Update to 1.138

- Dwayne Day 4 (3?) - Dwayne's next day is here, so see what else to absent-minded math professor is up to.

- Just a note..  If you get a crash after the MC says 'Mmhmm." at school, start your file over.  I messed up some of Dwayne's internal code that was causing some variable issues.  I fixed it, but it's still possible it'll cause trouble for some people.

- Updated Darius's Day 35 rooftop background with some new work from Gavel!

- Massive thanks to Grawl and Lenick for helping me with getting some of the translation files in!  With this update, the Spanish translations for Dozer's Days 1-6 and Coach's days 1-5 are now in!

- Richard Day 9 - Just Richard things, ya know?

- Updated a couple of BGs for Darius's Day 35.  Added in the plane interior and skydiving looking at the ground bit too.

- There's a new option in the Preference menu.  It currently only affects one scene in the newest update, but it was something I wanted to test.  (It's a Hotspot Indicator!)


ANDROID Version 946 MB
Jul 16, 2022
MAC Version
Jul 16, 2022
PC and LINUX Versions 929 MB
Jul 16, 2022

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