Update to 1.142 and Informations for next Update

First off, I want to say that there will be no update in October.  October is my month to work on another project, so there will be no ExcA update that month.  You can always join Patreon to get the project I do for free, otherwise I will be launching it on Itch afterward for a small fee (somewhere between $4-$5).  November 16th will be the next Public Update, but it will only be one update due to me spending a month working on Harold's Epilogue as well.  I would have only done one day update this time around, but due to some glaring errors in the last build... I wanted to get those fixed.

- Dwayne Day 5 - Match day, and Dwayne's gonna be there to support you!  What kind of things could possibly go wrong today?

- Richard Troubles!

So, it seems Richard caused a lot more trouble with that last update than I realized.  I worked through some other issues with his code that -should- have cleared up clean starts now.  Unfortunately, this fix still doesn't help with loading files and encountering Richard (thanks to a hair variable!), but it should have fixed other issues that popped up with him.  Testing myself, I didn't encounter any issues with Harold's route (his was a big problem), so hopefully that's handled now.

- So please keep in mind, if you load an old file and get a crash around the time Richard would appear, you need to restart the route.  You can usually ignore past it, but it might happen again when Richard appears.  **Note - I've been made aware a couple of backgrounds in Chester's route break his route too, so those will be fixed in the next update.

- Richard Day 11 - He foreshadowed some events for the day, and I guess it's time to see if he makes good on that.  Just another day with that big rhino (and friends!)

- Fixed a couple of issues with Chester's route.  Some of his backgrounds has improper paths while I was cleaning up files, and that broke some of his days around the convention.  Should be all good now!

- Keep in mind with Richard, if you didn't restart his route for the last Richard update, you might encounter issues that require his route to be started fresh.


ANDROID Version 905 MB
Sep 16, 2022
MAC Version 874 MB
Sep 16, 2022
PC and LINUX Versions 891 MB
Sep 16, 2022

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