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Does not run on Mac. Close right after launch :(

I.i D.dont E.even K.know A.anymore . i think i figured it out

is this for mobile or androids?.

This one was not made for mobile.

How to get the last Waffle picture? I've tried everything...

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i love this game i play this at night time with the sound turned 

please tell me pass

I'm having trouble downloading it

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Also to get the last Waffle panel you have to take the darkest path, and its dark,

Also from what I can tell there are 4 endings including the secret ending I still haven't managed to unlock not good nor bad ending, any hint for the 3rd? <3

Edit: Right, I'm perplexed, there is a "3rd ending" but its random......ish,  but the last panel in extras isn't showing up, what is the last panel and what is AN action that will cause it?

Hey uh, just a question but who else got that super dark ending, also Dyne you sick psycho I never imagined you would go down such a disturbing route, I mean bravo, really such a great twist I don't think anyone would have seen coming I mean really just brilliantly psychotic bravissimo!

Hi Dyne, I know there's already a comment about if there's an app to play this on mobile but then what is it? 

Is the last pic of Waffle's sprites supposed to have a coloured background and everything? Or did I not unlock it yet?

A 3rd ending was mentioned, but I only have two. One where the demon is exorcised and Fumdux is fine, the other is Kirin going mad.

How do I get the 3rd?

all i can seem to get is the demon excercise one

Can't find the best way to see the last picture in the extras album. Need help xD

That's what Ima saying XD seriously I have no idea how to get it nd Ive gotten like 4 endings including the secret and random endings which can only be found in the secret ending I think

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It tells me to get the password:
What is the name of the recipe that I explained in the book of the dead? I do not know, any clues?

Is this available for mac?

Please can someone tell me with wich program sould I open it for a mobile phone?

Neither of the IDEKA Specials were made to open on mobile phones, unless (like you requested) there is some special app to allow it.

So where can I find it,and what is it name?

i absolutely love this! But whats the best ways to defeat the boss im only getting two endings and no specific recipe names

The password is obtained by choosing the options Taunt > Dodge > Magic, I do believe. It's been a little while since I checked x3

got it! Thanks!

I love this theme, and the characters are gorgeous!

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Ah, glad to see you figured it out!

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It's been brought to my attention people are having a hard time unlocking a certain image in the gallery, so I'd like to add in that it's best to explore every choice in the secret mode ;)

And as for the Password, it's only 2 words. There are 3 different outcomes for the "boss battle".