Update to 1.140

Richard Day 10 - He has an interview today, so hopefully that goes well for him!  Let's see what all is going on there.

- To be honest, I don't have any other details about this update!  Aside from the route update, the other work I did went into updating the image gallery more.  Richard's is mostly set up now, so that's a huge win for me.

**Extra Note!  If you're starting on any Day other than 10 (and possibly 10 even!) and you get a crash, you might need to restart the route.  I updated some of Richard's internal code, and it seems to cause some issues.

*** In the following updates, it was pointed out that Chester's Convention days also cause crashes, and there were some issues in regards to Harold's route.  This will be fixed in 1.142

- I had some issues with Conrad's sprite that have been taken care of.  His size was wonky between days, and it should be good now!

- Changed the help page.  It now shows hotkeys and what the quick menu buttons do.

- Dwayne's fruit question on Day 4 wasn't accepting all of the fruits I listed due to a missing comma.  This is now corrected.  I also added in a couple of responses for other fruits.  I suggest trying 'Darius' for the giggles.

- Richard got a facelift in Darius's and Harold's routes!  He was missing expressions through those days, so that's been updated.  Richard now has more personality in those days.  I touched up his dialog along the way too.

- The MC's fancy outfit was updated in Darius's early route.

- I fixed Richard's touch scenes for when you aren't using the indicators.  They are bigger and should be easier to find.

- The MC was having a weird hair issue if you didn't use the default hair color on Richard's Day 7 during the bed scene, and that's been fixed.

- The old phone graphics from Dozer Day 14 and Darius Day 13 have been removed and just replaced with text.

- Richard's Day 1 and 2 were updated in regards to MC and Richard poses. 

- Dozer's Day 34 Greenhouse got an updated background from Gavel!

- Corrected various typos/errors/inconsistencies from previous days from Google documents.  These were mostly in Spencer's Day 25-35.  There were a lot of things to go back and correct.

- The game got a new icon!

Now for some of the bigger changes!

- A handful of character expressions have been updated to remain more consistent between expression changes!

There were some cases where the characters would change expressions, and certain details would be weird.  For example, one of Spencer's heads got smaller, and that's been fixed.  Chester, Harold, Darius and the MC got some adjustments like this as well!  Harold retains some of his chunk, Chester's horns were fixed, Darius's mane (and smile!) got adjusted, and the MC for his laugh/perv faces updated.  The following image is an example of some changes.  New heads on the left, old on the right.  Mostly subtle changes, but it was needed!

The biggest update I made was in regards to the 'Extras' menu and the Image Galleries (which are still a huge work in progress).

Update 1.140

* Richard Day 10

* Corrected various typos/errors/inconsistencies from previous days from Google documents

Update 1.139

* Housekeeping Update

* Fixed Conrad's sprite

* Added Help page to Options Menu

* Fixed Dwayne's Fruit question on Day 4 and added some extras

* Updated Extras Menu

* Richard's expressions got updated all through Darius's and Harold's routes

* Updated MC's fancy outfit in Darius's earlier days

* Updated Richard's Touch scenes with/without hotspots

* Dwayne's Gallery has been added

* Fixed MC's hair on Richard's Day 7 bed scene

* Removed phone text images from Darius (13) and Dozer's (14) routes

* Updated misc. places with poses (Richard's Day 1/2)

* Cleaned out old files

* Updated character faces to be more consistent

* Update Dozer Day 34 Greenhouse background

* Corrected various typos/errors/inconsistencies from previous days from Google documents

* Updated Character Gallery

* The game got a new icon

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