to know about his relationship with MC and about his work at the strip club.

And guess what ?


Somebody knows...:)

Well they're not at the wedding. 

But someone is the family knows about White Thunder ! :)

It's even better !

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