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This game is really quite something I just downloaded it recently and thought it was really cool and well drawn and written. Keep up the great work Dyne!

Whoa! I wasn't expecting this to have adult content! That was a fun surprise! <3 Very atmospheric start; I can't wait to read more!


Will it ever be updated again?

Yes, it will be!  This is a side project on Patreon, and it'll be update about like how my other one is updated.  We'll update the public version again soon.

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hello guys im new here (projects from dynewulf )and I realy like it but I cant suport you because of some difficulties in my live just know that in my eyes theres nothing better or even equal to you work I cant give you money but I can give you my eternal suport. if you dont mind can you give me the names of you projects that I can download in my phone  It will realy help me out

i finally got around to playing this, i dig it so far. nice atmosphere, music, good presentation especially how the sex scene is unveiled panel by panel. i look forward to more >:3


looks good so far, can't wait to see more

Thank you!  Looking forward to moving this project along.

I can't wait for next project and good luck with any more projects you have on the way : )


Can you guys do it for android pless

I haven't thought about that, but it should be easy enough to do for me now!  I'll try to get it out on android with the next update.

thanks and just a thought is Extracurricular Activities Done???

Nope!  Far from it still.



Thanks!  Can't wait to bring more content out with these guys.


Truly looks like an amazing project, I can't wait to see what the creator of E.A can come up with alongside this new artist.  Good luck guys!  x3

Thanks for all your support, Love ;3