We fixed a variety of issues with this update!

- Mayor has new dialog for if you complete her quest.

- Logus has new dialog to reflect Drok'tar finding Gerald.

- Aetrian has new dialog for is you spied on them.

- Adjusted Lozran's and Dyne's dialog about the Misty Moss.

- Added a variety of emotes through various dialogs.

- Fixed a bug where the mine mushroom didn't vanish.

- Fixed a visual bug where Lozran's shirt sleeve was incorrectly posed.

- Fixed a bug where Drok'tar wouldn't move to talk to Logus if you walked off the right side of the screen right before choosing to sleep at the inn for the night.

- Fixed a bug where the cave scene won't trigger correctly after the new day begins without sleeping in a camp.

- Fixed a bug where Karth's "The Future" option would disappear and not return when choosing "The Town" option too many times.

-Disabled the camping button during certain scenes.

- Fixed misc. typos.

-Fixed misc. graphical bugs


PC Version 81 MB
Jul 28, 2020
ANDROID APK Version 100 MB
Jul 28, 2020
MAC Version 64 MB
Jul 28, 2020
LINUX Version 69 MB
Jul 28, 2020

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