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Bought the game, yet itch io app does not allow me to download. Works only in broswer ? WTF ?

That's not right.  It's not set up for being played in a browser, so it should have a download to play normally.  It's possible it's something wrong with the Itch app.

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Thnx for the answer. What i meant is i can download the game over the browser, but in the actuall itch app, even thou it is listed in my library, it does not alow to install it over itch. For the time beeing i installed the version i downloaded over the web browser, the itch app version still does not work and acts like as if i did not buy it.... Contacted itch support, so far no response. 


I did not pay a single dollar for this!!! Because I got it for free... by being a paying patron which isn't free but still. It's short and fun, I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed half of it, because my voice in my heart screams at the thought of murdering there darlings. Ah, maybe not slime. He might like my, "Die mosnter! You do not belong in this world," ways.


i guess someones trying to cash in on Monster Proms Popularity....

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Totally, cause you know the idea of dating monsters was their idea.


Any chance of Steam keys for buyers?


Hello there! I love this game, too bad there is no "youknowwhatimean" scenes, however these monster are pretty cool and dialogues are funny. Thanks for the game ^^


Haha, well thank you.  I wanted something that could be enjoyed by pretty much anyone (and my artist for it is strictly SFW!).


You guys rock a lot! It's so funny. I love all the cliches and blow minding conversations.

Btw It's worth every single dollar, you should give it a chance!

(Sorry for my bad english)

Haha, well thank you so much!  I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it.


i wish it well be free to play 


I'm sorry that you feel like the time and effort we put into this isn't worth a few dollars.


Hi! I bought and enjoy very much "Extracurricular activities", so I have a question about your new game: are there any... "spicy" scenes?? (if you know what I mean)


This game is PG-13 (as stated on the home page), so there is no adult content in this.

I had to ask because, in Europe, the rating system is called PEGI. Thanks anyway.