Update to 1.136


- Richard Day 8 - Time for things to go back to normal at the shelter with Maria's return I suppose!

- Gavel is back up and running, so we have a couple of updated backgrounds from him including the Hangar from Darius's Day 35 and the Locker room from Dozer's day 35.

- One more CG added to Harold's Day 25.  The little confession following the last CG got an extra cuddly picture to go along with it.

- The MC finally has a leotard in Spencer's route!  You can see that during two of the days when he's supposed to be wearing one.


-  Day 3 Dwayne - In-game, it's Day 3, but it's really just his Day 2.  We're gonna go with in-game days though!  Dwayne, you might be asking?  Who's Dwayne?  You know those last couple of housekeeping updates where I mentioned updating Coach's Day 2?  Check it out!

- Added a new CG to Dozer's Day 14 involve his 'Kaiju' dream about Dozer.

- Richard's sprite has an erection to reflect his dialog on his last update!


ANDROID Version 949 MB
Jun 16, 2022
MAC Version 917 MB
Jun 16, 2022
PC and LINUX Versions 935 MB
Jun 16, 2022

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