Update 1.66

Update 1.66 -

- Chester Day 26 - Match Day, among other things!  This day is... quite tiring, but I thought it was fun!  So, go find out why.

- Chester's work outfit has been added!  You can see it on Day 4 and his newest update.

- Gavel finished off some more amazing backgrounds!  We have the Onsen changing room, the Sauna and an update to Darius riding in the countryside with you.

- Updated the Credits for current processed patrons from last month.

- I experimented a bit with my writing during this update.  I'm working on a few things in regards to my writing style.  There are things I really want to improve, so going forward, I hope to see an improvement in how things sound.  If things sound janky at any point, well, that would be why!  There is a lot of revising and editing to be done.

* Chester Day 26
* Chester's work outfit updated
* New Pose and Expression for Chester
* New backgrounds including the Onsen Changing Room, Darius Bike ride and Sauna
* Corrected typos/errors/inconsistencies from previous days from Google documents
* Updates to Image Gallery for Chester
* Updated Credits

Update 1.65 -

- Darius got some art updates in his earlier days, that's to CaptainGerBear.  Day 4's selfie image got an update!  So, go find that again.  As well, Day 14, you'll see his hospital gown and bandages were added in.  I reworked some more of his days too, since I had time to handle it.  On top of that, Gavel pumped out some great work with a variety of changing rooms.  The Strip club, Garage, Dance Studio and Movie studio all got changing rooms.

- I have seen this come up a lot lately, so I'm going to reiterate here that cameo characters will not have their own routes (such as Bam, Azaghal, Grant, etc.).  They are not my characters, and my resources will be focused on the main cast.  As well, I see a lot of questions about the music.  Most of the music is listed on the credits screen (a lot if is from BenSound and Incompetech), but not all of it is hosted on online websites.  Some of it was made just for the visual novel, and it's not uploaded to any webistes currently.  New music is still in production (I have a little more than 10 tracks right now to be finalized!), and there will be a full OST officially launched at some point.

* Darius Day 20
* Darius Selfie updated
* Darius hospital Gown and Bandages updated
* New "Changing Room" backgrounds added for a few areas
* Corrected typos/errors/inconsistencies from previous days from Google documents
* Updates to Image Gallery for Darius


MAC Version 1.66 579 MB
Oct 16, 2018
PC Version 1.66 596 MB
Oct 16, 2018
ANDROID Version 1.66 610 MB
Oct 16, 2018

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