Getting the know them

Hey, folks!  

As we're still poking around with Engaging Destiny, I wanted to ask you guys something...

You'll see we have three men here! These are some of the character you'll come to learn more about (if you played the demo, then... you've kinda met them already!)

If you were passing through their town of Faranel and had some time to spend there, what would you ask them about?  Or what would you want to know about them?

We have the dragon baker, Kalcephalos.

The boar blacksmith, Garret.

And the bear healer, Arakarn.

So... yeah!  I'm curious to know what you guys might want to learn about them.


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is the demo still downloadable somewhere? 

Not currently.  We'll put out a new demo when it's closer to launch time.

Ok! Can't wait for it. My boyfriend and I are big fans of Endless Bounty so seeing a new game in the same vein has us hyped : ) 

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Hey Kalcephalos, can I have some dragon cream dessert? (A not so naught question could be to see if he want to teach me some of his delicious... recipes.)

Garret! *walks close* Can I spare with your love boar sword? (You alreat melt my heart could you forge it better?)

Arakarn, want hibernate all winter on my bed?  (About a not so naught question could be to teach me to heal a broken heart.)

and ask they all three to marry me after that. =^.~=


Dragon: why are you green?

Boar: do you eat piggs?

Bear: can you be my plush-toy?


Dragon: is there a bread that can enhance one's power, or longevity?

Boar: Can you feel the quality of weapons by smelling?

Bear: (desperately) Would you provide cuddle healing? 



For the dragon Kalcephalos : What made he decide to be a baker, was it always his dream job pick? was something related to his family? What would he like to do or be if he was not a baker ? Does he still have family ? What are/were they like ? He still has/keeps contact with them?  Whats his favorite thing to cook/bake ? Whats his favorite thing to eat? 

For the bear Arakarn : Why be a healer ? Is that something common for bears to be? Was it due a call or sign that he recieved from a god ? Does he believe that everyone deserves a second chance? maybe more than a second chance? Does he believe in fate as in everything is already written by gods or believes in destiny, meaning everyone has actually a choice in the matter ? 

For the boar Garret : Have you ever burned your fur while working? Where? Does he need help with his big hammer?  

I suppose I would ask Kalcephalos if it's stressful to be a dragon; boars, bears, all kinds of anthros would (I imagine) have their more primal equivalent. And all of them are surpassed by the ingenuity and often strength of their humanoid counterparts. So is there any insecurity or soreness in being the smaller (and potentially lesser in other ways depending on the lore and mythology) version of your ancestor/counterpart? Also, if he's just a baker, how is he so buff?

For Garret, I'd ask him what kind of smithing he specializes in (weapons, armor, tools, knick-knacks, etc), and if his answer is "everything", then what's his favorite kind of thing to make? What's the most expensive or difficult thing he's ever made. And finally, if he ran off into the woods, would he revert to a larger feral state like real boars?

For Arakarn, it'd truly depend on if he's a magical healer, but based on what I can pick up, I'll make that assumption. Does he only know healing magic, or can he remedy and help without it entirely? What are the different ways he can use his magic, other than healing that is? And is he bullet-proof like real bears?

A few of the questions were goofy, but I think that's how it should be. From the sprites alone I'm already excited. Can't wait to see how this turns out!


For Kalcephalos: Why did he leave the dragon kingdom (forgot the name)/why did he choose Faranel (running from something, etc)? What is his long term goal for the bakery (be the best baker, make people happy, work on new recipes, etc)? Where did he get his scars (I think they're scars at least, on his neck and chin)? 

For Garret: Where does he get his materials from? If he's getting all this work from the Kingdom, where is the money going? Any side projects he's working on? 

For Arakarn: Where did he learn his trade? Advice for handling Warrick (the bear and lion seem familiar and similar in age)? Any strange concoctions that he's working on (maybe the MC can help test them)? 

For all: What do they do when they're not working? How do they relax (working out, hobbies, bathing ;3)? 

Some horny questions: Does Kalcephalos have a slit (I hope so)? Does Garret sweat a lot after working and what does he do with his dirty laundry (hopefully in a basket somewhere for us to find)? Does Arakarn have a more aggressive side or does he stay tender? Does Warrick have a submissive side (I hope so :p)?


How do we get to play the demo?

Does Kalcephalos actually eat his own baking or does he mainly do it for a job?

Whats Garrets favorite type of weapon?

Who taught Arakarn how to heal or was he self taught? 

Maybe another general question about how they got so muscular.


Some of this stuff, you'll find out for sure ;3  Some good things to know!


Why did Arakarn decide to be a healer? Was it his decision, a Divine calling, or just how life turned out?

Oooh, that's a good question.  Thank you!


I don't get to download !!!

...there's nothing to download x3



In that case I would like to ask the blacksmith if I can have some sweat from him… he coughs cough cough underwear!

If possible have "fun" with the dragon, why not? :3

It will be possible, yes ;3


Dragon baker? Does he use his own fire breath to bake things?


Well, these dragonkin don't breathe fire, but he can use fire magic, so...


As I've mentioned in  the past, dragons are a favorite of mine. Kalcephalos is no exception here, I'd love to learn more about him in general. I have to admit, him being a baker is a plus for me too.

I think you'll enjoy him then!

I'm pretty sure you're right about that.


I like the dragon 


I am interested in the Bear and his Healer role. 


As....dark as it sounds id like the idea of pressing the slave aspect a bit more for certain characters (for those who like master slave stuff)


I certainly don't plan on exploring that in this world x3

Im beyond dumb XD thinking about your other game XD


Are there four definite romantic paths, including the knight Lion?


I wouldn't say they are romantic paths, but they are folks that I plan on adding some... fun with.


got it,thank u~