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Is it currently possible(in 1.48) to have anal sex with either Spencer or Darius?

On darius route I notice something on Richard pose, when my character ask him to drove back to hospital his pose is different

Update 1.48 -

* Chester Day 22
* Darius Day 16, you MUST restart his route or you'll get tons of errors. here's a guide to bring you up to speed:

Is there a reason public versions are always two versions behind the most current release?


Because the current version is the pay for play you actually have to pay to play the most current version on Patreon


I keep trying to boink Darius, but I'm apparently way too much of an annoying little prude.  It's exactly like re-living my early awkward college years.  I was so insufferable back then...  

I love this game!!  Let me know if you want me to donate a finished background or two

well not even in the patreon version (two updates ahead of this public version) darius still doesn't have his 1st sex scene yet. but i am LOVING how his route is turning out thus far so i can wait >:3

I so wish I could afford the $10 version with the gallery, but I can't. After having played the version with the gallery that was uploaded by mistake, I've grown to really love the gallery. Unfortunately, I don't have a job anymore, and so can't afford to even pay the $3 to play the latest update D:

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Hi Dyne! What will the update on the 18th January be? 1.49 or 1.50? I just saw your Patreon saying you had other updates and you'd already announced 1.49 before, so I'm hoping it'll be 1.50. I can't wait to see more of everyone's routes. I love seeing the best possible routes and your guides have been super helpful thus far. I'm torn between Coach, Spencer and Chester right now, though I LOVE Dozer. He's so forceful and aggressive, it's brilliant. I just wish there was a sex scene with them all, not just fooling around. Also, is it possible to bottom with Spencer? Every time I do his route, I top.

Thanks again for creating such an amazing game!

to bottom with spencer you need to select dialogue choices that -don't- give confidence points instead, but good on you for making the right choices without realizing. here's a guide so you can avoid the confidence choices:

also so nice to see another fellow Dozer fan, he's my most fav husbando of the five for those same reasons <3 

WAIT you actually HAVE sex with Spencer now?!?!?!? Or r u talking about there scene where ur in bed with him the first time??

damn it darius you look handsome more with a beard like that ..... <3 pawsome work dyne im dying for more

Dyne Wulf the creator of this game has delayed the public update of the game to the 18th of January, so check back then :3 


Just so people don't panic and don't follow me on Patreon, updates are delayed till the 18th this month.


Fantastic story, very sweet (and I've only been through one so far!) originally downloaded with paying $0 and just had to go back in and up that to $10 (i'd do more if I wasn't poor lol)  This person has a great talent for creating an engaging story :)


Since I have not found any comment on an specific subject yet I must say:... I LOOOVE Maria!! I wish I had a friend like her!!

Has the Gallery ben removed? I cannot find it anymore in 1.46

the gallery was a $10 tier pledge on Patreon. it was an accident that the creator uploaded the patreon exclusive feature for the public demo. 

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Question: Will the public version be complete like the patreon version or will the patreon version always have more content than the public version?

Will the full game even be free? Please tell me it will.

same, im wondering about that too 

Deleted post

I really love this game and i agree with many other people that the MC should be an animal of some sort since this game is revolved around that concept. Im also just wondering if the finished game is going to be free.

a character's route mentions an ex and they were in fact a human. so humans exist in this game's world long side the furries, in addition to nearly every single male of this game's city being thicc and/or muscular. not questioning this, i love it +__+

"a character's route mentions an ex and they were in fact a human." I didn't understand this sentence. A character's route? An ex and they were? What? And it's not confirmed about MC being a human yet.

one of the romance options mentions an ex that is human, idk any other way to word this. 
MC was originally human at the start of the game's development, as there were character bios within the game's files that stated this. Now a days the creator of the game has the MC be whatever you the player what them to be. So most just self-insert their own fursona instead. 

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"Now a days the creator of the game has the MC be whatever you the player what them to be. So most just self-insert their own fursona instead."

I know about that. You have told me about this already... And I'm pretty sure it's temporary, you know. He will come up with a canonical appearance and a name for MC. And the majority of fans are hoping that this will be "furry type".

you said it wasn't proven, i just gave factual evidence it was. you forgot that poll that most wanted a human MC huh lol. 

I can't seem to progress with Spencer's route past day 17. It stops just past the massages with no new text boxes appearing and no way to progress. I am on PC 1.46, so it should go to day 19 if I'm not mistaken. Please help :(

you might need to restart his route from Day One sadly 

this guide is up to day 16 for best choices

I actually did that as soon as noticed it was a problem, but the second run got stuck there too

errors still came after you started fresh......hmm. oh i think i know why now, well the issue is fixed in a later update for sure.  you just have to wait to download this month's update on Jan 16th sadly. It will definitely be fixed with that one I am certain. 

Aw. That sucks. Thanks though!

Actually, after reaching that part, i noticed it was sorta like a minigame, just click every single part of his body and then on his junk to wrap things up.

1.Mi personaje preferido es Darius y no tiene escena xxx :C

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Man!! Your visual novel is the best, and it just get better and better!! I really fell in love with Harold. Eventually tried Spencer and Chester.  Spencer is a blast, and Cherster is adorable!! I'm not a fan of Darius, but I'm following his path right now because I though that way I could learn more about the other characters, and not only I wasn't dissapointed, but I found it to be overly thrilling!! And its music is the best!! I love Satie!! I've learned by experience promiscuous people never change, but with all that psychological background that makes clear why he's so detached I know there's nothing predictable about it... And... In the bottom of my heart there's the faint hope someday you make that hot beast steak Azaghal dateable too. Oh well, dreaming is free hehe... Keep up with the great work!!

nobody liked darius started out, not even dyne himself he originally didn't like writing for this character haha.
but trust me darius gets MUCH better later on, hang in there good times will come i promise :3

darius is currently my 2nd husbando, with dozer being 1st <3 


Well... At this point I just can think of him as a  fun friend to hang with. I think I've already friendzoned him hehe.  I'm going to try Dozer. At least I'm not going to feel guilty for cheating Darius  like I felt when I tried Spencer after a couple of weeks of being done with coach's route. Damn, these characters feel so real!!

friendzoning darius from what ive seen it has him come on to you much stronger and also you get to see him naked at least twice so far. no sex scenes still as of yet tho. Just a warning, Dozer starts out slow but it gets waaay better a little bit later on trust me. In fact he'll get an update for the patreon version today yay. Just something to look forward to when the free version gets it is all >:3 

Thanks bud... I'm gonna start with Dozer right now hehe!! 

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it would be realy cool if the mc were to work at the same place as Spencer since its missing someone


that woulda been awesome +___+ 

Yes, that's a very good idea=)

hey dyne I've been meaning to ask this question for sooooo long is spencers route finally over or is there going to be more to his route because I'm in love with his route 

Past replies Dyne has given to others, he stated each route will be about 28 to 30-ish days, give or take. Some routes will be longer or shorter than others when he feels the a certain route's story is coming to close to warp things up.  Spencer is currently on Day 20 in the Patreon version, so he has at least 7-8 more "days" left I'd assume.

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do you have any intentions of the darius route becoming more than friends? I haven't played the new day 15, but now I have to skip through all the routes (cuz i forgot to save at the end ;-;) but if i try to download the update, will it automatically replace the one I already have, or will a second one show up?

all routes eventually have the main character and said romantic interest fall in love with each other ;3 

it won't replace the current version you already have, you'd just have two files of the game with both having the same save files as those always carry over even if you deleted an old version. 

I can't seem to find where to start the game...

Any help?

So what's in this latest update?

Update 1.46 - free demo 12/16/17 update 

* Coach Grifter Day 24
* Dozer Day 16
* Added a music gallery!
* Added new images of Coach to the image gallery
* Updated 2 sketches of Coach to full images
* Corrected typos/errors from previous days from Google documents
* Updated Credits
* Updated Title Screen

click "Changes.txt" in the game's folder to see what was newly added each update 

Thanks buddy! 


Welp... hi there!

Just to say that I have quite a problem to install the hame on my phone, I'm using an Android 4.4 right now, and I've downloaded the game a couple of times before (but because lack of memory I had to delete it :'c )... Whatever, I don't know what to do, and I really wanna catch up with the development of shuch a really gorgeous and charming game like this.

Really hope that you can give me an answer or an advice on this. I don't have a PC, so... help a lot!! xc

Your devote fan from México.

Thanks!!! ñwñ

I don't think I can give any advice other than to tell you to clear up some more space on your phone?  I don't really know what else there is you could do.  v__v

The update log says there is a audio and image gallery but I haven't seen any options for that. Are they somewhere in the files or something?


Oh, that stuff was for the... $10 patron support on Patreon.  It's just... included in the change log x3

ah gotcha was really confused thanks for clearing that up

I need help :/

how to Download the Game on i phone

Ps. I have a I phone 8 if this helps you

I don't think it's compatible with iPhones. 

Rly? :(

I mean it says MAC PC and android if it was on IOS it would say so and it would need to be downloaded through the apple store

Yeah, unfortunately, I don't have it on iOS yet.  It's a little different building for iOS, and it's something I can't do atm (I have to build on a MAC platform, sadly).

Hey dyne as a gift for christmas you could update the guides

I can't wait for the update to come out today !!!!

Smite, same here. I have the game files of everyone finished up to before todays update!!

I can't get enough of this game! It's so fantastic! I've noticed you said that you hope to add more characters to date, that sounds very interesting. I would love trying a relationship with Bam, he's so cute and quite charming. A relationship between the player character and Bam would be very interesting. He seems like he'd be so much fun! x3

i know right? i would like to see a route for him :3 it would be quite interesting to see how we can handle him 7w7 (srry 4 my bad english)

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Margarita. I agree with you) I can't get enough of this game too) But you'd better call the protagonist of this novella like "MC" instead of "player character".   I think it sounds better. ^^

Dyne can't make a romance route with any characters that aren't originally his. Bam is one of the added cameo fursona characters from a Patreon tier that belongs to another person. Same goes for Tai too. 

Can't he get permission? I mean it would be nice to have the option to date someone who isn't on the tennis team. If he got permission, I think a romantic route with Bam would be quite interesting

no i don't think so, when he did the Patreon tier of allowing a persona's fursona cameo into his game this was one of the requirements he set up for it i guess. He's been asked this numerous times in the past of having these fursona cameo characters to have their own routes and he's said no so its not up for debate.  Azaghal is another fursona cameo character from Darius' route can't be used that way too, as many have asked about him as well. 

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Oh, that's a bummer. I only recently downloaded the game this past September, so I didn't know about that

well.......this just happened, it's the developer's twitter having a poll asking which cameo character the fans like more, Bam or Azaghal wow the irony of this timing, you have 11 hours left to vote from the time i replied

Ok... I get it. I was wondering this same thing. Oh well, how fine I read this thread... Thank you for clearing this doubt I had.



For some reason I feel as though this has become my favorite game now I have not been able to think so deeply about another game like I have about this game it truly is a great game the art is simply amazing the story lines for each character is beyond believable and I love it so much. I have so much respect for you Dynewulf and really hope this game will live for a long life I simply love it, it has inspired me more than you could imagine. I have to thank you for that and I will forever follow this for as long as it lives I simply can not stop loving it and I really think you are truly amazing and I will be a supportive fan through every endeavor. Thank you so much for making this amazing game I promise to be there for every update from now until the end.

I play the demo, so in 1.44 version we didn't have a sex scene with harold yet, someone knows when it will happen? i'm really excited to see this happening *-*

There was already a sex scene with Harold by the previous update. You must've missed it on day 20 if I'm not mistaken.

I'm pretty sure you only get to see him nude, no sex.

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There is. A guide was posted to unlock it.

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Dear Dyne! Thank you so much for this game. You are a real magician, i love you so much! Thanks to your excellent writing skills, I experienced a real sense of pleasure from the passing of the game! And thank you very much for Spencer. He's just incredible and lovable man. I believe that he is the canonical love interest of the protagonist. They are childhood friends, they have so much in common! I think that they are meant for each other, the MC and Spencer!) And the personality of the protagonist is described better exactly on his route.
Can I suggest an idea? Could you at the beginning of the game make to player the right to choose? The first choice is that will be used the canonical name and appearance of the protagonist (it's all by default).  Some users on this site suggested that the main character is a black panther. I want to support them with this idea. It seems to me that a very nice and funny "guy-a black panther" will be an interesting choice!) You just need to correct a few words of the main character in the park. (about the fact that he does not have a tail). And it would also be nice to replace "hands" with "paws" too). If you do not like this choice of animal, then we can choose another one together.
The second choice is that will be used a fursona of players (as was originally planned). With their name, appearance etc.
I'm sorry that I'm not writing this message on the patreon. I don't have enough money to register there now:(
I really hope that you will read my message here and think over it. I really want to see the appearance and the name of the MC (from your point of view). It would be much easier for me to ship him with Spencer. Pleeeeeease.  I really liked the MC too. I want to see this adorkable man)) I will be waiting for your answer.

Thanks again for this great game!

With Love, your devoted fan from Russia now ^_^


You know, having them choose between inserting themselves or using a "canon" character was something I never thought about.  That's actually a pretty nifty idea, and will be something I definitely keep in mind for the future.  I had already decided I wanted to try a... character picker type thing later on, to let the player decided some specific things, like a collection of species and maybe even build, so we'll just have to see how all of that goes!

Thanks so much for taking the time to type this and reach out to me :)  And thank you for the interest in my project!

You're welcome, Dyne. I'm very happy that I was able to offer a good idea ^_^ I look forward to see the canonical appearance and the name of the MC and this character picker type thing)))
I really loved your project)))  The Extracurricular Activities is the second gay novel that I liked so much (after Morenatsu). Thank you)

If you are doing a species thing can you make these types of bears available... grizzly, polar, and panda 

Hey Dyne probably a odd question but are any of these recipes in the game possible to make? Like are the measurements accurate and everything, you seem to go a bit in detail on them and I kinda wanna make them IRL and maybe share with some friends.....if I ever have any over


Yes!  I use actual recipes that I enjoy.  They are definitely legit ;3

Well looks like I'm going shopping soon. Some of the recipes just sounded really good, I can't wait to try them! Thanks for the reply really looking forward to the next update, I ended up doing all the routes back to back. Keep up the good work!


Doesn't I.D.E.K.A. stand for I Don't Even Know Anymore?


I've been just sucked into this only got the demo two days ago and I've caught up on 3 routes  haven't had one I disliked so far but I feel like i'll really need to try with darius.  Loved the I.D.E.K.A. thing in Chester's route but made me question why butch is afill in in the infirmary. 

Suggestion maybe change the program image to a tennis ball like on the tennis screen.


I keep forgetting to change the display image x3  I'm gonna make a note of it now, and hopefully I won't forget again!


Hey Dyne, its been a while, but i have a HUGE question! I see the MC being more of a black panther of any other possibilities. The scene in Chester's route sparked it in my head and I just had to share it with you. Just a mere suggestion :-)

the MC is suppose to be whatever you the player wants them to be (dyne's words) so most just insert their fursona with said fav romance character 

originally the MC was a human much earlier in development (character bio on the MC in game's files back then)

But why?:( I don't want insert my fursona. I wanted to see the canonical appearance and the name of the MC T_T

same here but i guess it be too much to make an actual MC design i dunno

I know but...I very much hope that Dyne will read my big message from above and think over my words. I don't hurry him. I'm not asking for it right now. He has as much time as he needs. It's his game after all)) Heh...i will be waiting. 

dyne gets a ton of suggestions on the game and doesn't check here often barely 1-2 times a month when updating the free public version of the demo but i sure as hell hope he reads your comments. 

I'd personally like if the MC canon design was a stocky muscle chub, maybe a tanuki, plays off them having huge balls, be a nice character trait for a romance sex based furry game >:P 

Well, I supose the MC could be some version of yourself inside the game. Like an avatar... I think he uses gray just as a neutral color.

Yep. But Dyne will make a canonical appearance for the MC later))


Oh!! That would be hot!!


I'm dying for Chester, Harold and Spencer they are fighting for first place as my favorite character and it's becoming more and more difficult to choice

Make Harold your favorite! But Chester and Spencer are great too.

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